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Bewitched B& B in Rehoboth Beach has seven rooms themed on the sitcom.
Bewitched B& B in Rehoboth Beach has seven rooms themed on the sitcom.

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Bewitched B&B, a few blocks from ocean in Rehoboth Beach, honors the popular sitcom of the same name with seven rooms named after the main characters and inspired by their eccentricities, onscreen and off.

For a beach retreat along the mid-Atlantic coast, you don't need to get behind the wheel. Here are some public transportation options from Washington to the ocean.

Historically, there have been few transportation options from Washington to Delaware's beaches -- no direct train, no major airport, no nearby Greyhound depot. But this summer, your ocean-bound chariot awaits as DC2NY, the low-cost bus line to Manhattan, starts weekend service from Washington to Rehoboth and Dewey.

More than a decade in the works, the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington, Del., opened to much fanfare two months ago on the 212-acre Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge.

Not sure where to start? Let us plan your trip for you.

The storied du Pont and Wyeth families offer a wealth of Christmas decorations and festivities at historic estates in Delaware's Brandywine Valley and Chadds Ford, Pa.

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