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Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.
Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.

Six dog-friendly accommodations in the mid-Atlantic region.

The young airline flies animals, but not their owners, to smaller airports in nine major cities, with more on the way.


From the first stroke, I was stoked. Since I first saw one, I've admired stand-up paddlers from afar -- their grace, their strength, their seemingly unflappable balance -- and after 15 years of ballet and five of Pilates, I figured I might have the balance to keep myself upright on a board that's...

A photo safari in Baltimore allows visitors to learn the basics of photography.

Maryland Rescue Farms

The first thing I learned upon arriving at Star Gazing Farm in Boyds is that roosters don't save their cock-a-doodle-doos for daybreak.

Cambridge, Md.

I raised the rifle to my shoulder, closed one eye, stared at the target and squeezed the trigger, trying my best to channel Annie Oakley, America's most famous female sharpshooter.

When you stay at the Mill Street Inn in Cambridge, Md., you really do feel as though you're staying in someone's home.

Bed Check

Fairfield Inn and Suites is the first hotel in Baltimore to reach the LEED environmental standard.

Easton, Md.

When a friend suggested that I check out the music scene in Easton, Md., I had reservations. And not of the lodging variety.

Going Our Way

Not sure where to start? Let us plan your trip for you.


My first visit to Annapolis was electric. After learning about the city's assortment of battery-powered bicycles, cars and even boats, I was fully charged up and ready to go.

Coming & Going

That other Washington Monument , the one in Baltimore that predates the District's, was closed last week and may be shuttered for some time. The issue: safety.

After crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, drivers can race straight ahead to Ocean City. But another option is to explore the many delights to be found not far off the main route.

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