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Jack Hubley helps Desiree Robinson with Lightning, a hawk, at a falconry demonstration in Hershey. The Falconry Experience gives visitors a hands-on look at the sport.
Jack Hubley helps Desiree Robinson with Lightning, a hawk, at a falconry demonstration in Hershey. The Falconry Experience gives visitors a hands-on look at the sport.

If You Go

When you get to Hershey, Pa., go past the amusement park, the all-purpose stadium and the large building piled high with chocolate Kisses and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Then voyage back in time more than 2,000 years.

Hotel Sofitel in Philadelphia strives to offer a blend of French elegance and American style.


All during a recent dinner at Philadelphia's French restaurant stalwart Le Bec-Fin, I kept a watchful eye on the sumptuous dessert cart as it made its rounds.

Bed Check

To get into the Morningstar Inn in Bethlehem, Pa., you don't use a key. You punch a set of numbers into a keypad.


Jim Thorpe, Pa., is a town that offers so much to do that it might scare people, but I'm here to tell you otherwise: You can have a great time in Jim Thorpe even if you don't want to do anything.

Going Our Way

Not sure where to start? Let us plan your trip for you.


In a little town called Bethlehem, I shopped for Christmas ornaments by day -- and hit the slot machines at night.

Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer Week, a celebration with hundreds of tastings, dinners and special events, is coming up June 4.

A traveler takes a three-day road trip using only his iPhone for guidance.

Information on bus service from Washington to New York, Philadelphia and Boston.


The Hotel Palomar, a 230-room Kimpton hotel in the City of Brotherly Love, will make you feel at home.


A traveler goes antiquing in a little town of New Oxford, Pa., home to 500-plus antiques dealers.

Bed Check

Browsing the hotel options in downtown Pittsburgh , I found myself thoroughly disheartened. Oh, there were plenty -- if I didn't mind shelling out more than $200 a night, a bit painful considering that it was a) a weeknight and b) the middle of winter.

Pretzels aplenty in Pennsylvania

A travel writer takes a tour of Lancaster and York counties, the epicenter of the pretzel industry in Pennsylvania, which is a leading producer of the crunchy goodies.

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