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Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.
Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.

Six dog-friendly accommodations in the mid-Atlantic region.

Monterey, Va.

Pre-dawn light drenching a landscape of smoky blue and green ridges. A soft wind stirring through the trees. It doesn't get much better than this.

Walk into the General Francis Marion Hotel in Marion, Va., and you'll feel like a character in the board game "Clue." Built in 1927 and named, like the town, for the Revolutionary War hero known as the "Swamp Fox," the hotel has the feel of a musty old mansion, despite a $4 million renovation com...

Bed Check: hotel review of historic accommodations in Colonial Williamsburg.

The Westin Arlington Gateway offers a tranquil getaway in the heart of Arlington's bustling Ballston area.

Having lunch at Rowena's Tea Shop in Norfolk is like dining inside a nursery rhyme. One wall features a garden mural with larger-than-life images of Mr. Jellyford Jam III and other whimsical characters that owner Rowena Fullinwider has created. Quiche, sandwiches and the desserts that have been f...

Bed Check

The Grey Swan Inn, a bed-and-breakfast in Blackstone, Va., provides unpretentious service with humor.

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