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The Bavarian Inn's guest chalets overlook the Potomac. The view indoors isn't bad, either: a gas fireplace.
The Bavarian Inn's half-timber, nine-room guest chalets offer German charm on the outside, and sleek luxury within. (Zofia Smardz/The Washington Post)

Ace Adventure Resort

"Does anyone want to go surfing again?" shouted Daniel, our rat-tailed, bespectacled guide, over the roar of the waves. The vote was a unanimous "yes," and Daniel ordered us to paddle back into the raging foam breaking over the rocks. We put the nose of our inflatable raft right into the vortex o...

As West Virginia expands its casino gambling, a poker player seeks out the action at two vastly different venues.


On a recent evening at Snowshoe Mountain, I found myself hesitating slightly as I signed a waiver warning me that the night's activities could result in injury or death. Pretty standard stuff, right?

Not sure where to start? Let us plan your trip for you.

Thanks to new ownership and deals on, the Greenbrier in West Virginia can be more affordable than you think.

This weekend marks the 150th anniversary of John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, and the park has organized a program of special events to recognize the abolitionist, one of history's most controversial figures.

At Cass Scenic Railroad State Park in southeastern West Virginia, it doesn't take long to get derailed from the present. With few modern trappings in this historic railroad community, you feel as though you really have backtracked to the early 20th century.

The Long Weekend

Lewisburg, W.Va., offers visitors early-20th century small town charm, about 70 historical sites dating back to colonial America, and plenty of lively boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and performance venues that stay open into the evening.

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