Correction to This Article
An earlier version of the June 9, 2005 White House Briefing column incorrectly reported that Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto contributed to President Bush's campaign. Cavuto was a donor to the 2002 President's Dinner Committee, a fundraising organization for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
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The Foxnewsified Bush Interview


On Laura

Bush: "I don't think she's going to run for office. It's an unusual city here where she gets a couple of good cracks off on her husband at one of these events, and then all of a sudden they've got her running for president. . . .

"She's not going to run for president. But I'll let her say that to you, not me."

On the King of Pop

Bush was talking about Social Security, when Cavuto tried to change the subject.

"CAVUTO: Do you think, though, that the public in this country has been distracted by other events? Even Representative Conyers, a Democrat, not exactly a fan of yours, has said that the media is fixated on things like Michael Jackson. Do you think that's true?

"BUSH: Here's what I think. I think my job is to lead. I think the people in this country want the president of the United States to take on the tough problems if he sees one. And I see one. I really do not worry about the second-guessing and the focus groups and all that.

"CAVUTO: So when you see these polls that show your popularity ebbing a bit, it doesn't frustrate you?

"BUSH: No, not at all.

"CAVUTO: Really?

"BUSH: Polls go up, and polls go down. But I also know my job. See, I could not be here in Washington, D.C., and take on an issue like Social Security and live with myself. . . .

"CAVUTO: But in the meantime, the news channels then hear what you're saying, and then later on, we have this Michael Jackson update. I mean, his trial and his ongoing saga has gripped the nation for the past four-and-a-half, five months as you've been on this campaign.


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