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The Second Source

Lorie Byrd writes: "This report from the NYT, if true, strikes me as a bombshell, Rove is innocent, Dems are full of it, and reporters have gotten this story completely wrong revelation."

Even ABC News's The Note asks archly: "Does the reporter who allegedly first told Karl Rove about Valerie Plame know who he or she is?"

Mickey Kaus writes on that it's possible New York Times reporter Judith Miller was Rove's source. "[T]his theory is what many MSM journalists, who know more about the case than I do, are worried about."

Tom on the Corrente blog writes: "Am I the only person who realizes that it doesn't matter how Rove found out? Rove simply shouldn't have disclosed anything at all. . . . He disclosed it and therefore broke the law and it really doesn't matter how he found out."

The Liberal Oasis blog points out some interesting foreshadowing of today's leak.

"Why do we know this is the White House strategy? Because Fox News already told us, during Wednesday's pundit roundtable on Special Report with Brit Hume:

"JEFF BIRNBAUM (W. Post): We are missing an important fact. And that is, where did Karl Rove get his information? --

"HUME: Well, I do know one thing. I know what the Rove camp says. The Rove camp says he actually heard about it from a journalist. . . .

"BIRNBAUM: . . . if Karl Rove did not get his information from the CIA or from someone who should not have told him under this law . . . then he's sort of off-the-hook."

Show of Support

Charles Babington writes in The Washington Post: "Rove, President Bush's deputy chief of staff, accompanied the president on a trip to Indianapolis -- both men walking together from the White House to the Marine One helicopter on the South Lawn. Bush usually walks alone to the helicopter, and their public stroll was widely perceived as a presidential show of support."

John King showed that clip on CNN. "If it were anyone else, Karl Rove might have advised the president to keep his distance from a political lightning rod like himself. But today in the midst of the CIA leak investigation, Mr. Bush and his uberstrategist stood and walked shoulder to shoulder," King said.

He asked John Harris, political editor of The Washington Post: "What do you make of the pictures today?"

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