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Rove's Dilemma

"MORAN : Divisiveness! Anger! Ruthlessness! That's what you call 'Rovian politics.'

"LEHMAN: The news to most Americans here isn't so much that Karl Rove is leaving, as that Karl Rove has a family.

"MATTHEWS: He was knighting the guy, and he said he was going to take care of this bum.

"YELLIN: The dark prince of the Bush administration.

"WRIGHT: Many saw his fingerprints in the attack on John McCain's character; 2004 witnessed a similar sustained attack on John Kerry's war record

"MOORE: There is a certain part of this guy that is pathological.

"GERGEN: An evil one who manipulated politics. . . .

"AXELROD: Karl Rove is packing his bags . . . and leaving the party in tatters.

"ABRAMS: If Karl Rove had been a professional wrestler, they might have called him The Constitutional Crippler.

"RUSH: (laughing) You just have to laugh at this. You get offended and mad at it, but after that, you just have to laugh at it. . . . The only reason these people hate Rove is because he outsmarted them at nearly every turn, and they hate that. You know, power is theirs by birthright. Rove, in their minds, is the one person that came along and took it away from them and kept it away from them for all these years, and they just despise him. They are the smartest people in the room, and to be outsmarted by rubes like Rove from Texas, and Bush, just offends them all to hell."

Small Ball

The White House press office this morning is touting a Fox News Special Report last night on the White House's upcoming agenda. A White House e-mail quotes reporter Bret Baier ticking off a whole series of initiatives, and then spokeswoman Dana Perino as saying: "There is enough time to get a lot done, but we can't afford to waste a single day."

But U.S. News notes that "later on the broadcast, during a roundtable discussion, columnist Charles Krauthammer said, 'It's over.' Talk of 'an ambitious agenda . . . is absurd, there is no agenda.'"

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