Snow White Survives

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 28, 2007; 7:32 AM

The post-game chatter is all about Hillary.

As it is after every Democratic debate.

She gets more press than any other Dem. She gets more press than any of the Republican candidates. She's almost in Britney Spears territory.

Have you seen any other presidential candidates do all five Sunday shows on the same morning? Didn't think so.

After each televised faceoff, the pundits come on and go through their paces: Did Obama and Edwards do anything to change the chemistry of the race? (The answer is always no.) Did Hillary make any mistakes? (The answer is always no, though her waffle on a Yankees-Cubs World Series might tick off some diehard fans.)

Then the commentators start dishing out advice on how the Hillary juggernaut can be slowed.

Someone's already dubbed the race Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Clinton is nothing if not prepared--she was closeted in debate prep Wednesday morning, even though this was, by my count, the 162nd Democratic debate. And she's even showing more humor than she has in the past, defusing a question at the Russert debate about differing with her husband's policy on torture by saying she'd have to talk to Bill later.

From the right, the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol says he's more optimistic that HRC can be beaten in the general:

"Hillary Clinton is the only possible president among the Democrats. She did occasionally (though only occasionally) try to interject elements of seriousness into the evening. To someone like me, she's the only plausible nomineee. But that makes me wonder whether she's likely to be the nominee.

"She's out of sync with her party. That means if she stumbles once, and the magic cloak of inevitability is torn, she could be finished. Obama and Edwards will pour everything they have into winning Iowa. The Iowa Democrats are dovish. What Obama and Edwards will say, over and over--when they go up with serious paid advertising--is that Hillary voted with Bush in October 2002 on Iraq (and has never apologized) and that on September 26, 2007, Hillary voted for the Lieberman-Kyl amendment that (allegedly) lays the predicate for military action against Iran. Hillary could well lose in Iowa. Then Hillary could well lose the nomination. And a Republican would then win the presidency. He probably will anyway."

Dick Polman says it's all about November (of '08):

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