Clinton Weighing Her Options

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008; 8:41 AM

By Ben Pershing Like the moon blotting out the sun, the Clintons and their attendant dramas continue to eclipse other stories on this cold and newsy Wednesday morning. Even as Eric Holder appears likely to become the nation's first African American attorney general and Ted Stevens has been belatedly felled by Alaska voters, the most compelling question continues to be whether Hillary Clinton will be secretary of State. Yesterday's episode ended with a cliffhanger: It appeared that our heroine wanted the job, but would she and her rakish husband survive the vetting? In today's installment, we learn from multiple sources that she's actually undecided on whether she wants to give up her comfy perch as New York's junior senator. It could be that she genuinely doesn't want the job and prefers to remain in the Senate, where Edward Kennedy just threw her a consolation prize by making her head of

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