Still Buying Organic, Despite the Price?

The Checkup
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009; 7:41 AM

This week at Giant Food, a half gallon of nature's Promise 1% Low Fat Organic Milk is on sale for $3.49. Meanwhile, you can get a whole gallon of Giant brand 1% Low Fat milk for $3.75. Which one would you choose? The ongoing debate as to whether organically grown foods are better for you has taken on added urgency as the economy has tanked. Where once we might have been able to afford a few luxuries in the grocery store, today many of us are doing whatever we can to cut back. For many, apparently, that includes taking a tougher look at how much we really want to spend on organic food. Though many organic-food advocates remain adamant that the eco-friendly, pesticide-free methods of farming deemed organic by the USDA produce better-for-you foods, there's not a strong body of science to support that stance. Some isolated studies (here's a

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