On Iran, Obama Changes Tone, Not Strategy

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009; 9:10 AM

By Ben Pershing President Obama called his press conference yesterday for a reason, and the headlines from the event mostly reflected the message he wanted to project -- he's taking a tougher stance against Iran. But beyond that basic point, there was a wide variety of opinion on how significant Obama's statement really was and how much difference it will make at this stage of the Iran showdown. Tough talk aside, "Obama refused to threaten any consequences and stopped short of freezing a major foreign policy goal: wooing Iran into diplomatic contacts over its nuclear program, its support of Islamic militant organizations and other contentious issues," the Los Angeles Times reports. Roger Simon accused Obama of delivering "another Goldilocks performance. ... He can't be too hot -- there can be incredible repercussions both at home and abroad regarding anything he says and how he says it -- but he can't

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