The Live Fix: Of the 2016 Olympics, Virginia Governor, Tpaw and VIA Coffee

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Friday, October 2, 2009; 1:11 PM

We chatted live for an hour today -- taking questions on a wide variety of topics including what (if any) impact there would be on President Barack Obama after Chicago failed to land the 2016 Olympics, whether or not the Virginia governor's race is a referendum on Obama and if Starbucks new instant coffee measures up. Our three favorite questions are below. You can read the whole chat transcript too. A sidenote: The Fix is VERY under the weather today (we are writing this from the official Fix bed) and so we are going to pass on writing a Friday Line in favor of taking a Friday nap. Thanks for understanding and we'll be back at it -- hopefully -- early next week. D.C.: Cillizza: I wrote in a few weeks ago and called you the Bill Simmons of I find out you're a teetotaling, anti-real coffee, Yankee fan.

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