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Thursday, October 29, 2009 1:11 PM

Good afternoon, everyone. Doesn't it seem like only yesterday we were parsing rumors about MTV's "Real World" coming to Washington? Filming ended this month, but not before Dan Zak got inside the house for a tour and interview with the cast (video above). What did Zak learn? For starters, those kids are polished and media-ready, and love to use words like "driven" and "electric" to describe themselves and Washington. As for the house, it's kitschy as hell -- and, ironically, decorated to reflect things only tourists would associate with the "real" Washington: The foyer looks like a biopsy of a Brookstone. Two vibrating leather chairs flank a faux fireplace, which contains a faux fire. Look to the left, past the ginormous fish tank (which the crew cleans, not the cast). In a corner alcove is lumpy furniture suited for lounging and/or heavy petting, an arrangement Hugh Hefner might've conceived if his decorators shopped exclusively at Target. The kitchen features a knife block sponsored by Subway. . . . Another alcove resembles the Oval Office, with a broad wooden desk cluttered with West-Wingy ephemera, like a toy presidential limousine. Bald eagles are everywhere. Eagle statues prop up a glass coffee table with their white, feathery crowns. Bronze and ceramic eagles swoop out from the wall, mid-attack. It's Norman Bates, with a dash of John Ashcroft. Also of note: One cast member admits on video it took him three weeks to figure out the Metro system, after which time he knew he "was a native." Elsewhere in today's Style section: Chris Richards goes to see "This Is It," asks: "Is this it?" WJLA will show bare-chested women in a series of reports on breast cancer. Neely Tucker says FX's "The League" is utterly miss-able. And Lisa de Moraes looks at the high number of depictions of violence against women on primetime TV. Tips? Sightings? E-mail us: And follow us on Twitter: @ReliableSource.

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