Health Care Summit Analysis: Closing thoughts

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Thursday, February 25, 2010; 5:41 PM

Session 1: Cost Containment | Session 2: Insurance reforms | Session 3: Reducing the deficit | Session 4: Coverage 5:25 p.m. | It's a wrap And, we're done. Roughly seven hours after it began, the Great Health Care Summit of 2010 has come to a close. In the end, there's little sign that the two parties are any closer together than they were before, or that there's any more likelihood of a bipartisan deal today than there was yesterday. Did you change your mind about the issue today? Or at least learn something you didn't know? Sound off in the comments section below. Thanks very much for reading and watching with us. For all the after-action coverage of this summit and and the reform issue going forward, be sure to bookmark the Post's dedicated health-care page. --Ben Pershing 5:24 p.m. | The extent of public health programs Obama just made

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