Health-care fight centers on message

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010; 8:41 AM

By Ben Pershing In one corner, we have "government takeover" and "arcane parliamentary procedure." In the other corner, "skyrocketing insurance costs" and "simple up-or-down vote." With the substance of the health-care bill and the process for moving it largely determined, the battle over reform now turns largely on message. The New York Times reports: "President Obama this week will begin a climactic push to rally restive Congressional Democrats to pass major health care legislation by hammering the argument that the costs of failure will be higher insurance premiums and lost coverage for individuals and businesses. While Mr. Obama prepared for a speech on Wednesday to outline 'the way forward' and to flesh out the substance of his proposed compromise based on the bills passed by the House and Senate, the two parties on Monday stepped up their battle to define the Democrats' legislative strategy." The Wall Street Journal writes: "The

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