Rielle Hunter bares too much

Ruth Marcus
Copyright 2010
Monday, March 15, 2010; 10:11 AM

Of all the unattractive characters involved in the sordid sage of John Edwards, including the (thankfully) ex-candidate himself, we now have a hands-down winner for the title of most loathsome: Rielle Hunter. I don???t particularly hold it against Hunter that she gave an interview to GQ describing her relationship with ???Johnny??? -- ???the force field of our love,??? how they slept together the night they met, the sex tape. Tacky, certainly, but nearly everyone else involved in this story has had his (Andrew Young, the hapless facilitator) or her (Elizabeth Edwards, the tragic enabler) say. No, the thing that clinches it for Hunter is the accompanying pictures. Hunter, belly bared, sweatpants provocatively untied, lying on a bed -- with her child. Almost as creepy, Hunter, pants off, pearls on, on a bed with plush toys, Kermit, Barney, Dora the Explorer. GQ had its big interview. Did it really have to sink this low in styling the photos? As for Hunter, the first words that leap to mind are, ???What kind of mother?????? Sadly, we already know the answer.

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