Gibbs on 'deem and pass'

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010; 4:41 PM

By Michael D. Shear White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had an answer ready for the questions -- the repeated questions -- about whether his boss supports the idea of "deeming" the health bill passed. "You're going to know where people are on health-care reform, and where they are on the president's proposal on health-care reform," Gibbs told reporters Tuesday. And again: "There's going to be a vote on health-care reform this week. You're going to know where people are on health-care reform." And again: "I think that you're going to ask people how they stand on health care. You're not going to ask them how they stand on 'deem and pass.' You're going to have a vote count that constructs not the process for the rule but where you are on health care." Nowhere did Gibbs say whether the president liked the procedural tactic, or didn't like it. When

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