At SRLC, Watts and Va. chair Mullins back Steele

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Friday, April 9, 2010; 4:41 PM

By Amy Gardner A few hours after North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer called for RNC chairman Michael Steele to resign, other Republicans were saying just the opposite. J.C. Watts, the former Republican congressman from Oklahoma and a headliner at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference that's kicking off Thursday night in New Orleans, said in an interview that Steele had brought some of his troubles on himself. But Watts said the results of recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts and the dollars Steele has raised speak louder than the string of controversies that have surrounded Steele's tenure. "Some of the things they're shooting at him with, I honestly don't understand. I think some of it is politics, it's silliness. Think about it. Other chairs have written books. Other chairs have had outside income. Other chairs have flown charters."

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