Obama to release taxes; speak on mine safety, NASA

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Thursday, April 15, 2010; 6:41 AM

WEST WING A.M. BRIEFING By Michael D. Shear Some somber news about mine safety, a bit of personal revelation and a (theoretical) trip to outer space will fill up the president's day today. Check back on our site throughout the day for complete White House coverage, but here's an early morning look at the news -- that we know of -- that's likely to emerge from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. * Mine Safety - On a day when all West Virginia coal mines will halt production for a one-day safety review, President Obama plans to meet with his secretary of labor and his top mine safety official to discuss the aftermath of last week's mine tragedy in West Virginia. He will make public remarks after the meeting, and aides are already signaling that the tenor of those remarks will not be upbeat. Obama will hear from his advisers that the safety

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