Wall Street reform and Goldman Sachs

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Thursday, May 13, 2010; 9:41 AM

Partisanship in the Senate is holding up Wall Street reform legislation the same week the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Goldman Sachs for alleged fraud. The mutterings of our Readers Who Comment suggest that the discussions on Capitol Hill reflect the significant differences of opinion that exist out there in the land. Some readers blame Republican dislike for governmental rules and regulations as one reason a massive government bailout was needed to rescue the economy. Other readers claim that all Democrats want to do is have government run everything, a solution that flies in the face of our freedoms and what once made our country great. A few seek more specifics about exactly what is being proposed. As Shailagh Murray and Brady Dennis write, while Democrats seek a few Republican votes in the Senate to move proposed legislation, "Republicans... think voters have even less faith in Washington than in the

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