Dick Blumenthal apologizes (again)

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Monday, May 24, 2010; 1:41 PM

A week after initially expressing "regret" for exaggerations about his Vietnam service, Connecticut state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D) issued another apology for his past statements. "I have made mistakes and I am sorry," Blumenthal said in a statement released Sunday night to the Hartford Courant. "I truly regret offending anyone,'' Blumenthal said. "I will always champion the cause of Connecticut's and our nation's veterans." Blumenthal's second bite at the apology apple seems to be an acknowledgment that his press conference last Tuesday did not -- as many Democrats insisted it had -- put the issue of his service, which was first raised in a New York Times story, to rest. (His campaign said that Blumenthal's statement was a response to a question from the Courant seeking comment on an editorial that ran in the paper on Sunday.) Over the last week there have been reports on both sides of

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