Obama heads to Chicago to enjoy one night at home

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Thursday, May 27, 2010; 8:41 PM

By Anne E. Kornblut CHICAGO -- Hours after a tense news conference in the East Room, President Obama ventured to the back of Air Force One as it headed to Chicago on Thursday night for a rare moment of levity with the press. Bo, the presidential dog, led the way, running down the aisle past a throng of cooing reporters. Obama followed him, smiling and watching as the dog surveyed the accommodations. He cracked the old joke about needing a dog in Washington - since there's no such thing as a real friend. Someone told him that Bo had been spotted at the airport interacting with his bomb-sniffing relatives. "I didn't want him getting into it with the Secret Service. I've seen them training," Obama said. Coat jacket off, Obama seemed happy and relaxed during his brief visit - one of the few he has ever made to the press Barack Obama - Washington - East Room - President of the United States - Chicago

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