Huckabee talks about gay marriage 'ick factor,' jokes about Pelosi affair

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Monday, June 21, 2010; 9:41 AM

In a long New Yorker profile assessing his 2012 chances, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee explained his opposition to gay marriage: "We can get into the ick factor, but the fact is two men in a relationship, two women in a relationship, biologically, that doesn't work the same." But Huckabee was not above joking about the issue: At times, he seems unable to resist the force of his own funniness. I joked with him once that I would write about his (fictitious) affair with Nancy Pelosi. He e-mailed back, "The only thing worse than a torrid affair with sweet, sweet Nancy would be a torrid affair with Helen Thomas. If those were my only options, I'd probably be FOR same-sex marriage!" Huckabee earlier this year compared gay marriage to incest and polygamy. Read the whole profile here. Mike Huckabee - Same-sex marriage - Nancy Pelosi - Incest - Polygamy

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