McCain annoyed by Scott Brown, New York magazine reports

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Monday, July 12, 2010; 1:11 PM

New York Magazine has a long account of John McCain's reelection battle from the view of friends and former staffers. Here's one interesting anecdote -- McCain was bitter about needing Scott Brown's help in his first contentious primary in decades: When Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's old seat and agreed to campaign for McCain in Arizona, McCain could hardly believe he needed a political neophyte from the Northeast to help him draw crowds in his own state, especially one who had declined McCain's invitation to campaign for him in Massachusetts (fearing McCain's Establishment taint). After a rally at Grand Canyon University, McCain was annoyed when Brown tried giving him campaign advice while they drove in a car together. Three nights later, Brown and McCain were scheduled to have dinner, but McCain canceled. In Slate this weekend, Jacob Weisberg wrote that he's "stopped reading news about John McCain John McCain - Scott Brown - Arizona - Ted Kennedy - Massachusetts

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