Is the Gulf oil spill really sealed?

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Monday, July 19, 2010; 9:41 AM

The Gulf oil spill either is or is not contained, and our Readers Who Comment are having the same conversation that BP and Admiral Thad Allen are having: is that seepage around the sealed well serious enough to require opening valves to relieve pressure and thus release more oil. Some readers who appear to have technical knowledge argue one way, some argue the other. What is clear is that no one -- including Allen -- really wants to reopen the well unless it's absolutely necessary, as Allen's letter to BP shows. David A. Fahrenthold writes, "In the confusion, this much was clear: Even if the now-infamous Macondo well doesn't leak another drop, the spill is likely to remain an environmental and economic problem for some time." Oil spill - BP - Environment - Admiral Thad Allen - Energy

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