Republicans hedge on Palin bid (video)

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010; 10:41 AM

In a Politico op-ed on Tuesday, former lawmaker and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called on his fellow Republicans to "man up" and come out against a Sarah Palin presidential bid. "If Republicans want to embrace Palin as a cultural icon whose anti-intellectualism fulfills a base political need, then have at it. I suppose it's cheaper than therapy," Scarborough wrote. "But if the party of Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio wants to return to the White House anytime soon, it's time that Republican leaders started standing up and speaking the truth to Palin." So far, Scarborough is mostly alone. While Politico has predicted that Republicans would unite against Palin after the 2010 elections (an article the former governor herself mocked for being filled with anonymous quotes), most GOPers seem to be hedging their bets. Watch:

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