Bryce Harper will play right field, Jayson Werth will see action in center

Adam Kilgore
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Monday, February 21, 2011; 10:11 AM

Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper are both main attractions during spring training for the Nationals, and they're both right fielders, too. This morning, Manager Jim Riggleman settled how they'll be used defensively this spring. The Nationals plan to give Werth some action in center field, while Harper will play almost only right, Riggleman said. Since regulars don't travel every game in spring training, the Nationals will need someone to play center on days Nyjer Morgan stays home. Werth will be one of those players. Werth has started 80 games in center during his career, including 19 last year with the Phillies. Werth could see time in center this season if the Nationals choose to rest Morgan against left-handed starters. "Jayson will get some innings in center," Riggleman said. "Not a lot, but he'll get some innings there. We're very comfortable that he can do that." Bryce Harper, after converting from college catcher to professional right fielder in the fall, will his spring in right. Nationals officials had previously indicated Harper could also play center at some point in his career, but for now his focus will in right. "Harper would probably get most of his action in right," Riggleman said. "If the need arises and we need to put him center for an inning or two, we'll do that. But predominantly, right field."

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