Scenes from the last full-squad workout of the spring

Adam Kilgore
Copyright 2011
Sunday, February 27, 2011; 1:11 PM

The Nationals wrapped their final practice before the spring training schedule begins with a light workout. No live batting practice and very little conditioning. The funniest moment came early in the workout, when Nationals players were conducting a drill in which players practiced helping teammates slide or stand coming home while acting as the on-deck batter. (Yeah, they practice stuff like that. Everyone is ready for games to start.) Every player was told to stand -- except Bryce Harper, who was directed to slide into the plate. He was the only player walking around with dirt on his pants all practice. Owner Mark Lerner arrived and attended his first workout. The thing that stuck out to him was the number of veterans. "The club has a different feel to it this year," Lerner said. "Mike [Rizzo] is starting to get his signature on it." Lerner watched batting practice for a while. ("Even his groundballs are hard," he said while watching Jayson Werth.) Lerner likes to shag flies during batting practice sometimes, and today he commented that Matt Stairs's looked like a fun hitter to shag for -- he hit high fly balls that landed soft, Lerner observed. Otherwise, it was a quiet day for the Nationals as they prepare for tomorrow's game. Players and coaches alike are anticipating the games starting, the monotony of camp starting to set in.

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