Stephen Strasburg making progress, slowly

Adam Kilgore
Copyright 2011
Tuesday, March 1, 2011; 10:42 AM

Since the first day Stephen Strasburg showed up at Nationals spring training and played light catch (Lightcatchageddon?), there has been a dearth of updates regarding his condition. This owes to the nature of the Tommy John surgery recovery process. It's like a child growing up or the economic decline of Japan. Today is the same as yesterday, until so many todays pile up. So, unless disaster strikes, there will be little apparent reason for an update on his condition. At some point, if all goes to plan, he'll climb a mound for the first time. Much later this season, he'll pitch in a minor league game. For the most part, no news is good news. With that as prologue, Strasburg has made some small progress during his time at Nationals spring training. He was throwing from 45 feet on his first day. By now, he has backed up to roughly 75 feet, he said this morning, and his rebuilt right elbow is perfectly fine. "It feels great," Strasburg said. "You just can't push it, because then it won't feel great."

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