Nationals spring training live blog, Jayson Werth Debut Edition

Adam Kilgore
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011; 4:11 PM

End, 3:48: The Nats won, 5-3. Drew Storen yielded a double to Lucas Duda and two runs, one unearned, on several hard-hit balls. Bryce Harper almost ended the game by throwing out a runner at home from right, but Derek Norris couldn't corral the throw. Storen finished it off with a strikeout. Top 8, 3:21: The Nats lead, 5-1, after Corey Brown's RBI chopper in the seventh. Bryce Harper had his second at-bat against Bobby Parnell. After a big hack and a miss at the first pitch, Harper chopped the third pitch to first. Brown bolted home from third and was thrown. He slid into the catcher, apparently hurting his left ankle. We'll check on that. The attendance today is 2,658. Mid 6, 2:36: Livan Hernandez is about to chat about his outing. There will be a break in updates. David Wright walked, but Cole Kimball struck out Ike Davis. Derek Norris made a nice catch at the backstop to end the inning. Nats up, 4-1. End 5, 2:29: Bryce Harper pinch-hit for Jayson Werth with one out and lashed an opposite-field to left, his big-league hit, off Pedro Beato. Ryan Zimmerman ended the inning by grounding into a double play, but Harper slid hard into second baseman Brad Emaus trying to break it up. Cole Kimball in for Detwiler. His line: 2 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 BB, 3 K, 28 pitches, 18 strikes. Mid 5, 2:23: The trend that started yesterday is continuing today: The Nationals are really playing sharp ball. Detwiler allowed a leadoff single through the right side by Fernando Martinez. He and Ivan Rodriguez executed a strike-him-out, throw-him-out double play, Martinez out by a mile. Ryan Zimmerman ended the inning by handling Jose Reyes's throw and making a slick running, sidearm throw. Bot 4, 2:13: The Nats have take a 4-1 lead, starting a rally after Jayson Werth struck out looking to start the inning. Ryan Zimmerman walked, Michael Morse singled and Adam LaRoche drove in Zimmerman with a weak chopper. Pudge Rodriguez doubled to score Morse, and Danny Espinosa smashed a two-run homer to right against Daniel Alvarez. The Nats are still at it with a single by Marrero. Mid 4: 2:02: Ross Detwiler looked sharp in his first inning, striking out Ike Davis looking at a curve ball and Lucas Duda as well. Brad Emaus reached on a broken-bat single. Ian Desmond made a running throw to end the inning, aided by Marrero's scoop at first. Good game defensively for him, which is a good sign. Also, a solid debut for Detwiler's new mechanics. End 3, 1:52: Marrero's good inning ended with a thud. Ian Desmond hit a hard groundout to third, and Marrero tried to advance to third base on Wright's throw across the diamond. It was not a smart choice. He made the third out at third base. Ross Detwiler is the new pitcher for the Nats. Hernandez's line: 3 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 0 BB, 2 K, 41 pitches, 23 strikes. Bot 3, 1:49: Willie Harris ripped a single off Livan Hernandez, but otherwise he cruised through what we assume is his final inning. Jason Pridie struck out looking at a slow curve. Chris Marrero ended the inning with a nice catch near the dugout railing of David Wright's foul pop-up. Marrero's glove has improved quite a bit, Nationals people think, but he needs some work. As so often happens, Marrero led off the third with a single to right and went to second on an error. Nyjer Morgan made the inning's first out by popping up a bunt. He's 0 for 5 this spring. End 2, 1:37: The Nats are still scoreless. Michael Morse recorded their first hit, a chopper to third that David Wright couldn't handle. Morse was thrown out stealing second. Ivan Rodriguez walked, but Danny Espinosa struck out to end the inning. Mid 2, 1:27: Livan Hernandez escaped the second with no runs despite a one-out double by Lucas Duda. Hernandez struck out Brad Emaus to start the inning. Nyjer Morgan made a diving stab on a liner to end the inning. Mets, 1-0. End, 1 1:20: Jayson Werth drew a six-pitch walk in his first at-bat with the Nationals, but Niese otherwise shut them down. Nyjer Morgan grounded to second, Ian Desmond lined to first and Ryan Zimmerman flailed awkwardly at strike three. 1-0, Mets. Mid 1, 1:14: The Mets scored their first run when Jose Reyes scored on a David Wright sac fly. Reyes smashed a double to right, then moved to third on Willie Harris's fly out to center. The run-scoring play was interesting. Wright hit a shallow fly to right-center. Nyjer Morgan called "I got it!" Typically, center field has first refusal. But Jayson Werth, after Morgan hollered, forcefully yelled, "I got it!" Morgan ceded. Good communication between new teammates, and with a logical result: With Reyes on third, Werth had a better chance to throw out Reyes at the plate than Morgan. Werth made a strong throw, but the speedy Reyes barely beat it. 1-0, Mets. Pregame, 12:58: The Nats are trying to keep rolling after a crisp, 9-3 win yesterday over the Mets. Livan Hernandez opposes Jonathan Niese. First pitch in minutes. I'm going to shoot for an update every half inning or so, with the latest up date on top. The sun is out now after a morning deluge. The new, $250,000 drainage system at Space Coast Stadium seems to have held up nicely.

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