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In the evolution of communication technology, humans have returned to tablets -- they're just no longer made of stone. Handheld devices like the recently unveiled iPad 2 and data-enabled smartphones can connect people to one another and the Internet from almost any location. A bevy of new companies are seeking to capitalize on the trend. Read about five starting up locally.

Black Oak Associates, an Owings Mills, Md., retail developer and investor, has snagged the Hastings Marketplace shopping center in Manassas as part of a $21.6 million deal for a stalled mixed-used development of the same name that fell victim to the credit crunch.

Crystal City is set to welcome its first new hotel development in 20 years with this week's opening of the 300-room Renaissance Arlington Capital View and 325-suite Residence Inn Arlington Capital View.


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| Virginia's legislature wrapped up its session last week, sending to the governor's desk a budget and a host of bills that members of the commonwealth's biotechnology and high-tech industries claim would make the state more competitive with its neighbors.

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