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| Part of running a business is knowing when opportunity hits and grabbing it. Better to be lucky than smart, right?

Toni Reinhart was working as an information technology manager 10 years ago when she decided she wanted a career that would give her the chance to help others. Now she owns a licensed home-care agency with five office workers and 70 home health aides.


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| Biotechnology start-ups have long relied on grants from the National Institutes of Health to fund research-and-developmentast but a last minute change in the legislation exempted the agency from the requirement to reserve a portion of the money for small businesses.

Tom Heath

Value Added

Tom Heath explores the life of entrepreneurs: their lessons, mistakes and occasionally, big payoffs.

Sharon McLoone

How Do I....

Search the Small Business Blog archive for how-tos, profiles and other ins-and-outs of managing your own business.

Kim Hart

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Kim Hart dives into the innovative ideas and networking among the local tech community.

The Big Money

Making Payroll

Jonathan Weber, CEO of New West, shares his experience on what it's really like to run a Web-based business.

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