Post 200

Post 200
WHERE THE MONEY IS The Washington Post's annual report on the area's top businesses, including a ranking of the largest publicly owned companies, corporate profiles and much more.

Post 200 - Overview

Today's dealmaking climate is so overheated that the lineup of The Post 200 is likely to change noticeably over the next year.

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John K. Delaney is at the vanguard of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are exploiting the current environment of easy cash and credit to invest in new businesses such as health care solutions, security systems, small-business lenders and restaurant chains.

Live Q&A Transcript

John Delaney, chairman and chief executive of CapitalSource, was online to answer your questions about commercial lending, investment and asset management.

Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky were among the original members of Washington's tech brat pack. Now their company, Blackboard, has become the poster child of the Washington area's technology industry -- a sign of its increasing resilience, diversity and maturity.

Steven Pearlstein

Harbor Station is the sort of large, mixed-use development that has made Kettler, the company, one of the most active developers in the Washington region and Bob Kettler one of the region's most successful businessmen.

Federal Diary

David A. Grant is part of the government's giant procurement machine, one of hundreds of federal officials who spent $417 billion last year on services and products -- consulting, computers, concrete -- purchased from global firms and local companies.


The Post 200 highlights the top public companies based in the Washington region, as well as financial institutions, private companies and major area employers. It also lists Maryland and Virginia firms with headquarters outside the local area.

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The Post 200 starts with a list of the 125 largest public companies with headquarters in the District  and its suburbs.


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