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A look back at the career of Alan Greenspan, who served for 18 years as chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Greenspan the Politician
Alan Greenspan has helped candidates, presidents and lawmakers devise and sell policies on countless social and economic issues.

The economy "continued to expand moderately" at the end of last year, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve that shows a recovery that, although not rapid, is on track.

The thinking behind the Federal Reserve's decision this week to buy an additional $600 billion in securities.

Federal Reserve Headlines

Bernanke tours pastry factory, in a sign to Main Street:  In a rare break from calamity, Fed chief takes a tour of small businesses (Post, May 14, 2010)

Lawmakers assail regulators over failure to catch accounting maneuver at Lehman:  LAWMAKERS SCOLD SEC, FED
Officials failed to catch accounting maneuver
(Post, March 18, 2010)

Obama's likely choices for Federal Reserve indicate a more activist role:  JOBS, CONSUMERS APPARENT FOCUS
Regulator, academic are among favorites
(Post, March 13, 2010)

Official says Fed might buy more mortgage-backed securities (Post, February 5, 2010)

Alan Blinder: Danger lies in threat to Fed independence (Post, November 20, 2009)

Bernanke Says Fed Can Watch Over Giants (Post, October 2, 2009)

Fed Weighs Timeline to Wind Down Its Deep Intervention in U.S. Economy (Post, September 23, 2009)

Global Economy 'Leveling Out,' Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Says:  With Fed's Role Under Review, Chairman Cites Strength of Its Actions (Post, August 22, 2009)

Why Obama May — or May Not — Reappoint Bernanke to a Second Term as Fed Chairman:  Why Obama May -- or May Not -- Reappoint Fed Chairman Bernanke (Post, August 21, 2009)

A Risky Choice for an Economic Risk Regulator (By Mark R. Warner, June 28, 2009)

Bernanke Urges Minorities to Strengthen Financial Knowledge (Post, April 15, 2009)

How Bernanke Staged a Revolution:  This chairman set out to lead as a civil servant rather than a celebrity economist. Facing a thundering financial collapse, he has reinvented the Federal Reserve. (Post, April 9, 2009)

Waiting On Fed To Make A Move:  Wall Street Expects Rate Cut; Central Bank Not Certain (Post, October 2, 2008)

Fed Move Would Ease Investing in Banks (Post, June 27, 2008)

Economic Challenges Draw Out Divisions at Fed (Post, June 24, 2008)

Fed Appears Unlikely to Keep Cutting Rates (Post, May 22, 2008)

Fed Chief Talks of 'Decisive' Action:  Addressing Slump, Bernanke Signals Another Rate Cut (Post, January 11, 2008)

Fed Leads Global Bid to Spur Loans:  World's Central Banks Team Up (Post, December 13, 2007)

Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate By Quarter Point; Stocks Fall:  Board Cites Slowing Growth but Gives No Sign of Future Cut (Post, December 12, 2007)

Fed Dampens Outlook for 2008:  Prediction Faces Further Revision (Post, November 21, 2007)

A Vision In Sharper Focus:  Bernanke to Make Fed's Thinking More Accessible (Post, November 15, 2007)

Fed Takes Wait-and-See Approach:  No Specific Plan for Further Interest Rate Cuts, Minutes Show (Post, October 10, 2007)

Fed Cuts Key Rate More Than Expected:  Reduction Designed to Insulate Economy From Problems in Markets (Post, September 19, 2007)

Greenspan: Ouster Of Hussein Crucial For Oil Security (Post, September 17, 2007)

Sunbelt City in Grasp of Housing Undertow:  Ripple Effect Could Be National Omen (Post, September 16, 2007)

Bernanke Says Fed Won't Let Markets Disrupt U.S. Economy (Post, August 31, 2007; 4:16 PM)

Amid Turmoil, Fed Holds Steady:  Rate Unchanged Despite Credit, Stock Market Uncertainty (Post, August 8, 2007)

Inflation as a State of Mind:  Bernanke Says Expectations of Tame Prices Ease Recession Fears (Post, July 11, 2007)

Inflation Target May Be Shifting:  Fed Signals Concern Over Stubborn Food, Gas Prices (Post, June 27, 2007)

Fed Nominee Would Add Expertise On Credit:  Capital One Executive Praised for Intellect (Post, May 21, 2007)

Fed Chairman Warns of More Foreclosures:  Mortgage-Market Problems Won't Hurt Economy Much, Bernanke Says (Post, May 18, 2007)

Bush to Nominate Two Bankers for Fed Board Seats (Post, May 16, 2007)

Bernanke Open to Limiting Lending:  Fed Chief Blames Foreclosures on Lax Standards (Post, March 29, 2007)

Fed Hints That Rate Hike Is Unlikely:  Investors Cheered By Policy Shift (Post, March 22, 2007)

Fed Finds Soft Spots In U.S. Economy:  Weak Industries, Regions Reported (Post, March 8, 2007)

Greenspan Lays Odds On U.S. Recession:  'One-Third Probability' in '07, Former Fed Chief Says (Post, March 7, 2007)

Bernanke Calls for Stronger Regulation of Fannie, Freddie (Post, March 7, 2007)

Bernanke Rebuffs Frank on Rate Cut:  Congressman Questions Inflation Concern (Post, February 16, 2007)

Transcript:  Hearing on the Economy, the Labor Market and Monetary Policy (washingtonpost.com, February 15, 2007; 2:16 PM)

Bernanke Says Fed Unlikely to Alter Rates:  Stocks Surge Anew After His Comments (Post, February 15, 2007)

Transcript:  Hearing on Semiannual Monetary Policy Report (washingtonpost.com, February 14, 2007; 1:30 PM)

Chairman Ben Bernanke Delivers Remarks Before the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce (washingtonpost.com, February 6, 2007; 2:51 PM)

Bernanke Urges Reduction of Income Inequality (Post, February 6, 2007; 1:38 PM)

Bernanke Renews Debt Warning (Post, January 19, 2007)

Fed Chief Optimistic of Soft Landing:  With Eye on Inflation and Jobs, Bernanke Remains Upbeat (Post, November 29, 2006)

Greenspan: Economy to Improve (Post, November 7, 2006)

Housing Hurts, Bernanke Says:  Slump Predicted To Slow Economy (Post, October 5, 2006)

Bernanke: Baby Boomers Will Strain U.S. (AP, October 4, 2006; 7:34 PM)

Fed Chief Backs Global-Wealth Sharing:  Bernanke Says Policies, Technology Can Help Reduce Poverty Rate (Post, August 26, 2006)

Fed Keeps Key Rate Steady At 5.25%:  Decision Follows Economic Slowdown (Post, August 9, 2006)

Putting Their Mouth Where the Money Is:  Fed Policymakers Are Still Struggling to Communicate About Their Actions (Post, August 6, 2006)

Secret of the Up-or-Holding Rate: Tuesday's Fed Mystery Theater (Post, August 4, 2006)

Stocks Rise as Bernanke Hints That Fed May Pause Rate Increases (Post, July 20, 2006)

Key Fed Rate Raised to 5.25%, A 5-Year High (Post, June 30, 2006)

Tighter, Tighter: When Will Fed Increases Start to Pinch? (Post, June 29, 2006)

Greenspan Testifies on Energy (Post, June 8, 2006)

Bernanke Strikes Tough Stance on Rates:  Fed Chairman Didn't Indicate Any Fretting on Interest Rates (Post, June 7, 2006)

Fed Chairman Raises Inflation Concern:  Stocks Fall on Prospect of Higher Rates (Post, June 6, 2006)

Feds Weighed Aggressive Rate Hike:  Jump to 5.25% Considered in May (Post, June 1, 2006)

Bernanke: A 'Lapse of Judgment':  Talk With Anchor a 'Lapse in Judgment' (Post, May 24, 2006)

Consumers Feeling Pinched Over Expenses (Post, May 7, 2006)

The Apprentice Maestro's Missteps (By David Ignatius, May 5, 2006)

Economic Summit Takes On Anacostia (Post, May 4, 2006)

Markets:  Investors Misunderstood Bernanke Testimony, CNBC Anchor Says (Post, May 2, 2006)

Bernanke: Fed Rate Hikes May Pause (Post, April 28, 2006)

Markets:  Investors Embrace Bernanke's Remarks (Post, April 28, 2006)

Bernanke Won't Hint At Ending Rise in Rates (Post, April 27, 2006)

A Fed Wannabe Feels Students' Sting:  Lampoon Is a Hit on the Net (Post, April 27, 2006)

No Stop Sign Yet: Inflation Revs Up:  Fed Watchers Backpedal After CPI's March Surge (Post, April 20, 2006)

On the Record From 2000: Fed Got the Signals Wrong (By Steven Pearlstein, April 5, 2006)

Federal Reserve Set to Shed Some Light :  Bernanke Wants to Shed More Light on How Agency Sets Monetary Policy (Post, March 28, 2006)

Fed Chairman G. William Miller, 81 (Post, March 20, 2006)

Hanging on Whose Words?:  With Greenspan's Departure, Other Fed Players Loom Large (Post, March 17, 2006)

New York Fed President Hints at Continued Interest Rate Hikes (Post, March 10, 2006)

High Interest in Alan Greenspan Memoir Rates Huge Advance (Post, March 8, 2006)

Fed Official Warns of Changes:  Financial Tools Outpacing Controls, Geithner Cautions (Post, March 1, 2006)

Bernanke Preaches Virtues of Saving (Post, February 17, 2006)

Bernanke Criticizes Fannie, Freddie Bill (Post, February 16, 2006)

Transcript: Ben Bernanke's First Congressional Testimony as Fed Chair (washingtonpost.com, February 15, 2006; 1:10 PM)

Fed Nominees Pressed on Political Ties:  Questions Raised Over Their Service in Administration, but Confirmation Is Likely (Post, February 15, 2006)

New Fed Chairman's Arrival Doesn't Change Growing Allure of Bonds (Post, February 12, 2006)

Sir Alan, Britain's Newest Economic Adviser (Post, February 2, 2006)

Exit the Maestro (By Robert J. Samuelson, February 1, 2006)

Fed Raises Rate as Its Chairman Bows Out:  Greenspan Gets Standing Ovation (Post, February 1, 2006)

Bernanke Inherits an Experienced Fed Staff (Post, January 31, 2006)

Bush Picks 2 Economists For Federal Reserve Board (Post, January 28, 2006)

Chairman Moved a Nation:  Long Career Produced Many Victories (Post, January 27, 2006)

Greenspan Again Asks Congress to Close Banking Loophole (Post, January 27, 2006)

Greenspan's Legacy Unclear:  Imbalances Make Federal Reserve Chairman's Legacy Unclear (Post, January 23, 2006)

Fed Keeps Rate on Rise:  Statement Hints That Series of Increases Might End Soon (Post, December 14, 2005)

'Transparent' Won't Always Mean Clear at Bernanke's Fed (Post, November 27, 2005)

Rates Rose on Inflation Fears:  Higher Energy Costs, Not Hurricanes' Aftermath, Worried Fed (Post, November 23, 2005)

Senate Banking Panel Endorses Bernanke (Post, November 17, 2005)

Fed Nominee's First Feat: Bridging the Partisan Divide (By Dana Milbank, November 16, 2005)

Hearing Regarding Ben Bernanke's Nomination to Be Chairman of the Board of Goverrnors of the Federal Reserve:  Part 1 of 2 (washingtonpost.com, November 15, 2005; 12:15 PM)

Bernanke Confirmation Hearing Begins:  The Fed Nominee Won Spelling Bees, Plays Squash and Cracks Jokes (Post, November 15, 2005)

Greenspan's Smoothing Legacy:  Outgoing Fed Chief Changed the Way We Think About Cycles (Post, November 13, 2005)

Bernanke Would Lead With Words and Rates (Post, November 12, 2005)

Greenspan Reiterates Warning on Deficits (Post, November 4, 2005)

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