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GDP per Capita (2004 estimate):
• Cambodia: $2,000
• United States: $40,100

United Nations Human Development Index (2004):
The index combines measures of life expectancy, school enrollment, literacy and income.
• United States: 10th of 177 countries
• Cambodia: 130th of 177 countries
In America:
• Cambodian population in the United States: 178,043
• 29.3 percent of Cambodians in America lived under the poverty line in 1999.

In Cambodia:
• Population: 13 million
• Population of Phnom Penh: 1 million (estimate)

SOURCES: U.S. Census Bureau, Cambodian National Institute of Statistics, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, CIA World Factbook 2005, United Nations Human Development Report 2005


UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism:
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The "Digital TV and the World" special project is directed by Todd Carrel and supported by gifts from the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, the Broadcast and Professional Systems Division of Sony Electronics Inc., Apple and the Graduate School of Journalism. Support for the reporting in Cambodia was provided by a gift from Steve Silberstein.

Special thanks to Dean Orville Schell, Paul Grabowicz, Rob Gunnison, Mimi Chakarova, Roy Baril, Lydia Chavez, Sandy Toland and Carolyn Wakeman of the Graduate School; Tom Kennedy of washingtonpost.com; the journalism faculty and students at the Royal University of Phnom Penh; and the people of Park Village and Stockton.

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Angkor Wat photo: Richard Vogel - AP

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