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Alcohol Counts

Alcohol packs seven calories per gram, falling just short of the nine calories found in a gram of fat and nearly twice that in a gram of protein or carbohydrate. Add fat-filled or sugary mixers, and the calories can reach 500 per drink. Here is a list of calorie counts for alcoholic beverages so you can see what they will cost you in calories this holiday season.

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Alcoholic Beverages Beverage Serving Size (ounces) Number of Alcohol Servings/Beverage Calories
Light beer121110
Dark beer121168
Non-alcoholic beer12170
Distilled spirits (Scotch, vodka, bourbon, gin etc.)1.51100
Dry dessert wine***51198
Sweet dessert wine***51344
Red wine***51105
White wine***51100
Sparkling white wine***51106
Amaretto sour** (Sweet and sour mix, almond amaretto liqueur, tequila, orange juice) 64421
B-52** (Kahlua coffee liqueur, amaretto almond liqueur, Bailey's Irish Cream) 1.5191
Bloody Mary** (Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, lime) 4.61120
Chocolate martini** (Vodka, Creme de Cacao) 2.51.67188
Cosmopolitan** (Vodka, Triple Sec, Rose's lime juice, cranberry juice) 2.51.67131
Daiquiri** (Light rum, limes, powdered sugar)2.71137
Gin and tonic** (Gin, tonic water, lime) 71.33189
Hurricane** (Dark rum, light rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, Grenadine, 151 proof rum, cherries, pineapple and sugar10.43384
Irish coffee** (Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar, whipped cream)10.21159
Mai Tai** (Dark rum, light rum, sweet and sour mix, grandaine, 151 proof rum, ice) 4.91.82306
Kamikaze (Vodka, Triple Sec, lime juice) 31180
Manhattan** (Whiskey, Vermouth, Bitters)2.11.33132
Margarita** (Coarse salt, lime, white Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, crushed ice) 6.33327
Martini** (Gin, dry Vermouth) 21.33119
Mudslide** (Vodka, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, vanilla ice cream) 124820
Pina colada** (Malibu run, pineapple juice, cream82.13312
Rum and coke****)122.67361
Screwdriver** (Vodka, orange juice) 71.33208
Whiskey Sour** (Whiskey, lemon juice, powdered sugar, cherry, lemon slice) 31.33125

**SOURCE: 2005 U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
* Caloric content will vary by recipe.
**Drinkmixer Web Site,
***Calorie King,
****Recipe provided by as "typical rum and Coke recipe." Serving size is based on the recipe and calorie information was calculated with Coca-Cola calorie information and rum.

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