Panoramas from Hawaii

Last November, my family and relatives gathered in Hawaii for the funeral of my grandmother, Leonora de la Cruz. She was 88 and had lived on Molokai for the last 30 years with my aunt Helen and 16-year-old cousin, Jonathan. They settled in a neighborhood locals call "Manila Camp" because of the many Filipinos who bought homes there to work in the pineapple fields.

In the spare moments when a meal wasn't being served or prepared as part of the obviously solemn reunion, I would wander to some of the places that my grandmother liked to frequent and places I thought she would have enjoyed, capturing them photographically. It was my way of trying to remember her and the land she called home. - Ben de la Cruz -

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Panoramic photos and composites by Ben de la Cruz | Photo Production: Dan Murano | Audio Interviews: Ben de la Cruz | Design: Nelson Hsu | Photo Editor: Tom Kennedy -

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