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The Abramoff Galaxy

For more than five years, Jack Abramoff was one of the capital's most prominent Republican lobbyists. E-mails, documents and interviews with his former associates show that he set up many interlocking political and business entities to raise money, pay for lawmakers' trips and other favors, fund his pet projects, and gain influence for himself and his clients. The Justice Department has been looking into his relationships with half a dozen members of Congress, as well as with Hill aides, government officials and business associates.

CORRECTION TO THIS GRAPHIC: A chart with a Dec. 29 article about lobbyist Jack Abramoff incorrectly referred to an "American International Center of Public Policy Research." The reference should have been to two nonprofit organizations: the American International Center and the National Center for Public Policy Research.

GRAPHIC: James Grimaldi and Laura Stanton, The Washington Post; Alyson Hurt, washingtonpost.com - December 29, 2005

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