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A Sort of Homecoming: Back home from the war in Iraq, U.S. veterans recount their experiences.

Veterans tell their stories


Back From Iraq

Troops from all walks of life reflect on their experiences in Iraq as the war enters fourth year. more »

» Veterans' Voices On Iraq
» Quotes From The Soldiers

Blogging from Iraq

Reporting for Duty

Bert Stover, Chief Warrant Officer 2

Bert Stover, Chief Warrant Officer 2, writes about his National Guard deployment to Iraq. more »

Live Discussion

In Their Own Words

Washington Post staffers Mary Hadar and David Von Drehle were online Monday, March 20, at noon ET to discuss the 100 Iraq veterans project.

U.S. Fatalities

Faces of the Fallen

U.S. service members who have died since 2001. more »

More News from Iraq

Special Report: America at War

Ongoing coverage of the war in Iraq from The Washington Post.
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