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Bellwethers: Key Issues in the Battle for Congress

Eight Issues That Will Shape the 2006 Elections

Click on incumbent names for bios, congressional voting records, and financial statements. Click on each race to view race analysis, candidate profiles, campaign finance information, historical election data, and voter demographics.

KEY: (i) Incumbent | « Leans Republican | » Leans Democratic | ? Tossup

The Elephant in the Room » How big a problem is President Bush for the GOP?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
R.I. Senate Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee (i)*     » Sheldon Whitehouse
N.J. Senate Thomas Kean, Jr.     » Sen. Robert Menendez (i)
Conn. 5th district Rep. Nancy L. Johnson (i)   ?   Chris Murphy
Ohio 15th district Rep. Deborah Pryce (i)   ?   Mary Jo Kilroy
Ky. 3rd district Rep. Anne Northup (i)   ?   John Yarmuth

Scandal Alert » Will the Foley Scandal Swamp the GOP?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Mont. Senate Sen. Conrad Burns (i)   ?   Jon Tester
Calif. 4th district Rep. John T. Doolittle (i) «     Charlie Brown
Ohio 18th district Joy Padgett     » Zack Space
Fla. 16th district Joe Negron   ?   Tim Mahoney
Fla. 22nd district Rep. E. Clay Shaw Jr. (i)   ?   Ron Klein
N.Y. 26th district Rep. Thomas Reynolds (i)     « John Davis
Pa. 10th district Rep. Don Sherwood (i)     » Chris Carney

Money Matters » Will pocketbook concerns move votes?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Mich. Senate Michael Bouchard     » Sen. Deborah Stabenow (i)
Ind. 2nd district Rep. Chris Chocola (i)     » Joe Donnelly
Wisc. 8th district John Gard «     Steve Kagen
Iowa 1st district Mike Whalen     » Bruce Braley

Border Patrol » Will the immigration issue save Republicans?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Ariz. Senate Sen. Jon Kyl (i) «     Jim Pederson
Ariz. 5th district Rep. J.D. Hayworth (i) «     Harry Mitchell
Colo. 7th district Rick O'Donnell     » Ed Perlmutter
Ohio 1st district Rep. Steve Chabot (i)   ?   John Cranley

Anxious Suburbs » Will the Iraq War come home in November?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Conn. 4th district Rep. Christopher Shays (i)   ?   Diane Farrell
Ill. 6th district Peter Roskam   ?   Tammy Duckworth
Pa. 7th district Rep. Curt Weldon (i)     » Joe Sestak
Pa. 8th district Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (i)   ?   Patrick Murphy

Tough Terrain » Can Republicans win the Northeast?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Pa. Senate Sen. Rick Santorum (i)     » Bob Casey
Pa. 6th district Rep. Jim Gerlach (i)   ?   Lois Murphy
Pa. 7th district Rep. Curt Weldon (i)     » Joe Sestak
Conn. 2nd district Rep. Rob Simmons (i)   ?   Joe Courtney
N.Y. 24th district Ray Meier     » Michael Arcuri

Red-State Revival » Can Democrats compete in the Upper South?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Tenn. Senate Bob Corker   ?   Rep. Harold Ford
Va. Senate Sen. George Allen (i)   ?   Jim Webb
Ky. 4th district Rep. Geoff Davis (i)   ?   Ken Lucas
N.C. 11th district Rep. Charles H. Taylor (i)     » Heath Shuler
Va. 2nd district Rep. Thelma D. Drake (i)   ?   Phil Kellam
Mo. Senate Sen. James M. Talent (i)   ?   Claire McCaskill

Tune In, Turn Out » Which Ballot Issues Will Drive Voters to the Polls?

Race Republican Leans Democrat
Mo. Senate Sen. James M. Talent (i)   ?   Claire McCaskill
Ohio Senate Sen. Mike DeWine (i)     » Rep. Sherrod Brown
Minn. 6th district Michele Bachmann «     Patty Wetterling
Fla. 13th district Vern Buchanan   ?   Christine Jennings

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