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Engraved in Their Minds

Veterans, Vietnam forever with them, returning to memorial as it turns 25.

U.S. Fatalities
Faces of the Fallen

Faces of the Fallen

Portraits of U.S. service members who have died since 2001.

Walter Reed and Beyond
Special Feature

Narrated Gallery: Beyond Walter Reed
Army 1st Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside was judged by her superiors to be a model officer. But after suffering a psychiatric breakdown in Iraq, she has found herself facing criminal charges for attempted suicide and endangering the life of another soldier. Her story shows that the Army continues to grapple with soldiers who suffer mental trauma in a combat zone.

Blog: Reporting for Duty
Reporting for Duty by Bert


Hundreds of families and friends were present, waving flags, cheering, flapping banners, and crying.

Live Discussions

Walter Reed and Beyond: A Patient Prosecuted

Post reporters Dana Priest and Anne V. Hull discussed "A Soldier's Officer," the latest installment in their "Walter Reed and Beyond" series chronicling the care and treatment given to service members returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


'Fiasco' by Thomas E. Ricks

Special Report: America at War | Today in DoD | RSS: Military News

In Their Own Words: Iraq war veterans tell their stories.

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