"Screech" on "Screech"

Dustin Diamond
Thursday, April 28, 2005; 1:00 PM

On April 17, a fuzzy eagle named Screech was " hatched " at RFK Stadium as the Nationals' new mascot. Now, a different "Screech" shared his thoughts on the newly unveiled mascot's given name that he knows too well.

Though Carleen Martin, director of marketing and promotions at the Washington Nationals, did not explain the origin of the team mascot's name, she said, "He was not named after 'Screech' the character from 'Saved by the Bell.'"

Still, Dustin Diamond , otherwise known as "Screech" from "Saved by the Bell," was online to chat about the 6-foot-2 eagle and to answer your questions about his life since the show.

The transcript follows.

____________________ Dustin, Thank you for joining us today. What's in a name? Based on your experience playing the character "Screech" on "Saved by the Bell," what might lie in store for the Washington Nationals' recently unveiled mascot -- having been named "Screech"?

Dustin Diamond: Concerning the new "Screech" mascot...

The mascot was named after the Eagle and the screeching sound it makes. I'm sure it would 've been funny though to see a giant foam Screech from SBTB out there though. Morale could go either way. Hey if the team lost a game then the mascot could beat up the new mascot for Hawaii, the Hawaii Horshack.


Olney, Maryland: If Screech were a tree, what kind of a tree would he be?

Dustin Diamond: Not sure, Leaf me alone.

I know it's silly but aren't we all, just a little?


Washington, DC: Any idea how that whole 'Screech is dead' rumor got started?

Dustin Diamond: Nothing surprises me much anymore. I've heard so many rumors that it's kind of flattering. On the other hand though, it worries me that if these people have so much time to spare, they're spending it coming up with malarkey. 99% of what you see on the Internet is false or exaggerated.

P.S. Mike D from the beasty boys is NOT my brother.


Springfield, Va.: Dustin, I saw you on celebrity boxing on Fox, and you've got some moves! Also about moves, when did you start playing chess?

Dustin Diamond: My father taught me chess at an early age (5). I studied until I reached Master strength (2247) then started working with inner city kids (kids with no fathers or male influences in their lives) alongside other celebs to keep them on the straight and narrow. Chess playing Celebs include... Peter Falk - Wu-Tang Clan - Drew Carrey - Wil Smith - etc.


Arlington, Va.: I notice more and more actors doing voice-over work these days. Your command of different voices would seem to make you a natural for this sort of work. Is it something you've considered?

P.S. Not that I'm urging you to hide your face; you're a good-looking man!

Dustin Diamond: Voice work is a lot of fun and I would most certainly do my fair share. Stand-up Comedy is on the front burner right now though and touring the country is hard, but fun work.


Columbia, Md.: Dustin: Enjoyed your cameo in Jon Favreau's "Made." Have you been getting into any clubs before him lately?

Dustin Diamond: MADE was a blast and Vince Vaughn is a riot. All of the dialogue in that film was made up on the spot. They had a script but rarely followed it.


Chaem, Mich.: Dustin, I have a very serious question that has been bugging me for a while.

On the episode where Zack and Slater fight and Slater throws Zack into the lockers and then to the ground, why does it look so realistic? I know they weren't REALLY fighting, but the director just say "go fight"?

Dustin Diamond: When you mix adolescent youth - steroids - and unrequited love, you have a recipe for comedy.


Alexandria, VA: Do you keep in touch with any of the other cast members from Saved By the Bell?

Dustin Diamond: I don't visit the unemployment office that much.

I live in Wisconsin now so I don't get a chance to see them that often, unless my comedy tour takes me to Cali. Still there is no guarantee that I will be able to get onto the set of Pet Star.


Alexandria, Va.: Great that you are joining us in our continuing celebration of getting a D.C. home baseball team again! I admired your acting very much on Saved. Any chance that you will be coming here to do some stand-up comedy? I'd get a ticket in a heartbeat.

Dustin Diamond: Thank you. I would love to come and play the comedy clubs in and around VA. I have a good friend in the comedy world that's from West VA. He would probably perform with me.


Joe from D.C.: Dustin, I saw you in Baltimore this past weekend. Funny stuff. My only question is why all the comics were sitting in the back of the club instead of in the comic's lounge area? The opener and the feature guy were sitting a table like regular schmos. What's up with that?

Dustin Diamond: In comedy you have to support your brothers in arms. If you looked back there while I wasn't on stage, you would have seen me sitting back there too. I was the loud cackler.


Ann Arbor, Michigan: Myself and several other fans of yours are studying for law school finals right now. Is there any scheme you can suggest that we pull on our professors to get out of taking them?

Dustin Diamond: Most certainly. Just become stand up comedians.

Then at least when you lose a case you can sling out a witty retort to the judge (they love that).


DC: Screech,

Your beyond awesome.

What was your relationship with Mr. Belding off stage.

Also you look like my younger brother.

This is a dream come true for me.

Dustin Diamond: Dennis can drink. You walk in on Mr. B with 4 or 5 girls in his dressing room and all of a sudden it's YOU saying "Hey hey hey hey hey, what is going on here?"


Michigan: So you really aren't Neil's son?

Dustin Diamond: Neil is NOT my dad. There may be some relation there but I've never looked it up or met Neil.


Arlington, Va.: Do you have any Stand-up shows booked in the area, when are they?

Dustin Diamond: My Web site is down right now (doing it myself). but check back in a week or 2 at...


Dustin Diamond:

my web site will be operational soon. Doing the whole design in flash but doing it myself with dreamweaver.

I may just put up a temp placeholder with templates for a while. Flash takes time.


Mt Pleasant, DC: Hey Dustin, thanks for sharing with us today. Here is a question that has been eating at me since my youth: How is it possible that the gang from Saved by the Bell all moved from JFK Middle School (the Miss Bliss years) in Indiana to Bayside H.S. in California?

Thanks for all the found memories!

Dustin Diamond: They decided to never explain that mystery. On a Saturday morning budget, I'm sure they didn't care.


Washington, D.C.: Were there any on set romances on SBTB?

Dustin Diamond: I dated a lot of the background cast (the people you see walking through the scenes). There were 30 new girls every week. Put me in coach.


Washington, DC: Dustin, that so-called mascot is an insult to the name Screech. It's the most pathetic excuse for a mascot I've ever seen, it looks like a giant happy fat pigeon. It needs to be taken out to Centerfield during the 7th inning stretch and publicly executed to put it out of this city's misery.

Dustin Diamond: You have strong feelings for the mascot I see.

Give it some time. Even if it looks strange to the eye now, consider the eventuality that if the team never loses a single game EVER from this point on, the world will be FORCED to see - recognize - and respect that bird.


Northwest, Washington, D.C.: Our Nationals' mascot is suppose to be a baby bald eagle, yet still has a white head. We all know that baby bald eagles are born with brownish black heads and don't turn white until they reach 3-5 years of age. Dustin, do you think we are sending a wrong message to the children of D.C. by misrepresenting the facts on bald eagles?

Dustin Diamond: The alternative to the screech could possibly be the Washington "Steve Irwins' arm hanging out of a crocs mouth".

then again... maybe you should just accept the fact that the eagle could just have matured quick for its age.


Ann Arbor, MI: Dustin,

Zack Attack: The Comeback Tour.

At least consider it. Why not?

Dustin Diamond: Zack Attack. Who would ever go for naming a band that? I don't mean as a joke. I mean you go to school with some dude who thinks he can con anybody into anything then starts a band with his own name in it. If that episode were real Screech would've laid the smack down on Zack's candy-a... nevermind.


Washington DC: Do you find it strange that the team has a pitcher named "Zach" (Day) and a mascot named "Screech"? Do you think if the pitcher were named "Brandon" the mascot would've been named "Dylan"?

Dustin Diamond: As long as the Ump isn't named Mr. Tuttle and the announcers aren't named Mr. Dewey and Ox.


Alive!: I thought you ate swallowed pop rocks and then drank soda and your stomach exploded!! I've been mourning your death for years!!Guess I'll have to take down the shrine now...

Dustin Diamond: Totally leave it up. I'll try harder to make it next time. must get more pop-rocks.


Washington, DC: Will there be a SBTB Screech v. Nationals Screech Celebrity Boxing Special of some sort?

Dustin Diamond: Probably not but I would sign up to take on Bea Arthur.


Fish Eat Fish: Playing a character like Screech must be a blessing and a curse. What are the best and worst things that you've taken from that experience?

Dustin Diamond: Best: Getting perks of the industry of course. From free meals to endorsement deals. From babes in leather to a mascot in feathers.

Worst: Hard to lend a bit of your mannerisms to a character and have people be unable to differentiate between your sense of humor and the character you portrayed.


Sanders, Fla.: Dustin,

My friend is married to the future version of you (Isaac Lidsky from "The New Class"). Do you have any bitterness towards those guys?

And is Mario Lopez still alive?

Dustin Diamond: Isaac and I weren't competing with each other. I was doing the College Years while he was doing the New Class. I joined the new class after the cast changes were made. Isaac had big shoes to fill. The industry isn't pretty.


Washington, D.C.: So Dustin, would you be up for a double-date with me, Screech-the-mascot and a chickadee of his choosing?

Chick in D.C.

Dustin Diamond: Too much controversy to be seen together. But I will give my buddy Grimace a call.


Westhavershamshire, UK: Screech!!!

I am writing you from the glorious English countryside! We have a Saved By the Bell fan club where we act our scenes, and I'm always Screech because I have curly hair and the other people say I'm very "Screechy"!!! Are you ever coming here on tour???


Dustin Diamond: British humor is my cup o' tea. My favorite sitcoms of all time are...


Young ones

Red Dwarf

Fawlty Towers


Thin Blue Line

As you can probably guess, my fav. comedian is Rowan Atkinson and my fav. writer is Ben Elton.

Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll rock too.


Washington, D.C.: Thanks for hanging out and taking questions from your fans today! Did you take any time off from show business to pursue other interests after "Saved by the Bell" or did you go right into stand-up?

Dustin Diamond: I went into stand up 5 days after the wrap party (the party to say goodbye to the show and cast). That was in Nov. of 1998. Wasn't too sure if I was going to do that permanently though at the time. It wasn't until around mid-late 2000 that I really started taking stand-up seriously.


Rockville, Md.: When I first heard that Screech was to be the Nationals new mascot, I immediately bought tickets for that first game.

Imagine the horror when I found out it was some dopey bird. At least they should have you in to throw out the first pitch or something.

Dustin Diamond: Thanks. I would throw a pitch for a game. Prob is... I can't throw very far. Might not even make the mound. Seriously though I have a lousy throwing arm.


Alexandria, VA: Have you been to a Nats game yet? Or met the mascot? I think you ought to throw out a first pitch, that's the least they can do for you after stealing your name? Better yet, a "Screech" night with all fans getting a Dustin Diamond bobble-head!

Dustin Diamond: That would totally rock.


Bethesda, Md.: If Mascot Screech started doing "the Sprain" during the half-time show, would you sue for trademark infringement? Cause you so totally own that dance.

Dustin Diamond: Actually NBC and/or Peter Engle (Exec. Producer) own EVERYTHING. Can you imagine actually going to court over a Baseball Mascot stealing a limp?


Vladan; Washington DC: I enjoy Saved by Bell in homeland Bosnia. Do you know that you are big time celebrity there still?

Dustin Diamond: I'd love to visit sometime. Gotta let all the ruckus calm a bit though. This world needs a diplomat for the modern age. "SCREECH BRINGS WORLD PEACE"

would totally rock. but until then I'll have to be happy with my Olive Garden talks. "SCREECH BRINGS WHIRRLED PEAS"


New York, NY: What about Youppi!? Are you outraged that the wonderfully French former Expos mascot is now unemployed? Do you think you could work with him?

Dustin Diamond: There's always the surreal life.


Courthouse, Arlington, Va.: Dustin, will you go to a Nationals game with me? Maybe Lisa Turtle could bring a friend and we could double date.

Dustin Diamond: Lisa doesn't exist. Pssst pass it on.


WDC: My Nana thinks you are a very nice and handsome young man. Can you send her an autographed picture for mother's day? I'm a college student and out of cash.

Dustin Diamond: Thank your nana then look her right in the eye and say... "No nana. NO. Screech is an evil man with evil ways."

At this point you should see the beginnings of a tear start to form around the inner tear duct.


Let the tear begin to gather weight but DO NOT let the tear fall (no matter what you do)DO NOT let the tear fall.

When the tear starts it's descent, throttle her softly, but firmly, and say... "BE STILL OLD WOMAN! I jest. Screech would be happy to send you a picture (2 second pause) if he existed. Dustin Diamond said no though."


Washington, DC: When will you be doing stand up in DC?

Dustin Diamond: Check in a week or so.

it's the OFFICIAL Dustin Diamond web site.


Ashburn, VA: Are you still doing any acting?

Dustin Diamond: When I shoot pool and I make a great shot, I act like meant to do it.


Secaucus, New Jersey: How did you end up in "Made" with Favreau and Vaughn? Highlight of the film.

Dustin Diamond: Thanks. Vince Called me up. I said yes.


Arlington, Va.: What's ahead for Dustin? Any chance of a double Screech meeting at a Nat's game? Any tips for the "new" Screech?

Dustin Diamond: TIP FOR SCREECH:

It's gonna be uphill for a while my friend. We're talking steep. YOU CAN DO IT!


Washington, D.C.: Tell us about your chess video. Is it actually about learning chess, or is it a satire of some sort? Are you a chess expert? What inspired you to make this video?

Dustin Diamond: I'm Master Strength (2247)

I made the video for kids 5-8 or thereabouts to learn the game without going to sleep.


Washington, D.C.: I heard a rumor that you are actually going to be the one in the Screech costume. I assume this isn't true?

Dustin Diamond: NOPE. But it would be funny though.


Atlanta, Ga.: Screech! Have you seen Slater recently? What about Mr Belding? Have you thought about a prime time Saved By the Bell reunion where everyone returns to save the school from some lame, easily solved teen problem?

Dustin Diamond: No Way Bro


Glover Park, DC: Dustin,

Heard you on the radio last week, glad to hear you're still getting it done. How is the improv? Can you save me cover charge and share a line or two?

Also, and I am not ashamed to say so, I saw one of your funnier SBTB episodes the other morning--when your character makes fake IDs for the gang and catches Jeff with another girl. So my real question is this: What was the deal with Zack's cell phone? Did it work, or was it just a walkie-talkie?

Dustin Diamond: Here's a line...

"Most people in my line of work start out in stand-up comedy and hope to get a TV show. I'm doing it backwards. I had a TV show and now I'm doing stand-up. Come see me next year. I'll be doing security with Gary Coleman."

- Dustin Diamond

P.S. The Brick phone was hollow inside. A prop.


New York, NY: Dustin, Would you be jealous if you found out Screech (not you) was dating Lark Vorhees?

Dustin Diamond: no way bro


Bethesda, MD: Screech, I have always been a huge fan, in fact you were the only reason I used to watch saved by the bell. I was excited to hear our new mascot was Screech, how do you feel about it? Do you miss hanging out with A.C. Slater and the gang?

Dustin Diamond: Thanks. The Washington Slaters would be cool but the whole team would have to cheat on their wives.


Bethesda, MD: Screech, why didn't Mr. Belding get a Mascot named after him? he was tough and new how to get things done! why not the Belding Bomber, that would be cool, right?

Dustin Diamond: the Screech wasn't named after me. But a team with the entire cast of Family Ties as it's Mascot would be really cool.


Fairfax: You took out "Ooh ooh ooh" Horshack on Fox's Celebrity Boxing; how would you do against the mascot Screech in a similar competition? What about if his claws weren't covered with boxing gloves, would that make a difference?

Dustin Diamond: I could never duke it out with an icon of such stature. You watch, that bird of prey will be around for a while. Totally hope the team NEVER loses EVER. Then it would be the most lucky and successful mascot in history.


Los Angeles, Calif.: Hey buddy. This is Mark Paul Gosselar. Don't be fooled by my seeming inability to spell my own name. Is there anything you always wanted to tell me but never had the chance? This would be a great format for it.

Dustin Diamond: no way bro


washington, dc: greetings! it's pretty obvious that naming the nationals' mascot "screech" really struck a chord with a certain age group...all of which are probably involved in this chat. around what ages do people not recognize you and your character...both younger and older.

Dustin Diamond: I have no clue. I've seen toddlers who know me and the same with 100+ 'ers


Anonymous: Dustin, your band Salty the Pocketknife (you guys rock by the way!!) is quite a different animal from your days as Screech. What influences do you bring into your music and what is your message to the youth that listen to your interesting brand of music?

Dustin Diamond: I am a huge music lover. I've been involved with music for 23+ years now. Learned classical guitar at 5 (forming g-d-c to playing Beatles tunes and picking out songs at 11 like classical gas, romanza sure how to spell it)

in '94 I bought my first bass. I like odd time signatures.

Mr. Bungle - Frank Zappa - Vinnie Colaiuta - Jaco Pastorius - and so on are influences. Salty is about originality and insanity. Certainly not everyone's cup o' tea.


Washington, D.C.: Were you invited to the hatching? And is there any chance you could throw a first ball to Screech before a game?

Dustin Diamond: I'd love to be hatched.


Bethesda, Md.: Hey there Dustin! I just broke my leg and have a dance contest this weekend. Please help me!

Dustin Diamond: Buy the DVD, you'll be set!


Washington, DC: Hi Dustin! First we want to tell you how excited we are to get to talk to you! We are in our late 20s and are seriously still obsessed with every single episode of SBTB (except for the Tory season, we didn't really get into that one).

Okay, so here's our two-part question:

Part 1-Do you feel a sense of camaraderie with the man inside Screech the Eagle because of Screech's stint as the Bayside Tiger?

Part 2- Could the Bayside Tiger take Screech the Eagle in a fight?

Thanks so much!!

Jenny and Elizabeth


What happened to Kevin, Screech's robot?

Dustin Diamond: You girls are wacky.


New York, N.Y.: Dustin, if the Nationals ever unveil a female mascot, will it be named Lisa Turtle or Violet Bickerstaff?

Dustin Diamond: Violisa Bickturtlestaffer


Chevy Chase, Md.: Do you have any reason to believe that the new Nationals mascot is named after you, or is it just a coincidence?

Dustin Diamond: coin. Now if it were named the Screech Powers I'd be curious.


Glover Park, Washington, D.C.: Hi Dustin! (Is your real name Dustin Diamond, if so that's pretty cool). I was so excited to see you're doing Live Online today. My first reaction to the mascot name was that it was the same as Screech on SBTB. Since you will always be the original Screech, did anyone from the Nationals consult with you before naming the mascot?

Dustin Diamond: Yes it is my real name.

No they did not.


Washington, D.C.: My son Patrick, age 2, says, "Screech, give baseball man back his bat. Give him back his hat."

I believe this is directed toward the mascot and not Dustin Diamond.

Dustin Diamond: No. I'm keeping both the bat and the hat.

I would not keep them in a box

I would not keep them in some socks

I will not give the man his hat

Nor his bat and that is that.


Bird's Eye View: I heard that the Oriole's Mascot, a.k.a, "The Bird" said he would pluck the tailfeathers of Screech if he ever saw him in an interleague game. Is that true?

Dustin Diamond: Time will tell.


Arlington, VA: Who would win in a tag team fight: Screech Powers and Screech the Mascot vs. AC Slater and Needick from Valley?

Dustin Diamond: We would win of course. I would bite and Screech would use his peck... nevermind.


DC: Was anyone ever actually saved by the bell? If so, was it literal, or more of a religious figure of speech?

Dustin Diamond: Religious? I believe the term comes from boxing. Then again what do I know? I know my arms aren't long enough to box with God.


Washington, D.C.: If you were an eagle, what would you want your name to be?

Dustin Diamond: Mr. Balding.

No wait... Screech rules


Washington, D.C. : So how about a tell-all book from the SBTB years? I bet you would be a bestseller.

Dustin Diamond: Already being written.


Glover Park, DC:

RFK stadium still needs a name, even for the field....

Why not DUSTIN DIAMOND? I say we go for it.

Dustin Diamond: How about the Nest?


Concerned: If Zack scored a 1500 on his SAT's, what did Screech score? Was he supposed to be a smart nerd or a dumb nerd? They made it pretty clear Zack and Screech did better than Jessie who was supposed to be the smartest one. What gives?

Dustin Diamond: The Writers did not score a 1500 as you can probably tell.


Nintendo, Japan: Konichiwa Screech-san!!!!!!!

I have made a Saved BY the Bell game for Nintendo based on the Super Nintendo engine! Woulds you be interested in such a thing so presented?

Dustin Diamond: Most certainly. I am a huge video game collector and I write games as well. Please send another question with contact info. I will contact you over the internet. I could then download it and maybe even pass it on to developers I know stateside. We'll talk. Sounds fun.


yo screech!: What happened to miss bliss?

Dustin Diamond: Livin La England Loca


John Stamos' Castle, California: Hey Dustin-

Have you heard anything about John Stamos' new show coming out? John Stamos was wondering what your opinion was of the premise. John Stamos thinks it's pretty good, but that's because it has John Stamos in it, and everything John Stamos touches turns to gold. What do you think?

Your friend, John Stamos

Dustin Diamond: Could I have the Olson Twins' number? Please? I'll sign an autographed John Stamos Photo for you?


Bayern, Deustchland: Hallo Mr. Screech!

I be a majors fann of yours from Germany!! MY English is not hot so, please be forgiving, I practice watching Saved By The Ringaling! Are you coming to Europes soon???

Thanks mauch!, Doog!

Dustin Diamond: Ich wurde lieben zu besuchen. Danke fur Ihre Unterstutzung. Mein Deutsch ist nicht auch nicht das groste.


Jersey City, N.J.: Toby McGuire did an excellent job on SNL as Screech on "Inside the Actors Studio". Have you ever been approached to be on either show?

Dustin Diamond: Not Yet. But I did see it and thought it was funny.


Danimal, Washington, D.C.: I heard a rumor. Is Bob Saget your father?

Dustin Diamond: You know where daddy is? Please tell him I miss him.


Kennedy Center: Can you make a cameo as the Nats' "Screech" someday? Now THAT would fill RFK...

Dustin Diamond: I'll come up with something.


Burbank, Calif.: Did anyone from the SBTB cast get fat?

Dustin Diamond: In Hollywood EGO tends to be the fattest thing.


Secaucus, NJ: Hey, you stole this from Mitch Hedberg! God rest his soul...

"Dustin Diamond: When I shoot pool and I make a great shot, I act like meant to do it."

Dustin Diamond: Mitch was a great comic, indeed. But alas this is what's known in the biz as a 'Street Joke' or Stock. Mitch was a pioneer and he will be missed but I heard that OBSERVATION (not really a joke) when I was young


Underused, DC: Would SBTB been more or less successful if they had cast an 8 foot tall baby eagle instead of you?

Dustin Diamond: Way more successful.


Rockville, Md.: I find the need to watch Save by the Bell every morning before going to work in the morning. I won't let my wife change the channel until I see Kelly. What should I do about this??

Dustin Diamond: Get Broadband.


Todd, Washington, D.C.: Back in the day you were the geeky guy and Mario Lopez was the stud athlete. Now that Lopez is hosting the male equivalent of "The View," do you feel redeemed?

Dustin Diamond: Acting is just that, acting. Pretending. The catch is, a lot of these Hollywood star types are doing they're best acting off stage. I pretend to be dorky on screen for a job. They pretend to be strong and confident to get through the day.


Tenleytown, Washington, D.C.: You've starred in sitcoms and movies, you are a professional chess player, you are a musician, and you are a great stand-up comedian. You must be pretty busy. Do you have anytime for romance?

Dustin Diamond: My lady and I work very closely. The key to a good relationship when you're in this business is having someone who can be with you on the road.


Bethesda, Md.: Screech, how did you get so good at chess? Did Mark dress up as Russians so he could throw the match? Mike Kearns looks like you.

Dustin Diamond: They wrote chess into the show because they knew I was a good player and figured it would be a geeky thing for Screech to do as well. There are a host of strange chess guys out there indeed. I enjoy the game but don't obsess over it. It is as close to perfection as you can get. No luck. No randomness. You can't cheat. Perfect.


Philadelphia, PA: Now we all know the moon is not made of green cheese. But would you eat it if it were made of barbeque spare ribs?

Dustin Diamond: Pizza.


Chantilly, VA: Do you think now you have the opportunity to wrestle as Dustin "The Eagle" Diamond? Would you please?

Dustin Diamond: I have always enjoyed wrestling but the internet comes up with some weird things. For instance, on IMDB it says I portrayed myself at Wrestlemania 2000 (16). I wasn't working. I was in the audience to watch Mick Foley rock the house. Mick and I are friends and wrestling was at it's best during his reign.


Silver Spring, MD: have you played chess with Wu Tang? Who's the best at chess, RZA, GZA, Meth.....

Dustin Diamond: Not yet but would love too.


Southbridge, MA: Who would win a fight in the prime of their geekiness, Screech or Steve Erkil?

Dustin Diamond: Jaleel is a great guy but the world will have to speculate for a while longer.


Birmingham, AL: Dustin,

Thanks for being on today. Would you mind telling us where in the world you got some of the crazy outfits that Screech used to wear? Did you find them yourself or did wardrobe make you wear them?

Dustin Diamond: Wardrobe is responsible for all of the wackyness. I have no clue where they got those things from. Showbiz weird.



I tried to answer them all and I hope you have enjoyed. Be sure to visit my web site coming back up soon...

and be sure to "Trust The Dust"


Alexandria, VA: Just curious. Where are you writing these answers from? The palatial Diamond estate on an LA hillside? The back of a tour bus? A Kinkos in some backwater town waiting for a show to start? Mr. Belding's office? The Oval Office?

Give us a little insight into Dustin's daily life.

Dustin Diamond: I'm writing this from the secret lair of the Washington Screech...

The Screechcave


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