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Star Wars: Boba Fett

Jeremy Bulloch
Boba Fett unmasked: Actor Jeremy Bulloch.
Jeremy Bulloch
Actor, Boba Fett
Tuesday, May 17, 2005; 4:00 PM

Boba Fett may well be one of the most reviled characters in the Star Wars galaxy. In "The Empire Strikes Back," Fett, a bounty hunter, tracked freedom fighter Han Solo and handed him over to Darth Vader, who froze him in a solid block of carbonite.

Now, the man behind the costume speaks. Actor Jeremy Bulloch , a prolific actor long before he was cast as Boba Fett, will be online Tuesday, May 17, at 4 p.m. ET to discuss Star Wars and his experience in making "The Empire Strikes Back, "Return of the Jedi" and "Revenge of the Sith" -- in which he is cast as "Captain Colton." But wait -- who is Captain Colton? Let's ask!

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Charlottesville, Va.: Jeremy,

Thanks for chatting with us. Did you ever give Temuera Morrison any advice on portraying Jango Fett based on your experience playing Boba?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi There <br/>No I didn't give Tem any advice but it was great meeting up with him recently


Falls Church, Va.: To what do you attribute the massive popularity of a character who has a grand total of four lines of dialogue in one film and a scream in the other?

Jeremy Bulloch: The popularity can only come from the great costume that Boba wore and the way he can answer Darth Vader back


Richmond, Va.: It's an honor to be able to write you.

I enjoyed your character in TESB; however, was disappointed at so-so death of Boba Fett in ROTJ. I had wanted Boba Fett to go out in a tooth and nail battle!

Any feedback? And by the way... you still had the coolest costume in all of Star Wars.

Jeremy Bulloch: I too was very upset by Boba's early demise in ROTJ.But think of how Boba is having a good time in the Sarlaac pit<br/>Thanks for the question


Arlington, Va.: Did you feel constrained as an actor by having to wear a mask? Were there any techniques that you used to compensate for the lack of facial expressions in your scenes?

Jeremy Bulloch: I didn't feel restrained as the costume was very cool.I used the costume to portray the characters menace.It was great fun and I was very lucky to get the part


Washington, D.C.: I'm fascinated by what it must be like to be part of a cultural phenomenon like "Star Wars." Do you own any Boba Fett action figures? Do you appear at conventions? Are you able to find personally-rewarding acting work outside of the "Star Wars" movies?

Jeremy Bulloch: I love the toys of Boba Fett and have quite a collection and i have attended many conventions.I have been an actor for 47 years and have done a lot of work apart from Star Wars.Thanks for the question.


McLean, Va.: I think part of Boba Fett's appeal is that he's one of the few characters who has the respect of Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt. Why do you think Boba Fett is such a popular character with such a small role?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi There<br/>You have answered your own question in that although the part of Boba Fett was small he has an enormous amount of respect from the likes of Darth Vader and Jabba


Alexandria, Va.: First, let me say that I'm honored to be speaking to a galactic badass such as you. Now to my question: Contrary to popular belief, Boba Fett doesn't actually die when he falls into the Sarlacc's mouth in ROTJ. He was slowly digested and driven partially insane by the Sarlacc before escaping. If some of the later stories were made into movies or even short films, would you be interested in reprising your role as Boba?

Jeremy Bulloch: If I was asked to reprise the role of Boba of course I would say yes as I felt that I had not really got into the part.It would be wonderful to put the outfit on again and kick some ass


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Oakland, Calif.: You are hands down my favorite SW character. However, I understand that John Fass Morton actually has Boba's best line in the series, "He's no good to me dead." Apparently another acting job took you away from the set for awhile. What was the job and, more importantly, what were you thinking?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi there<br/>i was working in the theatre as well as filming during the day so John Morton stood in for me in the scene." he's no good to me Dead" was such a good line wasn't it.<br/>Good question Thanks


Philadelphia, Pa.: How did you get the part of Boba Fett? Was it an audition, or were you approached to play the role, or how did it come about?

Jeremy Bulloch: I got the part by pure luck.My half brother was associate producer on the films and told me to talk to my agent about interviews taking place to cast bounty hunters.I went to meet Gary Kurtz and I was lucky that the suit fitted.It was as simple as that


Maryland: What other roles have you had? How do they compare to Boba Fett?

Jeremy Bulloch: I have had many roles over the last 47 years and some of them were very meaty especially the theatre roles.The more variety you do the better.In some ways nothing compares with Boba Fett but in pure acting the theatre parts I have had wre memorable


Gaithersburg, Md.: Does having Boba Fett on your resume attract additional attention from casting managers?

Jeremy Bulloch: In London where I live casting directors take no notice of my involvement in Star Wars. They look to you knowing you are either right or wrong for a part


Washington, D.C.: As a clone, can Boba Fett have offspring? Or is this the end of the Fett line?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi there<br/>Good question.Yes Boba can have offspring as he is a super clone therefore he grows naturally and he is virtually a human being


Arlington, Va.: So do you ever get to wear the costume out, say on Halloween, or does Mr. Lucas keep them under lock and key?

Jeremy Bulloch: I wore the costume last year for "Make a Wish foundation"to raise money.It was fun to get back in the costume but I don't think I will ever wear it for Halloween.The original costume is under lock and key I think


Columbia, S.C.: Mr. Bulloch,

As an actor, did you feel constrained by the somewhat limited presence of your character in the films? Also, how difficult was it to add your own perspective on such a character?

Boba Fett is singlehandedly responsible for my steady interest in "Star Wars" over the years.



Jeremy Bulloch: Hello Ben<br/>However short my time was playing Boba I always felt that he would become and important part of the Star Wars saga.I don't know why and I still don't know why.It was fun experimenting with the part of Boba and I would have loved to have done more in the films


Birmingham, Ala.: Do you have the original Boba Fett armor? What was the most memorable moment of the Star Wars movies? Was there a change from the original script to what viewers see in the movies?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi there <br/>No I don't have the outfit of Boba,I wish I did.<br/>The most memorable moment in the saga was my first day on the set.I was excited and quite nervous.I never ever saw a script and just took direction on each of the days


Anonymous: Boba, how was it working with Irvin Kershner? I understand that Harrison Ford's line of "I know" in reply to Princess Leia was Harrison's idea.

Jeremy Bulloch: Irvin was great to work with and was a great director.I think Harrison was resposible for the imortal line " I know " but I can't prove it


Alexandria, Va.: Hi Jeremy! First a reminiscence -- I remember when I was a kid that Cheerios cereal had a promotion where you could receive a Boba Fett figure by mail by sending in box tops, BEFORE TESB even came out! We were pretty excited about that. Boba Fett is also one of the coolest "Star Wars" character names EVER!

What other roles have you played that you have enjoyed? I'm glad that you seem to really enjoy having played Boba Fett and the excitement from fans about the character -- are you ever frustrated that people focus on "Star Wars" too much to the detriment of other parts of your career? Any stories about fans that were a little "over the top" about the whole thing?

Thanks! Mark L.

Jeremy Bulloch: I wish I had also got my Boba Fett figure from a ceareal box<br/>I have played many roles over the last 47 years and most of the stage roles have been my favourite. I have never complained that people know me more as Boba than any other part I have done.I am very proud to have been part of History.<br/>Fans have never gone over the top....Yet !!


Columbus, Ga.: Hi Mr Bulloch, At the time of the filming of ROTJ did George Lucas lead into the the eventual filming of these last three pictures? If he did, what was your perspective as you recollect it now?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi there<br/>When I was filming ROTJ I had no idea if George would be doing any other films.When the first 3 movies were finished<br/>Everyone thought that would be it but I am glad that the sequels were done.It is an end of an era but not the end os the Force!!


Mountain Brook, Ala.: I'm honored to be speaking with you.

There is tons of Boba Fett fan-fiction out there. How much (if any) of it have you read? Have you memorized all the minute trivia on the character that you immortalized? Finally, if you could tell all the Fett-geeks out there one thing, what would it be?


Jeremy Bulloch: Hi Justin<br/>It is an honour to be talking to you as well.I have read quite a bit of the fiction and my message to all the fans out there is to always remain cool amd think before you speak


Alexandria, Va.: Mr. Bulloch - Mark Austin portrayed Boba in the original movie, and I understand you only took film direction and didn't work from a script. However, did you ever try to insert your own special interpretation of the character, or ask for additional lines? Also given the awesome success of that first film, what was the cast like to work with during the second movie? Did everyone know it would also be a huge success?

Jeremy Bulloch: Hi There<br/>Mark Austin was not in the original movie but he got in the costume for extra scenes in the special addition.you are right that I didn't work from a scripti never asked for extra lines as Boba is stronger saying very little.It was a great shock that the films were such a success


Washington, D.C.: What does Boba Fett do when he's got to go the little mercenaries' room? That seems like a lot of armor to deal with. Did SLAVE I have a potty on board and what did Mr. Fett do when he had to go and was the only one driving the spaceship?

Just curious, as that would be the single greatest setback to wearing such an ace-kickin' outfit.

Jeremy Bulloch: Boba is so cool that going to the little boys room would be no problem.Slave 1 has all the most modern bath rooms you could want


Silver Spring, Md.: OK ... I'll bite. Who is Captain Colton and does he relate to Boba Fett?

Jeremy Bulloch: captain Colton is an experienced pilot flying the Tantive 4 and as yet I don't know if he relates to Boba


Washington, D.C.: This is more of a comment but I think that the "Fett" family will probably (if there are more movies or books) go through a big amount of pain. I think this because you know Jango died and his son Boba saw it and then Boba gets eaten by a worm thing. I think they all lived out their lives to then fullest what with being bounty hunters like Boba or creating the clone wars like Jango (the clones also the storm troopers are Jango's clones).

Jeremy Bulloch: i agree with you in that the Fetts will go through a lot of pain and who can tell how Boba will turn out.Is he really that cool?


Falls Church, Va.: I recall in one of the questions answered you said Boba Fett had respect of Vader and Jabba. Did Boba Fett know that Vader was a former Jedi name Anakin who was there when his father was killed in the arena?

Jeremy Bulloch: Good question<br/>I think Boba is more intelligent than people think.He is well aware of who Vader is


Arlington, Va.: Hello Mr. Bulloch and thank you taking time to answer our questions.

Someone mentioned reprising the role of Boba Fett...

Did you have such an opportunity for the special edition releases of "A New Hope" and "Return of the Jedi?" I remember seeing you(?) walking past the camera just after Han "met" with "Jabba" in the new footage of ANH. Also in ROTJ you're seen flirting(?) with the alien ladies.

Did you reprise the role there or was that just old footage from the ESB and ROTJ shoots?

Jeremy Bulloch: In the special edition it was a sudden thought to have Boba in the extra scenes.I was not asked to come back purely because I was not in the area at the time.It would have meant calling me to see if i was free and then flying over to L.A to shoot the scene.This could have taken days


Washington, D.C. : I never understood the cult of Boba Fett. In the case of Boba and his dad Jengo, both guys died less than heroic deaths. In the case of Jengo, Mace Windu doesnt even look like he broke a sweat, and in the case of Boba, he got swallowed up by the sarlac after getting schooled all too easily by Luke Skywalker.

So what is the appeal? Is it the cool looking armor? Because it can't be Boba's aim, piloting or spaceship combat skills...

The deaths of both Fetts have helped coin a new phrase: "Going out Jengo Style" means to go out without any sort of dignity or to get so dissed by someone that you have no response.

Any thoughts on the Fett phenomenon?

Jeremy Bulloch: I have never understood the popularity of Boba but reading certain books Boba is a very good pilot and mechanic as well as a cunning adversary.He is still alive in the Sarlaac Pit and is just waiting to get out with the help of friends


Mountain Brook, Ala.: "Jeremy Bulloch: Is he really that cool?"

Yes, he is that cool. Partially because of all the pain he has to deal with, he appears solid and aloof throughout it all. While some may interpret his attitude as cold, or cruel, I choose to believe that he is merely emotionless. This lack of emotion derives not from excessive hate, but rather from an attempt to cope with a painful life. You are one of the most definitive interpreters of Boba's character. What is your opinion on the matter?

Is there anything Boba Fett would not do for money?

Jeremy Bulloch: I think Boba is still very cool even though he is rotting in the Sarlaac pit.He is very cold in his nature but the only thing he would be against and not do for money is anything to do with the harming women,children and animals


washingtonpost.com: Mr. Bulloch had to depart, but he says thanks to everyone for all of their questions.


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