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Count Gore De Vol, former host of WDCA's
Count Gore De Vol, former host of WDCA's "Creature Feature," vamps for the camera. (Courtesy of Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore De Vol
Former Host of Channel 20's 'Creature Feature'
Friday, September 16, 2005; 12:00 PM

If you watched "Creature Feature," a horror movie showcase that aired on Washington's WDCA-TV (Channel 20) in the 1970s and '80s, then you already know Count Gore De Vol.

Count Gore hosted the late-night program, which featured scary flicks and sci-fi classics every Saturday at midnight. When the Count -- also known as Dick Dyszel -- wasn't introducing frightening works of cinema, he also played the role of Captain 20, host of such local children's programs as "Kids' Break" and "W.O.W.!"

The Count has returned to Washington, D.C. and will host a screening of "Young Frankenstein" on Sept. 17 at Landmark's E Street Cinema. The event is part of a four-week midnight movie series at E Street, where local celebrities introduce cult films.

The Count/Captain 20/Dyszel was online Friday, Sept. 16 at noon ET to discuss horror movies and his long career in local broadcasting.

A transcript follows.


Count Gore De Vol: Greetings! Thank you all for coming and I'll try and get to all the questions!


Bowie, Md.: I am SOOO glad you are in great spirits, Count. I appeared on one of your other shows, "Bozo's Circus" and almost completed the Bucket Bonanza! You stacked all my prizes in my arms and I almost dropped all of them on local TV! This was a wonderful moment in my life!

My question is: do you think we will ever get back to the type of local programming you were famous for? Continued best wishes to you!

Count Gore De Vol: I really don't see a comeback for local entertainment or educational programing. There's no economic incentive for the stations.


Germantown, Md.: Are there any plans for "Creature Feature" to come back to television with Count Gore De Vol? I would love that!!

Signed, Mina

Count Gore De Vol: No plans for TV but visit me at


Arlington, Va.: Can you discuss the impact of the first broadcast of George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead"?

Count Gore De Vol: It made for great press and a wonderful feeling!


Fairfax, Va.: I was in high school in the mid to late 1970s and enjoyed your warm-up acts on "Creature Feature" prior to the movie. Do you still live in the D.C. Area? What are you doing these days? Do you anticipate a Count Gore De Vol comeback on Ch. 20 or another D.C. station?

Count Gore De Vol: As I mentioned I am back in the DC area, but doubt that Captain 20 will be returning to the air. Frankly, with the success of my weekly Web program, I have little incentive (except money) to go back on TV.


Annandale, Va.: Count: Where have you been? When are you coming back to Washington where you belong? We miss you!

Count Gore De Vol: I was in Chicago for the last 10 years and I'M BACK! I'll be at the Landmark E St. Theater for a midnight showing of "Young Frankenstein" Saturday at midnight. Come on by ... for a bite!


Alexandria, Va.: A lot of those "scary" movies from the '50s, '60s and '70s look pretty tame today. As viewers get acclimated to today's edgier movies and more realistic special effects, what will it take to scare people out of their wits?

Count Gore De Vol: Actually that's the reason there are remakes. They brng the story up to date. However, I firmly believe that a good, creepy, well-told story and not special effects bring on the best scares.


Tampa, Fla.: I grew up in Fairfax, Va., and my brother was on your show once when you were Captain 20. I am also a huge horror movie fan. There is a movie that I saw on TV once in the 70's or early 80's that scared the bejeezus out of me, and I can't remember what it was called or who starred in it. All I remember is that there was a woman alone in a house and she kept seeing these creepy little people/monsters out of the corner of her eye and they kept whispering her name, "Sarah, Sarah" ... ring any bells?

Count Gore De Vol: Sorry, there are just too many movies like that running through my feeble brain. But it might have been "The Uninvited."


Washington, D.C.: If you were just finishing school and wanted to get into broadcasting, what kind of job would you be looking for today? Is television such a wasteland that a career in new media, like podcasting or webcasting, is a better choice?

Count Gore De Vol: I would take anything I could get...just to get in the door. Work your butt off and volunteer for everything. Don't ignore broadcast...that's where the money is, but keep your eyes on alternative media.


Arlington, Va.: There's a lot of concern today about the quality of children's TV programming, but it's not like the "Banana Splits" and "Ultra Man" (my personal favorite) were terribly enriching. Is it really worse today than when you were programming kids shows? And are there children's shows now you'd recommend?

Count Gore De Vol: To be honest, I haven't watched any children's programs in years! But I will say the ones that I produced worked hard at keeping the content at a high level.


Gambrills, Md.: Dearest Count,

My sister and I still laugh about how as a kid in the '70s, I would tune in every Saturday. As soon as you would raise up out of the coffin, my sister would start a meltdown to the point that my mother would make me go across the street to the neighbors' house to watch...

Count Gore De Vol: That's great...that you were so creative in getting out of the house. Thanks for watching and sharing.


Fairfax, Va.: This is a question for the Count's friend Captain 20. First, one of my fondest childhood memories is being invited to participate in the Channel 20 Club Show when I was 10 years old. It was clear that the Captain loved kids, and we kids loved him back.

It seemed like Captain 20 and the Count both wore a lot of hats at Channel 20 in those days. Was this drudgery, or was it exhilerating to be able to play so many roles? And is there anywhere left in the broadcast business that allows for the kind of experimentation and creativity that independent broadcasters had in the '70s?

Count Gore De Vol: Counting all the character voices I did, I portrayed almost 20 characters, but Capt. 20, Bozo and Gore were the most remembered. It was a golden age. It was also the last age of local entertainment production. It was exhausting most of the time but I had a lot of help from an incredible staff at WDCA. Yes, there were rough spots, but you forget those quickly. The only place you can get this experience today may be at the local cable access  channels or in live theater....which I am breaking into.


Chantilly, Va.: Hey Count!

Loved your shows -- what memories. Always wish I'd entered a gerbil race. Question: Was it your show that had a strange singing face that looked like a potato? I presume it was painted on someone's belly. Is that right? What was it saying/singing? Whose idea?

Count Gore De Vol: Sorry, I know what you're talking about, but it wasn't any show I was involved with. I never had the abs!


Chantilly, Va.: Not really a question or comment, but more of a "Thanks!" to my afternoon babysitter when I was growing up. I recall fondly the many Captain 20 clips interspersed between "Speed Racer," Syd and Marty Kroft shows, "Land of the Lost," etc., that appeared on 20.

I also recall those occasional nights when my folks were out and we stayed up late to catch "Creature Feature." You were da' M-A-N!

Count Gore De Vol: Gee, thanks! It's comments like this that make it all worthwhile.


Rockville, Md.: Captain -- Just FYI, I'm 32 years old now and I still find myself saying the phrases "Numbers ... Nick Numbers" and "Blymie! It's an Irish Lymie!" and "BEWARE OF THE GABOON VIPER".

What ever happened to the Chef Combination puppet? Do you have it or did it stay with the network?

Count Gore De Vol: I still have Chef Combo, although he is still used by the National Dairy Association in the classroom.


Washington, D.C.: Hey, Count/Captain! Which of your gigs at Channel 20 did you prefer: Hosting "Creature Feature" or working on the kids' shows? Was one more rewarding than the other?

Count Gore De Vol: They were both their own way. I mean, I had had the opportunity and responsibility to impart information to a generation of children and working with kids is an extremely creative process. But it's also fun doing strange things with adults on Saturday night!


Washington, D.C.: Have you ever met Gore Vidal, and if so, what did you talk about?

Count Gore De Vol: No, I never met the man, but I understand he was not thrilled with the name similarity.


Fairfax, Va.: Welcome back to D.C., Count Gore! I was a fan of your TV show back in the '70s, and now I'm a fan of your "Creature Feature" Web program! It's wonderful! It's great to see you hosting those great old horror movies online, and you have so many entertaining features on your site, even podcasts, wow! It's a blast! I can't wait to attend your midnight movie in D.C. tomorrow night.

Here's my question: As you stalk the streets of the DC Metro area once again, what have you found changed about the area?

Rock on, Count!

Count Gore De Vol: Actually I've found very little change....just a hell of a lot more traffic! Oh yes, prices are higher, too...but you know that. The blood is still very warm!


Fairfax, Va.: Who came up with the idea for the character of Count Gore De Vol?

Count Gore De Vol: I did. I came to DC with the character under a different name. I talked the station into letting me host horror movies but they wanted a different name. I grabbed one off the top of my head and the rest is history.


Fairfax, Va.: Did you ever get the characters of Count Gore and Captain 20 mixed up while taping?

Count Gore De Vol: But I once did get Bozo and Gore mixed up, but it was during rehearsal.


Fairfax, Va.: Long time no see. I watched your program during my younger days to amuse myself from getting into trouble. What do you do nowadays?

Count Gore De Vol: I just moved back to the area, so I'm job hunting. I hope to get back into commercial air talent. I also have a mobile DJ service doing wedding receptions ( I also do "Creature Feature," the weekly web program at


Annandale, Va.: Count!

Welcome back to D.C. I well remember as a teen watching the midnight movies. Fangs for the memories!

Count Gore De Vol: You are so very welcome!


Springfield, Va.: Why the hell didn't you mention that gorgeous lady behind the scenes who directed all those shows for you?

Hey Dick - this is great! Talk to you soon, Diane That Gorgeous Former Channel 20 Director/Editor

Count Gore De Vol: Oh, that gorgeous director. I had so many. Thanks Diane for the warm welcome. I've also run into a host of former Channel 20 folk and it's been nothing but warm feelings around.


Washington, D.C.: I grew up in the '60s and '70s and watched "Creature Feature" on Saturdays. What was your most memorable moment on the show?

Count Gore De Vol: The visits from the Penthouse Magazine Pets! They were really....pretty.


Warm blood: Have horror movies gone downhill over the last few years? I rarely see anything that inspires me to go to the movies anymore. Hockey masks are lame.

Count Gore De Vol: If you pick and choose you can find some. I really liked "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and "The Skeleton Key." You'll love "Young Frankenstein" Saturday night at the Landmark E St. Theater and I'll be there.


Alexandria, Va.: I grew up with you every day, Captain 20, and The Count on Fri. Did you also perform as Bozo?

Count Gore De Vol: Yes, Bozo is what brought me to DC.


Maryland: I always mistake you for Count Floyd, why is that?

Count Gore De Vol: Some people say he based his character on mine. I really don't know, but the resemblance in flattering.


Fairfax Station, Va.: Were you influenced by others in your genre, e.g., Ernie Anderson ("Ghoulardi") and Vampira?

Count Gore De Vol: The biggest influence was Marvin, the host of "Shock Theater" in Chicago where I grew up. Of course I did not turn out to be a beatnik host.


Upper D.C.: Should Mothra be raised from the dead?

Count Gore De Vol: Hey why not? You can't keep a good monster down!


Olney, Md.: Why don't they make up titles like "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies" anymore?

Count Gore De Vol: Probably because they are too big to fit on today's small marquees.


Marriottsville, Md.: Count: First I want to thank you for all the great memories of your great shows including the "Star Trek" guy. I even have a plastic knife I recieved when I become a member of one of your clubs. What have you been doing? Any chance of your shows hitting the DVD market?

Ed Schultz

Count Gore De Vol: I have lots of DVDs out there! Please visit You'll find DVDs, tapes and T-shirts.


Arkham, Mass.: Horror movie hosts like yourself and Fritz the Nite Owl of Chiller Theater in Columbus, Ohio, and Sir Graves Ghastly in Detroit -- great site maintained by a fan: -- made television watching an event. I have many fond memories of the programs not just because I saw cheesy horror films, but because the hosts made it fun, made it special.

With stations losing ratings to ever increasing entertainment competition, shouldn't stations bring back programs like "Creature Feature?" Why don't station managers realize that to attract viewers they have to offer more than just a movie? They have to offer interesting and affable hosts.

Count Gore De Vol: Unfortunately, there's another side to the picture. The cost of local production. Take into account crew, sets, equipment and electricity and you find that it's a very expensive proposition.


Alexandria, Va: When I saw your photo introducing this discussion, a big smile crossed my face. I watched your show (couldn't tape it; no VCRs then) most weekends when, I apologize, I was just a kid.

Do you remember "The World Beyond," which appeared on channel 5 on Thursdays at 7:30pm? It showed a different scary movie every week and was my introduction to this genre. My parents were a little scared themselves, thinking these movies would do me harm (they had the same worries concerning The Three Stooges). Anyway, I watched films like "The Haunting," "It!" "The Terror From Beyond Space," and "Invisible Invaders," and became hooked. Then came your show. Then VHS and DVD. Horror & Sci-Fi make up a significant portion of my video collection.

It's really great to see and hear from you again.

Count Gore De Vol: Sorry, I never watched the competition, but thank you for your comments. They make those long, hectic nights worthwhile.


Olney, Md.: Boy, do I remember you and your show, which I watched religiously in the early '70s on Saturday mornings. My dad, who is 80-years-old often brings up your name. I remember you used to decorate someone's chin and flip the camera upside down and lip synch to the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Thanks for the memories. -- Jon

Count Gore De Vol: O, memories! You are welcome and say hi to your dad for me.


Centreville, Va.: Count -- The movie "Fright Night" features Roddy McDowell as a late-night scary movie host who must face a real vampire. Have you ever encountered something that went bump in the night?

Count Gore De Vol: I love that movie! Unfortunately, in spite of my extreme desire to experience the supernatural, I never have...but I still have plenty of time left to try.


Washington, D.C.: Dearest Count,

My fondest memories of my childhood are of sitting with my father and watching "Creature Feature" on Saturday afternoons ... When I grew up, I knew I had to marry a guy that liked "B" horror movies as much as I do. Took a while, but I found one!

Thank you for bringing such great memories back! I miss you and your show. Hope to see you at the movies.

Count Gore De Vol: You are welcome and I'm glad you found that guy. Bring him to the E St. Theater Saturday night and introduce yourselves.


Bethesda, Md.: Captain 20,

Like most kids that grew up in the D.C. area in the '70s, you were an integral part of my weekday afternoons -- nd for that, I want to thank you.

Any chance you'll be screening "The Alien Factor?" That has got to be one of the best B films of all time. How did you get involved with that film and where can I get a copy?

Count Gore De Vol: The only films I can show are public domain and "Alien Factor" is not PD. However, it was released on DVD a couple of years back and I'm sure you can find a copy on either Amazon or Ebay. I got involved by having the director Don Dohler and some of the cast on my show....and then complaining I had never been in a movie!


Silver Spring, Md. When are you making "Alien Factor 2"?


Count Gore De Vol: Funny you should ask. While not a sequel, the film Crawler is in post production with a similar story and many of the original cast....including the mayor! It should be out in 2006


Washington, D.C.: Thanks. Being over 40 I was a huge fan of your show every Saturday night as a kid. Some of Roger Corman's movies ("Humanoids from the Deep") pay offensive homage to 1950s monster movies and go to great lengths to show the sex and violence in what earlier films in this genre had only implied. A guilty pleasure for some horror fans. What's your view on these types of films? Should a horror film be an epic like, "The Shining"? Are today's horror films geared too much toward the teen audience?

Count Gore De Vol: Remember when you were a teen? Those films were aimed at you! So it goes with every generation. Yes there are classics, but all are fair game to be remade. Not to make them better but to make them more relevent to today's teens.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Count: First off, you were the best. Second, a question: What was your working relationship with your camera crew and others on the set? I thought you guys had a great time horsing around, but I wasn't really sure.

Count Gore De Vol: We were so, just kidding. I loved all my crew and I hope they felt the same for me. We had a blast doing CF. Heck, many times I had no idea what I was going to do and it was my crew that inspired me ... on the set. The person I always felt sorry for was my director (still there Diane!) They never knew what I was going to do next and I had a bad habit of directing from the floor.


Gaithersburg, Md.: Grew up with you in the 1970s and loved your show. Fangs for the memories!


Count Gore De Vol: You are welcome and thanks for stopping by.


Leesburg, Va.: On your "Creature Feature" show, you aired a tribute to Hugh Marlow to the movie theme of "Ghostbusters." Is there any way to get a copy of that video?

Count Gore De Vol: Yes, it's on one of the "Legacy" DVDs. I just right now can't remember which one. Email me from my site and I'll let you know.


Washington, D.C.: Oh my God! I'M NOT WORTHY! I'M NOT WORTHY! You are the King! Welcome back!

Count Gore De Vol: Oh my. What have I wrought! It's good to be back. Drop by Saturday night at the E. Street theater for "Young Frankenstein" and we can chat.


Arlington, Va.: I can't remember a single movie I saw on "Creature Feature," but I remember you vividly.

When people ask what has been lost with a few conglomerates controlling most of the media outlets, one answer would have to be the loss of personalities like you.

Count Gore De Vol: That's true. It's a shame but it's true. That's why I went to the Internetseven years ago and why I love having my show there.


Johnn Dollar, Baltimore, Md.: Do you find the nostalgia from your fans such as myself (age 34) heartwarming, a bit over the top or both?

Count Gore De Vol: NEVER over the top. It really is heart warming and I embrace my character and my fate.


Arlington, Va.: Did Joe Flaherty ever contact you in coming up with his great "Count Floyd" character from SCTV?

Count Gore De Vol: No, he never did, but I am flattered by his Count.


Ashburn, Va.: It's great to see you back in D.C., and it brings back lots of great memories from my childhood. I did want to answer the question from Tampa, Fla. The movie is "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."

Count Gore De Vol: Yes, that's it. Thank you! I can always 'count' on my fans!


Rockville, Md.: Are you planning any other appearances after tomorrow's screening?

Count Gore De Vol: None are scheduled...yet. I will post any appearance on my web program.


Fairfax, Va.: What kind of content do you offer on your Web program?

Count Gore De Vol: Lots of content! Streaming hosted movies, contests, book, movie, DVD, and game reviews. Interviews with actors and writers. Essays and more. I have contributors from literally around the world. Stop by this week I'm showing "Children Should Play with Dead Things!"


Fairfax, Va.: One of the traditional events every time our huge family gets together is all the nieces and nephews gathering to watch the tape of one niece's appearance on your show. "Wow!" She's now 26 and married. Thanks for ALL of your great characters and shows.

Count Gore De Vol: It's a shame there is no opportunity, short of committing a crime, that allows folks to be on TV. Maybe some day.


Springfield Va.: What's shakin' Count?

I spent a lot of pre-teen evenings watching your schtick on "Creature Feature." Some of the skits you came up with were hilarious. My personal favorite was when you had a paper plate of what you claimed were human brains, and you used a styrofoam cup to communicate with the brain. Were these skits completely from your imagination or did you use a team of paid writers like Leno and Letterman???

Count Gore De Vol: Writers? What writers? No, everything was adlibbed or stolen.


Chevy Chase: Does anyone still have footage of the old mouse races and the "Herbie the Love Bug" giveaways? I lived for those moments every day and would love to see them again.

Count Gore De Vol: I don't think any of the contests exist, but I do have some of the old promo spots and I may put them on Captain 20 Web site My infamous flying spot is already there


Waldorf, Md.: Count,

There are so many great memories of your work on TV for me. Best one that I have was when I was in middle school, I got the call to participate in "WOW." I got so much hell at school from the kids who heard me mess it all up. Now I realize there is a delay on TV vs what you really see. BTW, I still have my Flippy Flyer consolation prize.

Best wishes! Chris

Count Gore De Vol: Oh, the flippy flyers! They were great! I just found mine during my move back to DC. Thanks for sharing that with us.


Springfield, Va.: I believe the upside down "I Want to Hold Your Hand" thing was Sir Graves Ghastly, he used to run on ch. 9 Saturday mornings in the early '70s.

I remember your film reviews! When "Dawn of the Dead" played in theaters, I went because of your review.

I had forgotten about the Playboy Pets! In today's climate a "kiddy host" would probably have trouble if he also had pets on late at night. Mr Rogers never hung out with centerfolds.

Count Gore De Vol: You may be right. I never argue with fans when it comes to memories. But I could and won't tell you a story about my friend Fred Rogers.


Laurel, Md.: Dear Count,

My brothers and I grew up watching you on Channel 20. Thanks for all the happy memories. For the longest time, I thought Gore Vidal stole his name from you!

Count Gore De Vol: Maybe he did! No, he's older than I am. And who said I stole his name? Remember I lived in Montgomery County and drove past the De Vol funeral home every day!


Chevy Chase, Md.: I still have my original Captain 20 Club Card but have not seen much activity in the fan club. Any chance we can revive that? I know it's odd some 30 years later, but once a club member, always a member.

Count Gore De Vol: If I ever do a personal appearance as the Captain maybe we can do something special for those who still have their club cards. I still have mine!


Leesburg, Va.: Count! Thanks!! I found the HUGH MARLOW video on your Web site! I only saw the video once and have longed to see it again everytime I see Hugh Marlow in a movie (especially "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Earth vs. The Flying Saucers.") Can't wait to see the video again.

Count Gore De Vol: Great. Remember that it was the promotions department staff who sang the chorus.


Columbia, Md.: Hi Count. Just wanted to let you know me and my sister's biggest thrill was getting to stay up late to watch your show on Channel 20 when we were growing up !! We are 41 and 42 now!!

Count Gore De Vol: Gosh, you grew up and I didn't get any older! Thanks


Laurel, Md.: To the person from Tampa, the movie you asked about, with the little creatures chasing the woman, was "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" with Kim Darby. One of my favorites!

Count Gore De Vol: Thanks for jogging my mind.


Fairfax, Va.: Do you offer a newsletter to keep all of us legions of fans up to date on your activities and appearances?

Count Gore De Vol: Yes, You'll find links to my news letter at Sign up, it's only once a week....when working properly


Count Gore De Vol: Anyone else? Come on, I'm ready. Don't be afraid of the mean old vampire.


Silver Spring, Md.: Count -- So good to have you back ... it has brought back lots of memories from growing up. I was on "WOW!" once-- good times. Any idea if Marshall, Willy, Holly, and Uncle Jack (he came searching) ever made it back from "Land of the Lost"? Thanks for everything.

Count Gore De Vol: I thing they made it back as far as "Gilligan's Island" ... after Gilligan left. By the way, I'm going to miss Bob Denver, but thanks to TV, he never will be gone.


Wheaton, Md. : Do you feel kinda like Bob Denver in that he was forever linked to Gilligan, but he was okay with it?

Count Gore De Vol: Hey, if you love what you do, why gripe about it? William Shatner and most of the "Star Trek" gang learned that the hard way. I am thrilled to be remembered by my characters. That's why I created the Web program. I love The Count!


Columbia, Md. (again): Gotta get back to work now! Thanks for making my lunch time fun!

Count Gore De Vol: Don't get indigestion! Thanks for stopping by.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Did Channel 20 have any idea that us local kids used to dive in the dumpster outide the big studio door and grab reels of footage? We had some fantastic classic shows and commercials. Wish I had kept them. And the extra or broken toys were a nice bonus for our dumpster diving. Thanks.

Count Gore De Vol: They had some idea, but except for the liability problems, I don't think they cared. I wish you had saved some of that stuff too.


Bethesda, Md.: What, in your opinion, was the worst film you ever screened on "Creature Feature"?

I know it's hard to label a film as lousy, but you must have a (least) favorite!

Count Gore De Vol: "The Giant Claw" The monster was a fake rubber chicken with a feather duster stuck up its......


Arlington, Va.: Are your escapades as recounted in the classic novel "Blood and Popcorn" by Perri Pagonis true, as far as you can recall? I'm thinking specifically of some special brownies that were consumed.

Count Gore De Vol: Most of what Perri wrote was very close to reality ... except fo the brownies. I hate chocolate and have never eaten any brownies of any sort. By the way, Perri is a semi regular contributor to the web program and I've had him over for dinner on one of his visits from Greece.


Johnny Dollar, Baltimore, Md.: (To Cap'n 20) Do you still have Howard Huge, Fruity Tootsy and all those characters?

Count Gore De Vol: Yes, I still have Howard and Chef Combo, but that's all. I may market "Kids' Break" DVDs in the future. Both old and new production.


Fairfax, Va.: Hey Count! Which movie that you showed on "Creature Feature" was your favorite? Was there one that you really hated? You made fun of all of them, and I loved that because it was kinda like hanging out with you.

Count Gore De Vol: Favorite: "Night of the Living Dead" and "Alien Factor." Least Favorite: "The Giant Claw."


Bethesda, Md.: Did you ever imagine -- even in your wildest dreams -- that Captain 20 and the Count would end up so popular, so widely known and appreciated?

Honestly, I think your characters are burned into the minds of tens of thousands of DC-raised adults.

Count Gore De Vol: When we were doing the shows, we tried hard to do our best and produce a quality product, but we never had time to think much beyond the next week's production. We really cranked them out. But I am truly grateful that it turned out the way it did. As you can see from the comments, we must have done something right


Dee Cee: Were you a Twilight Zone and Outer Limits fan?

Count Gore De Vol: I AM a huge Twilight Zone fan. One of my favorite programs (and most successful ratings-wise) was "Twilight Zone: The TV Special." I hosted (as Dick Dyszel) the three episodes that were remade into the movie and a personal favorite. Viacom raved about the concept as they sold the show for years.


Count Gore De Vol: By the way, I was just told that the tickets for tomorrow night's midnight showing of "Young Frankenstein" that I'm hosting at the Landmark E St. Theater are going briskly. They are available at I want you to be there!


Nashville, Tenn.: Were you also the voice of Spudnik, the Space Potato?

'You Earthlings Should Eat Vegetables...'

Count Gore De Vol: Nope, never did that one.


Elkridge, Md.: Hi Count.

A lot of wonderful memories came flooding back when I found you here. Thanks for all of them! I'll be sure to check out your Web site. What is your most memorable flub?

Count Gore De Vol: Flubs! What are flubs? Actually we aired everything except for one piece where the guest showed up topless. So, I guess there were no flubs. I loved all my mistakes!


Washington, D.C.: If you're in the Post building, go scare Gene Weingarten and movie critic Stephen Hunter. Please.

Count Gore De Vol: Sorry, I'm telecomputing from my Dungeon in Northern Virginia.


17th Street, Washington, D.C.: Just a personal memory: As a kid, I saw you more than a few times at that Roy Rogers restaurant near the station.

Next day, I would tell everyone at school. A HUGE thrill.

The Roys is a McDonalds now. They need a commemorative plaque in honor of the Count!

Count Gore De Vol: I ate more Trigger burgers than I can imagine at Roy's. Yes, there should be a plaque ... no wait, that's in my arteries!


Silver Spring, Md.: Oh my gosh, you are truly a blast from my past -- will they bring something like you back to non-paying television?

Count Gore De Vol: Not to TV, but to the Internet, which is still FREE!


Oakton, Va.: In response to Tampa, Fl.'s question concerning the scary movie about the little creatures: "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" -- it was a TV movie from 1973. It freaked me out as well, especially at the end where the female lead -- "Sally" -- is dragged by a rope into the heating duct of an old mansion (done off camera and therefore much more frightening!) to become a demonic little urchin herself.

It still gives me the shivers!

Count Gore De Vol: Cool, I'll have to watch it again!


Baltimore, Md.: My bf probably won't get a chance to post, but since he'll hopefully see this here, I figure I'll post for both of us ... I'm still a bit new to the area and too young to have seen your shows, but you should have heard him when he told me he found your site and all the memories it brought back. He was just so excited. We saw you at the Horrorfind Convention, and you look great! We'll see if we can make it down to the Landmark. Thanks!

Count Gore De Vol: Thank you....I feel great and look forward to seeing you Saturday night....but get your tickets today at


Richmond, Va.: Wait! How do I make an Irish Limey?

Count Gore De Vol: I can't remember! Oh NO!


Fairfax, Va.: I would like to hear your professional opinion of that famous art house film, "Mars Needs Women".

Count Gore De Vol: Well, whatever Mars needs...I need double! Seriously, it's a really bad movie.


Maryland : Do you ever have a reunion with other horror hosts and go to bars in character?

Count Gore De Vol: We get together at Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland on a semi regular basis, but we are all to busy trying to "one up" each other to go bar hopping.


Anonymous: Hey Captain, Welcome back to D.C.; it is sincerely good to have you back. I remember fondly the times my brother and I had watching you as Bozo and Captain 20 introducing all of the shows as well as the contests. Oh, if I could only get onto bucket bonanza! However, I did win one contest by sending in my postcard and I got four tickets for my family to go see Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus! We had a blast. Thanks for the memories and I'll try to check you out tomorrow, maybe with my kids!

Count Gore De Vol: See, there really were winners! Actually I can't count how many prizes I gave away!


Perri Pagonis dining: Over for dinner? In the Hannibal Lecter sense?

Count Gore De Vol: No, in the I'm a very good cook sense.


Carpathian Mountains: Read any good books lately?

TK Castle GDV

Count Gore De Vol: Actually, I rarely have time to read, Which is why I have horror author J.L. Comeau do all the book reviews and author interviews. She can I put it....a great TombKeeper!


Chevy Chase, Md.: May you live long and win many prizes!

Count Gore De Vol: And "May all your blood be warm!"


Washington, D.C.: Oh, how I loved staying up late to watch you! How long did it take to get into make-up and costume? Did you have help or did you do it yourself? You also inspired some great Halloween get-ups in the old neighborhood! Thanks for everything!

Count Gore De Vol: It takes about 30 minutes to get into costume and I do it all myself. The make-up evolved over many years, but has been the same for a long time. Man, I'm starting to sound like an old guy or something.


Upper Marlboro, Md.: Glad to have you back, Count. I really enjoyed your shows, "Creature Feature" and Captain 20! You're the best! In your opinion how would you rate Japanese horror films coming out today compared to U.S. horror?

Also I won on bucket bonanza as a kid. I plan to check you out this Saturday as well as your site.

Count Gore De Vol: Congratulations on your win! The Japanese are doing some very good work and I like a lot of it. But, with the success of some of the good stuff like "Ringu," there is a tidal wave of junk. So, it's a lot like American films, you have to be picky.


Springfield, Va.: Count-

I grew up watching you on TV, and it was a real treat discovering you online a few months ago, and seeing you in person at the Horrorfind convention.

I'm just curious, you mentioned live theatre earlier in the chat. Are you pursuing acting, directing, producing, all of the above? What kind of roles?

Count Gore De Vol: Actually I finally studied acting two years ago and will be auditioning for stage once my schedule clears. I have only done a short guest shot on stage in my entire life...except for playing in "The Wizard of Oz" in third grade. I also would over to direct ... but only after experiencing the theater from the actor's perspective.


Falls Church, Va.: C'mon, "Giant Claw" is priceless.

I must thank you for presenting "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" a vastly under-known classic.

If I could somehow convert my knowledge of horror movie trivia into a career. Anyway it's all your doing. Thanks.

I must confess I did watch "Saturday Night Live" during your commercials, or if it was a movie I'd seen before.

Count Gore De Vol: Funny, but true. Durng its first season on the air we killed "Saturday Night Live" in the ratings! The second was no contest....they buried us!


Washington, D.C.: Are you friends with the "Ghost Host" who used to host on Channel 45 in Baltimore?

Count Gore De Vol: I knew and briefly worked with the late George Lewis after I left Channel 20 in 1987.


Springfield, Va.: Come on, it's been a long time. Admit it -- the hamster races were fixed, weren't they?

Count Gore De Vol: No. We jumped thru hoops to make sure that nothing was fixed or even looked like it was fixed. I can't tell you how many lawyers we had monitoring the contests. It sometimes got nuts.


Falls Church, Va.: I really like the horror models information on your Web site. Who does that for you? Can you actually buy models at your site?

Count Gore De Vol: Thanks, I'll pass along the information to Sean. For information on the kits, which you can buy (but not through my program), click on the link to Creaturescape at the bottom of the Pit page.


Ashburn, Va.: Could you confirm something? I vaguely remember a kid during the Bozo show who won something and said something vulgar. I think it was "Cram it clown, just give me the ----ing Reese's Pieces." Was this true?

Just Curious,


Count Gore De Vol: Another urban legend! That line has been attributed to every kid's host I've known. We taped our shows on Saturday, so even if it happened, we would have taken it out. Sorry, the kids sometimes got restless, but never vulger.


Silver Spring, Md.: How about a "WOW!" alumni reunion show? I can probably still make it down that slide without hurting myself...

Count Gore De Vol: But the slide would probably collapse. It was designed for 10-year-olds! Realistically, I don't forsee any reunion or retrospective on any of the WDCA children's shows. That's not official, just my feeling.


Johnny Dollar, Baltimore, Md.: To the Captain again ~

I'm pretty sure Channel 20 was the first to show Japanese live action and animation; did they market it to you or did you discover it somehow? Was there any concerned parental/community response? BTW, I loved "Speed Racer," "Marine Boy," "Kimba," "Ultraman"...

Count Gore De Vol: We ran them because they were available and cheap! The only negative reaction we got was from "Ultraman." It did create a problem in 1979 when the station was sold, but that in turn created opportunities for me to produce some really good shows like "W.O.W!" and "Kids' Break".


Count Gore De Vol: Last call! And don't forget! "Young Frankenstein" hosted by yours truly tomorrow night at midnight at the E. ST. Theater. Tickets are selling briskly. Get them at


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