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Jillian Michaels
Beverly Hills-Based Personal Trainer; Author
Monday, September 26, 2005; 2:00 PM

Jillian Michaels, the Beverly Hills-based personal trainer who coached her team to victory on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," was online Monday, Sept. 26, at 2 p.m. ET to provide tips on how to get and stay in shape and to answer your questions about the show as well as her new book "Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life."

On "The Biggest Loser," the team trained by Michaels lost a collective total of 450 pounds in three months. One team member -- Ryan Benson, the number 1 winning loser -- lost 90 pounds on the show and went on to lose another 32 after he went home. In "Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life" (Collins; September 1, 2005), Michaels shares the "3-S" approach to eating and exercise that worked for her team. Michaels is co-owner of Sky Sport and Spa, a penthouse fitness facility in Beverly Hills. Her clients include actors such as Amanda Peet and Mark Ruffalo. Among her credentials, she holds a Black Belt in Muay Thai. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

The transcript follows.


Manhattan, N.Y.: Are you ever concerned that someone might lose weight too quickly just to help the team on the television show? How do you monitor that people are losing weight properly?

Jillian Michaels: Hey there,

Good question. I love this one because it allows me to dispel dieting myths which is one of my favorite things. I dedicate an entire chapter to explaining questions like this in my book.

We've all heard that saying, "losing 1-2 lbs a week is healthy". Not so... it's REALISTIC. That's the difference.

Losing weight quickly when done through exercise and not starvation is not dangerous at all. In fact there is no true scientific evidence to suggest otherwise. The only complication that could occur are gallstones, however if the person is taking in plenty of fiber, exercising, and staying hydrated the chance of a gallstone is next to none.

In fact, I think the evidence has shown quite the opposite. If you look at our contestants on the show they come in with all kinds of afflictions: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc. When they leave the show they are in better shape then me and off of all their various medications.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Jillian. I noticed that a lot of the meal plan items promoted on the Biggest Loser site, as well as your advice on the show, seem to be in line with the South Beach diet. I haven't seen every episode of the Biggest Loser, but do you actually endorse this diet? Or do you think there are moderations to South Beach that could make it more effective? I'm considering trying it in the near future. Thanks!

Jillian Michaels: Hi,

Actually the stuff on the biggest loser site is generic. I did not actually write the plan on their site and I am not entirely sure who did.

Having said that, I actually do not believe in a one size fits all approach to diet / nutrition. Here is the deal, all these fad diets: South Beach, The Zone, Atkins, Pritikien etc. are nothing other then a reinvention of the macro-nutrient ratio. Macro-nutrients are FAT, CARBS, PROTEIN.

For example: Atkins is all protein and fat with no carbs. Pritiken is all carbs, no fat with some lean protein only. The Zone is equal portions of carbs protein and fat. All these diets are doing is reinventing the wheel to sell you something.

The truth is that you are as unique on the inside as you are on the outside. That is why some diets will work for some people and not others. In order to figure out what is the best macro-nutrient ratio for YOU you have to understand how your body processes what you eat. Their is a test on this in my book to help you identify what is the best macro-nutrient ratio for you.

One thing I can tell you definitively about these fad diets is that they don't tell you the truth. At the end of the day weight loss is math. It's all about watching your calorie intake and increasing your energy expenditure. ok your thinking, then why not eat garbage and just count calories. The reason I help people identify the ideal foods for them is so they will have more energy, better overall health, and better body composition which helps rev up their metabolism.

I could go on and on with this question alone, but since I have so many others to answer I better shut up. I encourage you to explore what I am saying further. I guarantee it will completely transform they way you approach your "diet" from now on.


Washington, D.C.: How much are the contestants really working out over the course of a week? It seems like a lot, but it is a week of activity boiled down into an hour-long show.

Jillian Michaels: Hi,

Gosh, you guys ask great questions. The contestants on my team are following the exercise regimen I outline in the SWEAT section of my book. My program consists of 4 hours of resistance training a week.

Here is the difference between what I advocate in "real life" and on the show... CARDIO and lots of it. In my book I advocate 4 hours of resistance training a week and then explain that cardio is extra credit. There is an entire chapter on the best way to do cardio, when, how, why etc. The more cardio you do on top of the exercise regimen I outline for you, the more rapidly you will lose weight.

On the show my team does 1 hour of cardio in the morning. Then in the afternoon we do an hour of resistance training as outlined in my book followed by another hour of cardio. Then one more hour of cardio in the evening.

The cardio is what I call doing all that extra cardio I am increasing their energy output (burning lots of fat) but the way I structure their fitness regimen they are not over-training.

We do take Sunday completely off - no exercise whatsoever.


Chicago, Ill.: Thanks for taking my question: I exercise regularly, 4-5 mile run 6 days a week. My problem is I sweat profusely, in about 20 mts I am drenched in sweat. Is that normal or is it an indication of a health problem. Also, is running every day bad? Thanks

Jillian Michaels: Ok, everyone's body is different. It is not unhealthy in anyway if you sweat profusely when you run, it just means you body is slightly less efficient at cooling itself then someone who doesn't sweat much.

As for the running 6x a week my question is, how is your body holding up. I believe some people are physically built to be runners. I am not. My knees always hurt and so does my hip if I run every day. Do you have any pain at all? Shin splints, heel spurs, knee problems, (clicking etc.) do your hips or your lower back ache? If you can answer no to all these questions then I wouldn't worry about it at all. Just make sure you have really good running shoes.

If you do have any of the issues I mentioned above you might want to cut the running back to 4 times a week max and work in other forms of cardio instead like spinning, rowing, stairs etc. It's a good idea to get some variety into your exercise regimen regardless in order to keep your body from adapting to it's current program. Also - make sure and take that 7th day off. Your body needs adequate time to rest.


Col., Md.: Do you know how Mo is doing?

Jillian Michaels: Mo is a sweet heart. I try not to get involved in that situation because I don't want to step on Bob's toes. It is my understanding that Mo has lost around 70lbs total to date since BL1.


Arlington, Va.: How do you respond to criticism that the diet and exercise plan on the show are not healthy? Mixing intense exercise with a low calorie diet often can cause the body to eat as much muscle as fat. The other problem I see with the show is why should you have very overweight people run? The impact on their joints and potential for injuries would make that seem to be a bad idea. I imagine even a decent walk would get their heart rates into ideal ranges for cardio.

Jillian Michaels: What you are actually seeing on the show is not what is really happening. My boys are not on low calorie diets. They are all consuming between 1800 - 2500 cals per day depending on their unique metabolic requirements.

As for the running, they really aren't running until about three weeks into their stay at the ranch. If you pay attention you will see that they are always walking on the treadmill, while I train them individually. Often the sprints and stuff you see on the show is shot for promos. For example, on last weeks episode you see Matt and I racing. That was actually a promo they staged for T.V. Guide channel. I never imagined Matt would actually run it so seriously. On top of which, there was nothing really wrong with his leg. He got a really bad charlie horse and he was exercising again with his team that night. It's a t.v. show you need to remember that. Drama equals ratings. You will see Matt tomorrow night working out with his team per usual. Lastly, there are no real injuries on the boys team at all. Watch the duration of the show and you will see that.


Herndon, Va.: Jillian -- can you please give me some guidelines on how to best divide my workouts between cardio, weights and stretching. Also, can you please give me equivalent workouts for walking, running, and biking. eg if I run 30 min (3 miles) how long & far do I need to go on a walk or bike to get the same results.

Jillian Michaels: I do have a very specific exercise regimen, but it is just way to much to put in this post. Plus, I don't have any information about your level of fitness in order to outline a routine or target 85% of your MHR. All of the information you are asking in the SWEAT section of my book, plus this section will teach you how to apply my exercise methodologies to your body and current fitness level.

Here are a few golden rules that I can tell you...

1. Abandon the concept of "target heart rate". Work to 80-85% of your MHR whenever possible.

2. Always warm up for 5 minutes with light cardio, then do your resistance training, then stretch. Don't stretch before you are warmed up, you could actually injure yourself that way.

3. Do your resistance training in a very aerobic way - no resting in between sets.

4. Train each muscle twice a week and wait two days before you train that muscle again.


Washington, D.C.: Jillian,

How much control do you have over the workouts on the show? Are you the one determining their exercise plans or do the producers influence how much pain you put them through?

Jillian Michaels: Bob and I develop every aspect of the contestants regimens. We design our teams diet and their exercise program. There is a doctor and a nutritionist that must approve our plan and monitor the contestants well being.


Fairfax, Va.: How would you advise someone with Type II Diabetes taking insulin to eat and exercise? The insulin promotes storage of fat, making it very difficult to lose weight.

Jillian Michaels: This is not true at all. I have had several contestants on the show who are plague with Type II diabetes and I treat them just like I treat my other contestants. Type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome are caused by poor diet and lack of exercise.

By putting the contestants on an exercise regimen and getting them on a healthy diet with no refined sugars and processed grains I am able to reverse the progression of the diabetes. On the show the contestants struggling with Type II diabetes ultimately get completely off insulin and as you have seen drop tons of weight.

No excuses... you can reverse this disease if you educate yourself and do the work required.


Providence, R.I.: I'm an exercise fanatic who loves reality TV. When I first heard about "The Biggest Loser" I thought it would be exploitative, but I find the show to be very inspiring. I like the emphasis on helping people develop habits they can carry into life beyond the TV show. Are participants provided a workout and diet regime when they leave the show, or are they on their own.

Jillian Michaels: I am so glad you like the show and that it has inspired you!

When the contestants leave the show the hope is that Bob and I have given them the tools they need to continue a healthy lifestyle back in the real world. Having said that we are always in contact with them in case the get confused or lost, need advice, or just an ear to bend.


Ashburn, Va.: Jillian,

I love the show and it has inspired me to be healthy!!! As a woman, I have a reluctance to lift weights, not because of adding bulk, but mainly I think cardo is easier. I know this is laziness speaking, so do you have any words of advice that I can use to get motivated to do the strength?

Jillian Michaels: That whole woman bulking up by lifting thing is another myth. As women we don't really have enough testosterone for this to be a reality. In fact, quite the opposite is true. We should lift weights in order to help us build as much muscle as possible to rev up our metabolism and maintain bone density.

Cardio is good because it gets you moving, but it doesn't burn nearly as many calories while you are doing it or after you've done it as lifting weights does. My actual method for weight lifting is very aerobic in order to give you the best of both worlds. You will be toning your physique while keeping your heart rate up to shed as much fat as possible.

There are a few women with hormone imbalances that do have the ability to bulk up, but I promise you if this applied to you... you would know it. Their are many other signs that go along with testosterone imbalances in women and it is very few and far between.

So get to work lady ;-)


Heart Rate during Cardio: With cardio workouts, do you need to stay within a certain heart rate to get results? If you do, how do you know which heart rate is your target?

Jillian Michaels: With all your workouts you should push yourself. The whole target heart rate thing is actually another myth. I explain this in greater depth in my book if you want to explore this further. Here is the reality in a nutshell, the greater your intensity level during workouts the more calories you will burn. Weight loss is about calories in calories out.

I suggest working out at about 80-85% of your MHR. Here is the equation for you to figure out what that number is. First you must calculate your Maximum Heart Rate by subtracting your age from 220 if you are a woman or 226 if you are a man. Then figure out what 85% of that number is. That number should be the number of times your heart beats in a minute when exercising to get the best results.



Fairfax, Va.: Hi,

I am female, 5'1", and weighs 110 lbs. My diet is pretty moderate in terms of meat and carbs, except for a chocolate bar or ice cream cone almost every day. I run on the treadmill about 5 miles a day, 5 days a week. I have been doing this for over a year now. I haven't lost any weight, and what else should I do to lose a "not so flat" ab? Any advice? Thanks.

Jillian Michaels: Hey there,

110 for 5'1 is a really healthy weight. You are talking about toning, not losing. That is probably your first mistake. In order to change your body composition here is some advice:

1. Avoid sodium whenever possible. It will make you hold water and feel puffy.

2. Drink 80oz of water a day to flush out excess fluids you might be holding on to.

3. Cut all refined sugar and processed grains. Canned and frozen foods etc.

4. Mix up your exercise regimen. It sounds like you have fallen into an exercise rut. In order to incite change in your physique you have to constantly change your fitness routine.


Germantown, Md.: I have lose 57 lbs in the past 22 weeks through good nutrition (weighed and measured protein, good carbs, fruits, veggies and dairy etc) and exercise. I have another 30 lbs to my goal weight (150) I do 30 min circuit (Curves)6X per week and walk 20 min twice daily. On weekends I walk a bit longer -1.5 mi. Should I be doing more to continue my loss at this rate (2.6 lb/wk)?

Jillian Michaels: Wow you are doing great! Congrats. I would say this to you... if it ain't broke why fix it. Truthfully, I would only modify your regimen in the even that your weight loss plateaus.

If this is the case, up your calories by 10% for 5 days and take at least three days off exercise completely. Then when you go back to exercising increase your the intensity level and duration of your cardio.

Again, this is not necessary unless you hit a plateau.


Bethesda, Md.: I'm working with a nutritionist that only recommends 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week. I was doing an hour 6 times a week and she told me not to do that much anymore. I am 150 lbs overweight - I would think the more exercise the better. What do you think? BTW - I love watching the guys running around with you on their back - GREAT idea!

Jillian Michaels: Your nutritionist is wrong. You are right. The only thing you need to be careful of is too much resistance training. When you do resistance training your body interprets that as stress, therefore you want to make sure that you only exercise each muscle group twice a week with two days of rest before you train that same muscle again.

As for cardio... you can do as much of this as you want as long as you don't do over two hours of intense cardio in any given session. If you do you run the risk of metabolizing muscle instead of fat.


Midland, Mich.: What are the best exercises to address a flabby chest on a man? I have had a large chest ever since I was a teenager and as I get older (40's), I am concerned it is getting even more flabby. I do not want to add any bulk to it, in fact I would like to get rid of it all together.

Jillian Michaels: All men have this issue when losing weight. Here is the key, you have to burn off the fat with proper nutrition and exercise. Then after you have lost some of the fat on top of the muscle you can build the muscle out to fill out the skin. Push ups, dumbbell press, and cable flyes are effective for this but after you have shed some of the fat.


Washington, D.C.: What diet plans out there do you consider to be the most sensible? (i.e. WW, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Atkins)?

Jillian Michaels: I sort of answered this, but I in the event you don't see the other answer I posted I will just address this question one more time because it is so significant.

There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition. Firstly, what all these diets don't tell you is that you have to count calories. I know it's tedious, but it's a fact. If you want real results then you have to do the work and figure out how many calories your body is burning in a day and eat less then that number. A pound is 3500 cals so you need to keep that in mind when setting a calorie allowance for yourself. Second, all those diets like Atkins and South Beach etc. are just different ratios of fat, carbs, and protein. We all have different requirements for those three macro-nutrients (fat, carbs, protein) based on how quickly our body metabolizes it's food. For example: Someone who metabolizes their food very quickly will do well on a low carb diet because fats and proteins break down at a slower pace then carbs. But, someone who metabolizes their food slowly will feel tired, grumpy, and lethargic on a low carb diet and have minimal results.

In my book I have an involved questionnaire to help you identify the types of foods that are ideal for you.

There are a few golden rules though:

1. Try to avoid bad carbs even if your body can tolerate a higher ratio of carbs. Bad carbs are processed grains and refined sugars. Complex or good carbs are whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, veggies, etc.

2. Avoid trans-fat (man made fat). You can identify on a food label as partially fractionated or hydrogenated oils.

3. You must count calories.

4. You must exercise to get weight off quickly and avoid dieting plateaus.


Downtown Washington, D.C.: I'd love to know what kind of exercise you do and how often, and what kind of diet you follow? Any favorite personal tips you can share?!

Jillian Michaels: I workout four times a week. I outline the details of this program in my book, but it breaks down as follows:

Mon: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads

Tues: Back, Biceps, Glutes, Hams, Abs

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads (same muscle groups as mon but totally different exercises)

Fri:Back, Biceps, Glutes, Hams, Abs (same muscle groups as Tues but totally different exercises)

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

Keep in mind that I am maintaining my physique. If I wanted to lose weight I would add cardio in on wed and sat.


Arlington, Va.: Hi Jillian-

I have a burning question I am sure the ladies are wondering about. Is there anyway to get rid of cellulite? I am very fit and athletic -- 5'3, 115 pounds, but I still have a bit of that annoying cellulite on the lower buttocks and back of thighs.


Jillian Michaels: Ahh the cellulite question. If you ever find a solution will you tell me! Sadly, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but you can't completely get rid of it. This is done by losing weight and building up the muscles under the fat. Some good exercises for this are squats and lunges.

Even still, you must understand that you will never be able to completely get rid of it because cellulite is genetic and it has to do with your connective tissue that lies over adipose fat cells.

95% of women suffer from cellulite INCLUDING ME. Honestly, at some point we have to embrace our imperfections. They make us human. Who wants perfect? Perfect is boring!


Derwood, Md.: Can you explain or comment about what causes the participants on the show to vomit during the workouts? Is this normal/safe? I'm wondering in case this happens to me -- I've never been sick during a workout but I've felt like I could be, mostly from dehydration and/or not eating enough. And thanks for your other comments in the chat -- very informative!

Jillian Michaels: Usually people throw up when they are beginning an exercise regimen because they have an excess build up of lactic acid and they are also suffering from a detox. All the toxins are leaching from their muscles into their blood stream and making them feel poisoned.

It happens to almost everyone I have ever trained for the first time. You will notice that they stop throwing up after the first week.


Rockville, Md.: What are dieting "plateaus"? What causes them? Is there any one cause? Can you start out on a plateau? (background to the question - I started working out seriously in early May - an hour a day, 6 days a week, to the point of being dripping sweat. Once that was a habit, I cut down my calorie intake until it was around 1500 a day. I have been losing at a pace that can only be called trivial - 5 pounds in those 5 months. I have a naturally muscular frame, but I'm not putting on much muscle with purely aerobic exercise. Help!

Jillian Michaels: Ok - here is the problem. I have no idea how much weight you have to lose. That plays a big factor.

However, plateaus can be caused by several different things. You have to identify which reason applies to you and then institute the applicable solution.

1. Are your calories too low? Has your body adjusted it's metabolism to slow down because of a decrease in energy intake.

If so, increase your cals by 10% for five days and up your intensity at the gym.

2. Are you exercising to intensely and too often, with little or no rest for your muscle being trained.

If this is the case, take a week off from training and let your body rest and recover. Modify your exercise regimen for the future so that you are only training each body part twice a week with two days of rest in between.

3. Have you really not plateaued at all? Have you stopped tracking your calories? Could you be thinking your doing the wrong things when in essence your calories intake is too high and it's counter acting all the calories you are burning in the gym.

If you suspect this could be you, go back and look at your food intake for the last three days and add up your calories. Compare you calorie intake with the amount of cals you are burning based on your Active Metabolic Rate. Then make adjustments to your calorie intake accordingly.


Washington, D.C.: I know the folks on the show tend to eat a very low calorie diet and yet they exercise an excessive amount. Does this sort of behavior make them more prone to injury? I ask this as someone currently training for a marathon who finds that if after a long run I don't eat enough I take much longer to recover and feel very sluggish.

Jillian Michaels: I actually do not believe in severe calorie restriction. However, my contestants on the show are eating between 1800-2500 cals daily. (I set different calorie allowances for each contestant based on their individual caloric requirements).

Here is the difference between my boys and your friend running a marathon. My boys have between 120 and 200 pounds to lose. Fat is stored energy. They have a ton of stored energy they can use to fuel them through their workouts. your marathoner friend does not :-).


Falls Church, Va.: Hi Jillian,

I absolutely agree with your advice that it's all about counting calories and exercising. That's exactly how I lost 110 pounds in 16 months and got below my goal weight. No "diets." No pills. No miracles.

Have any of the contestants had plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin caused by their weight loss? Do you have any advice on this?


Jillian Michaels: Ok - ROCK AND ROLL on your huge weight loss!!! That is so awesome. I love to hear stuff like that!

The skin thing is a real problem. It all depends on your age and genetics as to whether or not it will bounce back. I firmly believe that as long as you have lost the weight via healthy nutrition and exercise then you have changed your habits and rectified the source of your weight issues.

That said, there is nothing you can do about extra skin except have a surgeon tuck it for you. It isn't an easy way out and I don't think there is any shame in it whatsoever. I say if the skin bothers you, definitely get a consultation with a plastic surgeon and see what they can do for you.


Arlington, Va.: What are you thoughts on fruit smoothies for breakfast to "get your furnace going"? I (male, 34) use milk, OJ, yogurt, a banana, and soy protein powder and it tastes great, gives me a boost, and is quick and easy. Should I be adding other ingredients or do something else altogether?

Jillian Michaels: NO WAY ON THE FRUIT SMOOTHIE. This falls under the category of bad carbs. It probably has between 300-500 calories, which is insane for a drink. There is no fiber in the smoothie so the sugar from the fruit is hitting your blood stream like a freight train. (that's bad). Also, as a man you should avoid soy. Soy releases estrogen, inhibits fat metabolism and muscle growth, and makes you hold water.

Eat fruit instead and organic yogurt. I also like the carb control light and fit yogurt from Danon. Only 60 calories per cup. It's awesome. As for milk, it has 13 grams of sugar per cup. Try to get sugar free milk at the market instead. This is where you really have to learn how to read your labels. Picking the right products can be critical for your success.


Arlington, Va.: I don't own a TV, but heard about the show a fair amount. However, all I got was that 2 teams were competing to lose the most weight. Can you explain it a little more? What is the length of time for the weightloss, do you train both teams, etc.? Thank you.

Jillian Michaels: Hi,

Yes, there are two teams. Bob Harper is my male counterpart. He trains one team of contestants and I train the other. This season the teams are women against men. Bob has the women and I am responsible for my boys!

The teams consist of 7 people and the show runs for 3 months. The part that I HATE about the show is that every week there is a weigh in and the team that loses the least amount of weight has to vote off a member. That being said, I work with the eliminated player even after they have left the show to make sure they stay on track and continue to get healthy and lose weight.

Ultimately, there is a live finale, which should be at the end of November where the three remaining finalists will come back for a final weigh in. One of them will be crowned the biggest loser and win $250,000.


Alexandria, Va.: What do you do when the sports you like -- horseback riding, swimming -- don't make you lose weight? I hate going to the gym and I can't run due to bad feet...

Jillian Michaels: Those sports are fun and all, but you are right, they are not the most effective for weight loss because they simply don't elevate your heart rate enough.

First, you don't have to run to lose weight. Plus, if you find the gym monotonous what about the following suggestions:

Can you get a workout buddy to keep you company? Can you take classes you think are fun like hip hop, spinning, kick boxing etc. This way it's social and fun instead of boring and routine.

What about getting outdoors and hiking or kayaking. Join a softball league or basketball league. They have these for adults and they are so much fun. Open you mind a bit, be creative, think outside the box.


Reston, Va.: What do you suggest to people who work 10+ hours a day. Is one hour of exercise a day enough? How can one accelerate weight loss when you just don't have the time to exercise more.

Jillian Michaels: First of all, one hour is great! Second, if you don't have the time to exercise you won't be able to accelerate weight loss and that is the cold hard truth. I know you probably don't want to hear that, but you are better off knowing that at the end of the day. Therefore, make as much time as you can to work out if you want to get the weight off quick.

The only other way of keeping things moving is by keeping your diet really perfect, which is hard to do. No processed foods or treats etc and keep very aware and rigid about your calorie intake. I don't actually like when people do this because I think it is unrealistic and leads to a back slide. I believe in incorporating unhealthy foods into a healthy lifestyle by practicing moderation. But, if you can't workout, that is the only way to maximize weight loss.


Virginia: How do you get people to stay motivated, when they use food as comfort?

Jillian Michaels: This is such a good question. The whole first section of my book is about understanding how your emotions and your behaviors affect your weight. It's called the SELF section because that is where the transformation must start. You must confront your emotions and modify your behaviors in order to regain control of your life. It's the only way to move forward.

In my book, I will help you identify the pros and cons of getting healthy. I will teach you how to identify when you are emotionally eating, confront your feelings and rectify them in the appropriate setting instead of anesthetizing yourself with food. Sometimes, life just sucks and this isn't possible in which case I will educate you about how to pamper yourself in ways that aren't food related. I will teach you how to eliminate sabotage in your relationships and build effective support systems. I will teach you how to control your environment in order to limit your exposure to temptation. I will teach you how to reverse all the negative things you say to yourself on a daily basis by making you develop anecdote statements and daily affirmations.

On this question alone I could go on and on. So many people can lose weight, but the key to keeping it off is doing the internal work so you can heal the cause of the problem. I encourage you to do some serious soul searching on this matter. If you choose not to get my book, get someone else's. Reach out to someone that can help you with the things I mentioned above. It is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Jillian Michaels: I would love to stay and talk FOREVER with you guys. I have had so much fun. Maybe I will get an opportunity to do this again in the near future. Sadly, right now I have to run. We have a rehearsal for the finale of the family version of Biggest Loser.

Thanks again for all your great questions! I love to see people reaching out for help and taking steps to educate themselves about their health. Have a killer day and I hope you like tomorrow nights episode!


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