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Friday, May 19, 2006; 11:00 AM

The staff of Weekend, The Washington Post's weekly entertainment guide, covers what's happening in the Washington area. We'll field your questions on everything in the section from performances and new DVDs to weekend getaways and kids' activities. We write about all kinds of tun things to do and we're happy to talk to you about it.

The Weekend staff was online Friday, May 19, at 11 a.m. ET to take your questions and comments.

This week, Weekend goes to the beach, with a guide to seven Delmarva beaches. Weekend writer Eve Zibart maps out 48 hours of fun at each destination from Lewes to Chincoteague. You'll also find our annual roundup of farms offering pick-your-own fruits and vegetables; reviews of new movies, music and DVDs; and the week's top events. Read about the staff of the Weekend section.

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Scott Vogel: The weekend beckons, the weatherman's promising picture perfect spring weather and suddenly you've a million entertainment options to sort through. Life in Washington is good, no? I'm Scott Vogel, assignment editor here in Weekend, and I'm here to host this week's chat, along with members of our abundantly plugged-in staff, all of whom stand ready to field your toughest questions re rest and relaxation. Joining me are Curt Fields, Jenny Abella, Richard Harrington, Michael O'Sullivan, Ellen McCarthy, Eve Zibart, Christina Talcott, Twila Waddy and Jeanne Maglaty. Now's the time to plan that perfect trip to the beach, and Weekend's Eve Zibart is just back from her annual coastal expedition. She's full of lots of tips on the latest in sun and fun, many of which you can find in today's Weekend cover story. But are there a few secluded coves she's keeping for herself? Let's see. Come on in, the water's fine! _______________________

Silver Spring, Md.: I heard about a place in OC, MD called the Marylander on 127th St. that is referred to as a "Co-tel", a combination condo and hotel. What do you know about "Co-tels"?

Eve Zibart: Only that it's the coming thing, an upscale version of time sharing, I think.


Gaithersburg, Md.: My husband and I lived here for over five years and have never gone to the beaches here (I'm embarassed to say). Now we have a toddler, but we'd like to do a 4-day getaway at one of the Delmarva beaches. We're looking for somewhere that will have enough family-type activities to keep us occupied, but isn't so crowded that we can't enjoy ourselves. Suggestions? What type of accomodations should we look for? A high-rise? A rental? A B and B? Where's the best place to start? It's a little overwhleming for me, and given the traffic to get to any of the beaches, I know we aren't the only ones heading there!

 Eve Zibart: Depends on how outgoing your toddler is--some of them adore the rides at Ocean City, of course--but I would try Bethany Beach, Lewes or Rehoboth for the best mix of stuff. In the section today we have some phones and webs for places to stay; Lewes now has several B&Bs you might light in particular, but if you're needing something moderate-priced, there are plenty of motels and old-style hotels in Rehoboth, too.


Bethesda, Md.: Although I've lived in D.C. for seven years, I'm a beach virgin. Partially because I tend to spend my vacation days visiting family and friends in other areas or going to Europe, partially because I don't have anyone to go to the beach with. Which beach would be best for someone going there by themselves? Thanks!

Eve Zibart: If you want to make friends fast enough to hang out with, Ocean City. If you like to wander around and maybe dine alone and make friends more slowly, Rehoboth; then when you're ready for the big crowds, you're right next to Dewey beach's nightlife.


Silver Spring, Md.: Looking for a different kind of place to take a date this weekend (but not too expensive).

Ellen McCarthy: The Blue Angels air show at Andrews Air Force Base could be a fun way to spend the day. And it'd be good for a first date especially, because you'll still be able to hear each other talk and will have a natural topic of conversation. A stroll through Kenilworth Acquatic Gardens or the US Botanic Gardens near the Capitol are also good options. Next week in Weekend we'll give you a bunch of ideas for fun summer dates, but I'm sure our chatters have other suggestions... So, what else?


Washington, D.C.: Hi! I'm going to the DC 101 Chili Cookoff benefit for the National Kidney Foundation on Saturday. I know I'll be getting my fill of chili for dinner ... but I was wondering if you could recommend a great lunch place within walking distance of the cook-off (great meaning good food and cheap beer of course). Thanks!

Eve Zibart: Well, if you want to stick to the theme, there's Andale (real Mexican, not Tex Mex), the Austin Grill, Jaleo (mix and match tapas), Cafe Atlantico (which does a tapas-y brunch on Saturdays), Clyde's.....there are more restaurants in Penn Quarter than you can shake a chili dog out. I'd just wander till something catches your eye.


Alexandria, Va.: In your opinion, what the best farmers markets around D.C.?

Eve Zibart: The one in Dupont Circle is really good; Takoma Park too. _______________________

Washington, D.C.: Why is it that Eve Zibart in her story on Rehoboth beach can't use the word Gay when talking about the people on the patio at the Blue Moon. She feels she has to use Euphemisms like in-crowd and in-friendly. The Blue Moon Bar has been proudly GAY since it opened 26 years ago. If Ms. Zibart can't say the word maybe it's the wrong place for her to go. In Trendy Locale, Sea Changes Ahead (Post, Weekend, May 19).

Eve Zibart: I thought it was obvious; as you say, it's a tradition. I was paying it a compliment. I'd be sorry if they thought otherwise, but I'd be surprised, too.


Alexandria, Va.: My girlfriend and I would really like to take our dog on a nice day trip one of these weekends. Any ideas? We've already done the whole "hiking at Great Falls" thing. Thanks for your help!

Eve Zibart: There's a huge doglovers' scene in Old Town Alexandria around Oronoco Park, and I hear about a dog playground out toward Annapolis, anybody know more details?


Washington, D.C.: Hello, and thanks for taking our questions. I do not drive. I love the beach. Is there reliable, safe bus service to places like Ocean City, etc.?

Eve Zibart: This is when we really miss the old train service. I haven't checked recently, sorry, but I think there was bus service to OC at least fairly recently.


Falls Church, Va.: What's the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater like as a place to hear music? I've never been.

Eve Zibart: VERY nice. The memorial concert for Joe McLellan there, which encompassed a huge variety of music, was uniformly fine.


Washington, D.C.: While I understand that there is concern for cultivating the "new" reader (i.e., the under-35 demographic) it seems the Weekend section believes that the cult of celebrity is what is of chief concern. Why else has the erudite O'Sullivan been assigned to waste his talents interviewing Hollywood celebrities when the Metro area under-35 crowd really HUNGERS to read more in-depth analysis of why the young artist Laurel Nakadate creates artwork that is "almost sickening in its soul-deadness" yet this very "soul-deadness" has "undeniable power" WHY IS THAT this reader wants to know? This 32-year-old reader finds the celebrity interview sickening in its soul-deadness. It is noteworthy, that today's thought provoking piece on artwork featured in a local commercial gallery occurs when O'Sullivan has not split his focus with Hollywood. I want more of The Weekend section HERE, not in Hollywood.

Michael O'Sullivan: I think there's a question buried in there somewhere, and I'll try to address it, along with another point only implicitly raised by my erudite questioner. Laurel Nakadate's work is powerful for exactly the paradox you've put your finger on--not despite, but because of its sickening soul-deadness. There's a kind of power in art that makes us angry, or scared, or even nauseated. Not everyone may like that feeling. I kind of welcome it. I think this would have been clearer if I had written more extensively about Nakadate's work, instead of including her with four other artists showing in three different galleries housed under the same roof. I wanted to get them all in though, even if only briefly, since they're all worthwhile shows in my opinion. Other questioners (and perhaps even this one)in previous chats have wanted more coverage of local art. That's what I'm trying to do, with occasional "round-ups" of multiple shows like this, which are, of necessity, less in-depth than if I had devoted all my attention to a single artist.


Washington, D.C.: This isn't a beach question, but it is a water activity going on this weekend: check out the Dragonboat Festival on the Potomac! Races go from Thompson's Boathouse, down the river past the Kennedy Center. The sprint races are fun to watch -- especially when the experienced teams from D.C., Taiwan, and Ottawa go head-to-head in the Capital City Challenge. There are about 40 teams who have trained for this event. Chinese cultural activities will be happening on shore. Kids love to watch the elaborately-painted Dragon boats, each led by their own drummer. It's Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sunday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Eve Zibart: Thanks for the reminder. I plugged the dragon boats when they were in Baltimore and didn't have a way of mentioning this annual showcase. Maybe we can come up with a dragon fest cocktail, like the Black-Eyed Susans at Preakness, Pimm's and tonic at Henley....


Washington, D.C.: Hi! My friend and I are in D.C. for the summer and wanted to experience a unique taste of the city. We are college students living off a meager summer intern salary in a city where money flows like water. Any suggestions for a casual, relatively inexpensive lunch outdoors followed by a unique afternoon event? Thanks.

Jenny Abella: Oh, the days of being an intern. I remember them well. If you like Asian food, you can eat outside at Raku in Dupont Circle. It's tasty and affordable. If you want to take in the city, Washington Walks offers different walking tours for about $10 a person. Or you can wander around the stalls at Eastern Market or watch the animals -- and people -- at the National Zoo. Then there are always the free concerts on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, which are offered daily. Can't get cheaper than that!


U Street, NW, Washington, D.C.: My husband and I are heading to Cape May in June to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We got married in Cape May, but were so consumed with the wedding activities we never really got a chance to check it out. Any reccomendations on what to do, what to see or where to eat? Thanks so much!

Eve Zibart: Sorry; I didn't go that far this time, so no insights from me. I'll ask around, though; write me a note through the main web site and I'll see what I can find.


Poolesville, Md.: Hi. We're new to the area. Thanks for the beach guide. It looks like it will be a lot of help this summer and I look forward to reading it this weekend. We've got two kids under the age of six. Is there a beach that's especially good for families with young kids?

Eve Zibart: Again, either Bethany or Lewes, unless they're carousel-crazy.

Jeanne Maglaty: If you don't want to go as far as the Eastern Shore you can visit Sandy Point State Park for plenty of sand, water and a nice playground for children the age of yours. It's on this side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Anne Arundel County and an easy day trip from Poolesville. _______________________

Washington, D.C.: What happened to the AX in Georgetown?

Michael O'Sullivan: According to the recorded message on the store's old phone number, "this location has relocated to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City."


Washington, D.C.: Anything happening on Sunday afternoon? And is there a Web site that lists all the street fairs and festivals? Thanks!

Eve Zibart: Wine in the Woods in Columbia (Symphony Woods next to Merriweather Post); Taste of Arlington; a Spanish cultural festival with dance and food at Strathmore Hall....


Cubicle D.C.: If I'm going for drinks after work, which would be the better bet Helix or 15 Ria?

Curt Fields: I've been to and like both. But if the weather's decent I'd opt for an outside table at 15 ria. (Plus it's easier to have a conversation.)


Washington, D.C.: I'm going to see the Da Vinci Code this weekend (even though you guys didn't give it good reviews, good or bad, I can't miss it!) ... but I was wondering about after the movie. I heard there's a scavenger hunt in the dowtown area, any word on if that's cool and fun? I know I'll be in a "puzzle-y" mood after the movie.

Jenny Abella: Well, on Saturday night Watson Adventures is holding an outdoor Haunted Washington scavenger hunt, but from the looks of the Web site, it's sold out. Boo. But if you can wait a few more weeks, it looks like they're going to hold another in June. Be ready to put your thinking cap on -- it's a fun challenge!


No Car, USA: Are there any beaches in the area that have train service or other ways to enjoy a weekend at the beach without a car?

Eve Zibart: As well said, the trains are gone...might be a shorter trip to the Eastern shore. There's a big resort (Hyatt, if I remember correctly) in Easton; you might call and ask their desk what mass transportation they recommend....(you don't have to say you're staying there)


Potomac River: Hi. Thanks for taking questions! I'm relatively new to the area, and I wanted to do some walking this nice weekend. I also just read about the Dragonboat Races on the river in an earlier post. Here's my questions: Is there a place to walk along the river on the District side? I know there's streets for driving, but I'd prefer a sidewalk where I can see the river and over into Rosslyn. Also, what's the easiest way to get to Teddy Roosevelt island via Metro? Do I have to get off at Rosslyn and walk back or is there a bridge over the river I can walk across (preferably after watching some of the Dragonboat Race.) Thanks!!

Eve Zibart: Actually, you can walk pretty much from Georgetown out to Great Falls along the Canal and towpath. It starts behind the Four Seasons Hotel and wanders about a little through Geo'town and out the Clara Barton Parkway. You can even start before that, around the Mall, past the Kennedy Center through the boat dock to the Harbor and on out from there. Alternatively, have you been to Theodore Roosevelt Island?


Falls Church, Va.: So I've got my two college roommates and their wives in town this weekend, and we're looking for something fun to do after dinner Saturday night. We're pretty open to anything, but would prefer something where we can interact (so not a play/movie, unless there's a can't miss). Best thought so far is the baseball game tomorrow night; and last Friday's Hirshorn after hours would have been perfect. We're open to music, comedy (not too raunchy). Any ideas? Thanks!

Ellen McCarthy: What about a night tour of Washington, by Segway? It starts at 6:30, so you'd have to make it an early dinner, but would be a very fun way to see city. Check out this for more info: City Segway Tours


Leesburg, Va.: My husband and I are going to Rehoboth Beach this weekend for the first time in five years. We're looking forward to eating seafood. In your opinion what are the best seafood restaurants in Rehoboth or the surrounding area? Casual or dress up, doesn't matter. Thanks.

Eve Zibart: Fish On just above Rehoboth in Five Points; Fins (new) in Rehoboth does lots of choices of fresh catch; Go Fish! is a fish and chips place but does a really nice crab cake, too (as does the Crabcake Factory in OC); Nage...I've only looked into Northeast Seafood Kitchen as yet. Did you have something specific like crabs or scallops in mind?


Dragonboat cocktail: How about scorpions? That's the only drink I can think of that already exists that could be vaguely related to a dragon.

Eve Zibart: And/or stingers.


Aberdeen, Md.: Hi! I'm really excited about the Nats/Orioles games this weekend. Is there any good place to eat before the game? I don't like the food at the stadium. Any ideas would be great -- like local restaurants that you wouldn't see in Baltimore. Go Orioles!

Eve Zibart: I did a story last year that you might be able to call up with some ideas, but there's nothing real close. Your best bet is to stop off in either Penn Quarter or Union Station so you can jump back on the subway...or Capitol Hill. But not right around the stadium. Have a particular craving I can steer you to?


Washington, D.C.: Do you have a sense of which beach is most "kid friendly"? My sense is Ocean City -- as the headline says, a "Three-Ring Circus." Some of my friends pooh-pooh that choice, saying I should really try the "nicer" Rehoboth instead. I have. Rehoboth is nice, but after the kids are on the beach a while it is, like, "What's next?" They can only take so-many shops of knick-knacks. Christina Talcott: Rehoboth is mostly about shopping and eating in the off-season, but in the summertime it is perfect for kids, thanks to one place: Funland. I grew up going to Rehoboth, and most of my memories involve Funland, from starting on the kiddie rides (the mermaid! the planes!) and finally getting tall (and brave) enough for the Gravitron and the pirate ship that looks like it's going to hit the house next door. It's not the cheapest option, but I definitely give it my vote!

Eve Zibart: and if they demand higher-velocity fun, there are go-karts and such out on Route 1, so I agree with Christina


Washington, D.C.: This is for Mr. O'Sullivan. Do you tend to prefer large exhaustive shows or smaller offbeat exhibits when you're going on your own dime?

Michael O'Sullivan: My personal tastes run toward the small and offbeat, often for no other reason than the fact that large, exhaustive, blockbuster exhibitions tend to be over-crowded. Which makes it hard to look at the art. This is especially true if I'm going "on my own dime," as you put it (i.e., after the show has opened), and not being walked through by a publicist during the far less crowded press previews we get happy few in the press corps get to attend. But I also just like the offbeat. There are more opportunities for real discovery. _______________________

Herndon, Va.: How is the movie "Akeelah and the Bee"? I'm thinking of going this weekend.

Jeanne Maglaty: "Akeelah" has a ***starred*** review in today's Weekend section. And the headline on Ann Hornaday's review said it was "One Honey of a Flick." But if you want to see it at the movie theater, go soon. Although it was heavily promoted by Starbucks, it opened at a disappointing No. 8 on the May 1 Top Ten Film chart, with $6.3 million in estimated weekend receipts. The following week it was No. 9 and then dropped off the list. If you are a teacher, you can see it free at AMC theaters this weekend. Bring school ID.

Twila Waddy: I really enjoyed "Akeelah and the Bee." It was a great movie. The story is centered around the national spelling bee contest. It has a uplifting story line that I think everyone would enjoy the movie.


Theodore Roosevelt Island: What's the easiest or most scenic way to get to TR Island via public transportation and walking? Thanks -- I'm interested in doing some photography this weekend!

Eve Zibart: It's easier by bike, actually, because there's not (yet) a dedicated pedestrian lane on the TR bridge, but there is a good walkway along Key Bridge and bike trails on GW Parkway...You might have to drive or get a ride to the parking lot on GW and walk across to the Island itself.


Washington, D.C.: Hi, Sorry to ask yet another beach question. I've never been to the beach in this area. What would be the best option for a child-less mid-20s couple looking for a relaxing weekend a the beach? Thanks!

Eve Zibart: Bethany or Lewes.


Michael O'Sullivan: I second Twila's recommendation "Akeelah and the Bee." If you liked "Spellbound," I think you'll like this.


Washington, D.C.: I was talked into buying a baseball and glove ... any good parks you can suggest for catch? I tried the Mall but found it was too crowded. Thanks!

Eve Zibart: Montgomery County is softball heaven (or hell if you can't find an open field). Did you go farther over toward the river near the Lincoln Memorial or Tidal Basin? There are lots of open spaces, like the ones near the Holocaust Museum, that get a little less team traffic.


Bethesda, Md.: What's up with the restaurant Hemingway's on Kent Island? My family usually stops there on the way to the beach, but I heard it was sold and closing.

Jeanne Maglaty: The staff of Hemingway's assures us it will be open this season. After that, no one's saying. For those of you who aren't familiar with the restaurant, it's at the Bay Bridge Marina, has a nice view and is a convenient place to stop for a dinner break after you cross the bridge. _______________________

TR Island: I thought it was really easy to get there from the Rosslyn Metro stop. No more than a 10 minute walk.

Jenny Abella: Advice from a fellow reader. Thanks for chiming in.


Washington, D.C.: I've lived in the city for a few years now and I have never explored the local theater scene. Is there a play out now that's a good one to start with? How about local companies? Which one should I start with first?

Scott Vogel: It's such a rich scene that it's hard to know where to start. If you'd like to wade in without investing too much up front, don't miss "Pericles" at Carter Barron. The tickets are free and the the theater promises to be top-notch. Next week brings the Kennedy Center's new production of "Mame," starring Christine Baranski, which arrives with rumors of a future Broadway run. And if you're into opera, the WNO's "L'Italiana in Algeri" is apparently something to see.


Grand Cayman, BWI: I now live in Grand Cayman but have been going to the Eastern shore beaches for years. The best beach to take kids is Bethany. If they want to enjoy the games and attractions of the boardwalk take them to OC during the day. But be prepared for anything. Anything goes is the moto of OC. It is one of the few places in the world where you will see the true mix of people. But that is the great thing of OC. Seacrets on a Friday or Saturday night is a sure bet for those who want to party their faces off and feel like they are in the Caribbean, mon.

Jenny Abella: Thanks for writing all the way from Grand Cayman! Anyone else have ideas?


Herndon, Va.: I was wondering how you choose your Best picks in the front of your magazine. I can't believe you didn't mention the Book Expo this week -- surely one of the biggest events in the entire area. See today's Reliable Source if you don't believe me. Don't you think that people who like to read have weekends too?

Scott Vogel: Hey, we are book lovers too! And while we appreciate the query, I'm afraid that the event you're referring to -- BookExpo America -- is not open to the public, but rather an event for publishers, book retailers, etc.


Washington, D.C.: Are there beaches that could be a feasible day trip from Washington? The way people talk about traffic makes me nervous.

Christina Talcott: It can be tough at first, but you can do a day-trip to the Atlantic beaches if you leave really, really early. Before dawn, if you can. You'll be rewarded with light traffic and a prime spot on the beach. Plan to leave after dark, and you'll be fine. Another option is to skip the bridge entirely and spend the day on the beach at Sandy Point, Breezy Point or Point Lookout on the Chesapeake.


Washington, D.C.: I question your response to why you didn't use the word gay regarding the Blue Moon -- to whom is it obvious? Isn't the Post read by many people who don't know the Blue Moon and wouldn't find it obvious.

Eve Zibart: In truth, you can't win. Those years I specifically call places (and beaches) gay centers I get complaints; years I don't I get complaints. By me it shouldn't even matter, except I like for people to be comfortable with their surroundings.


Aberdeen, Md.: I'm looking more "american food" ... like burgers and fries. Something to get me in the mood for the game. Thanks!

Christina Talcott: Fritz Hahn wrote about Trusty's Full Service on Pennsylvania Ave. right off the Potomac Avenue stop - here's the link. They've got chili (regular and veggie) and hot dogs and half-smokes, which I believe the folks at City Paper once decreed Washington's official food, FWIW. You can even get your competitive juices flowing with one of the other board games there. Then just hop back on the Metro to the stadium.

Eve Zibart: Or maybe the big new Clyde's near MCI... Eve Zibart: OR Capital Q barbecue?


Rhode Island: For those of us not lucky enough to be sunning ourselves in perfect spring weather, do you have general suggestions for rainy day activities -- besides board games? Here in New England, the weather is atrocious and we're dealing with flooding, so any advice would be appreciated.

Jeanne Maglaty: It's hard to say without knowing your interests, age, etc. If you want to stay active, I recommend the Dance Dance Revolution music video game. My college-age nephew used to go downstairs to his basement to his DDR and get a great workout. If you are looking for something quiet that you can do with another person, do some old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles. Personally, I like the National Geographic Mystery Voyage Game.


Germantown, Md.: I have not been to Ocean City since 1984! My husband and I are planning on a trip there on Memorial Day Weekend. We are staying at the Coconut Malorie and hope to have a wonderful weekend. Can you recommend any Raw Bars/Restuarants to enjoy Oysters on the half shell? Someplace that is not ridiculously pricey. Thanks for the help ... oh and do you have any info on the hotel we will be staying at?

Eve Zibart: Cococnut Malorie used to belong to the Fager's complex, and is linked by a foot bridge (with a couple of families of real Baltimore Orioles nesting nearby) to Fager's Island restaurant, which is certainly convenient. Don't forget the sunsets. As to raw bars, the Harbor Watch at the foot of the boardwalk has the nicest views.


Leesburg, Va.: Eve, You asked what kind of seafood we'd order. We especially enjoy shrimp, scallops, oysters (breaded)and crab cakes. That's what we'd be looking to order at a seafood restaurant in Rehoboth, Dewey or Lewes. We probably wouldn't go to OC. Thanks again!

Eve Zibart: Then I'd definitely go to Fish On, Go Fish! and Fins. Also check at Gilligans, Jerry's Seafood and Big Fish Grill.


Portland, Ore.: I just came on lie on the West Coast, and I have not had time to read your piece. If my question has been answered in the article on by an earleir questioner, please skip it. There used to be a couple of notorious speed traps on the way to the beach. One inhospitable town used to drop from highway to 25 or 30 MPH with no warning, so the local police could write as many tickets as time allowed. Are there still problems? Thnx --

Eve Zibart: Absolutely! Speed limits on Route 1 especially in the Delaware stretches between Dewey and Fenwick are closely watched. Don't be fooled.


Bowie, Md.: I was a little disappointed last time I went to Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville. Can you recommend anything similar in the 50/404 corridor?

Eve Zibart: How about Holly's on Kent Island? Very similar style menu and atmosphere.


Arlington, Va.: Looking to do something with the kids this weekend and noticed Mickey and Minnie are in town for a show at the National Theater. What's the skinny on that?

Twila Waddy: The "Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show" is at the National Theatre. You can find more about it at this link The show runs through Sunday. This is a live performance by Mickey and Minnie. Donald and Goofy, Cinderella and The Fairy Godmother, Alice and The Mad Hatter will also be included in the show. It sounds great for kids.


Christina Talcott: Another suggestion for Rhode Island: Why not try out a new recipe? Something time-consuming but with a great payoff, like coq au vin or lamb vindaloo. You get bragging rights and a good meal by the time the clouds part.


Scott Vogel: Looks like another hour has come and gone. Thanks so much for all your questions, and we'll see you here again, next Friday -- same time, same place.


Eve Zibart: TO the person who asked about Roosevelt Island--sorry, my screen had cut off the bottom of your original query so I didn't seem to answer exactly, but I hope you saw the later info? If not, give me a call....

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