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Mike Metzger
FMX Rider and FMX Innovator
Thursday, June 22, 2006 1:00 PM

FMX rider and innovator Mike Metzger was online Thursday, June 22, at 1 p.m. ET to field questions and comments. Metzger recently jumped 125 feet over the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He landed that jump and did a back flip while doing it.

Metzger has won competitions including three X Games golds and plans to compete in this weekend's Dew Action Sports Tour event in Louisville.

The transcript follows.


Mike Metzger: Hey everyone this is Mike Metzger hanging out in Louisville waiting to see how tomorrow goes


Katonah, N.Y.: Hi Mike! How did you get started riding FMX?

Mike Metzger: I started doing tricks on an 80 cc mini bike and it's just progressed from there. In 1998 we had our first freestyle event and that's when I started considering myself one of the first professional freestyle riders.


Harrisburg, Pa.: What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

Mike Metzger: The most dangerous thing I've ever done -- uhhh -- every day riding motorcycles is a dangerous day for me so nothing stands out in particular. My lifestyle is dangerous so that's what I'm used to doing. Some people sit in front of a computer everyday and I'm not used to doing that. My life is being dangerous and pushing limits and doing flips and progressing the sport.


Reston, Va.: Have you had any health problems as a result of doing these stunts?

Mike Metzger: I sustain injury all the time. Whether it's breaking a finger or slamming yourself into the ground, that's just part of the job. It's part of action sports, being able to sustain injury and getting up and doing your job. I just crashed the other day actually, and I'm hurt now but I'm gonna go out tomorrow and do my best.


Long Beach, Calif.: How did it feel after you back flipped the fountains at Caesars Palace? What was going through your head and how happy were you when you landed the back flip?

Mike Metzger: It started off with me being excited to have the chance to jump Caesars Palace and be able to do such an amazing thing. As far as when I landed, I was just excited to find my wife and my kids and be able to hug them and then I was just excited to be able to go practice to come to the Dew Tour.


New York: How does the Dew Tour play into your future goals?

Mike Metzger: As far as future goals with the Dew Tour, I would love to win several of the Dew events and then hopefully the championship in the next couple years. I think that it's a great opportunity that we suddenly as athletes have. Something that's comparable to something like AMA Supercross. Not just one event, but several events where the athletes don't need to buckle down and go overboard to try to win.


Orlando, Fla.: What was it like competing on the Dew Tour last year? How many stops did you do?

Mike Metzger: Last year I got a chance to compete at the Denver round. That was it. Earlier in the year I was coming back from a a muscle injury. Then at Denver Dew Tour I ended up shattering my right foot so I wasn't able to compete at the other rounds.


Waco, Tex.: What single characteristic do you feel has attributed to your high level of success in freestyle?

Mike Metzger: My success level is just due to being a good person and enjoying the help that I can give people.


Tarzana, Calif.: Do you think Action Sports like Moto-cross, BMX and Skate Boarding help detour kids from using drugs and alcohol?

Mike Metzger: Yes I do, I think action sports and even team sports or anything that people get involved in that they like to do will help them stay on a positive path.


Whittier, Calif.: As a proclaimed Christian, where do you put God on your priority list?

Mike Metzger: I try to live by a positive light and try to reflect that the best I can in my everyday life. I pray a lot and I have tried to live my life that way since I was a young kid, since I've known about Jesus Christ at about 5 years old. On my priority list, it's my first priority.


Santa Ana, Calif.: Hey Mike! Great job on your awesome jump! I have a question. What do you think about Twitch's recent back flip? Are you happy for him? Thanks! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! Joe

Mike Metzger: Yeah I think it's great that guys like Twitch are trying to push themselves and the sport. Pushing themselves being first though.


Anaheim, Calif.: Do you plan on competing in all five stops of the Dew Tour this summer? If so, what is your strategy?

Mike Metzger: So far my plan is to compete at 5 stops. My strategy is to stay healthy. I recently crashed on an under rotated back flip and sustained a swollen knee. I'm gonna see what happens in tomorrows preliminary event. We'll start by hopefully getting through the first round.


Boston, Mass.: What do you think about this year's competition at the Dew Tour? How does it stack up against other FMX events?

Mike Metzger: I think that this year's Dew Tour series will be hands down the most competitive freestyle event there has ever been in history.


Rigby, Idaho: We watch everything you do- You are so awesome and fearless and talented. So will there be anything new or especially cool to look out for on the Dew Tour- Namely Denver because that's the one I'm going to?

Mike Metzger: I'm practicing and have been working on some new things so it's just a matter of feeling comfortable and confident when it comes to doing it at the series. I'm gonna try to stay healthy and get thru the competition.


Philadelphia, Pa.: How do you rehearse your stunts?

Mike Metzger: Usually by numerous hours of practicing tricks until I feel comfortable trying something new. If you have something gnarly that you wanna try, you may need to use the foam pit.


Uron, Switzerland: Do you want to race motocross again one day?

Mike Metzger: At this time I'm just focused on freestyle and being a part of everything freestyle has to offer. Racing is fun and I'm sure I will race some grand prix or local races but as far as anything national there's no reason for me to try.


Arlington, Va.: As a child did you foresee yourself getting into this career? Do you have any stories from your childhood that gave your parents a clue you'd one day be part of extreme sports?

Mike Metzger: As a kid I wanted to be part of the motorcycle industry whether it was as a motocross racer or somehow in the industry. But I never thought that FMX would come up as a result of me racing bikes my whole life. Also, when I first started going to the desert at 3 years old, both my grandpa and my dad were making wooden ramps for me to jump. They call me the Godfather, so maybe that was the start of it. At 3 years old...


Hengshui, China: How do you feel when you are in the air, I mean, does it feel as if you are flying or that you are thrown away? Thank you.

Mike Metzger: It definitely just feels like you are flying through the air. Especially doing a rock solid. It's the closest thing to feeling like Superman. You actually let go of your bike and are just flying through the air.


Mike Metzger: Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone that sent in questions and I hope everyone gets to come out and see the fun that Dew Tour has to offer everyone this year. If you come out, make sure to come up and say hello and check out the Factory Freestyle team and I! Take care!


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