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Freedom Rock

Chris Richards
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 2, 2006; 2:00 PM

Washington Post Singles File writer Chris Richards was online Wednesday, Aug. 2 at 2 p.m. ET to talk about the latest singles, best summer jams and other music tidbits. J. Freedom du Lac will return on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

The transcript follows.

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Chris Richards: Greetings Freedom Rockers, irate Tool fans and lovers of Starland Vocal Band.

Chris Richards here - long time lurker, first time chatter. I write a weekly column for Style called The Singles File as well as the occasional CD and/or concert review. Mr. du Lac is away this week, and I will be doing my best to fill his Nike cross-trainers.

Holler at me about .

(A). Summer jams: So many great pop songs this summer! Who are your contenders for the official summer jam? Any songs that should be paying rent in your iPod?

(B) Festivals: I just returned from the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, and despite the terrific performances, I've decided that festivals are positively the WORST places to see live music. Virgin Festival is coming to our neighborhood next month - Will you be there?

(C ) The Usual: Tool, SVB, "Can Henry Rollins bench press _____?" and all things pop music.

No fighting


Washington, D.C.: Do you know - Is the Virgin Festival lineup pretty much set, or are they planning to announce more acts before Sept. 23? It's a terrific lineup, but smaller than the other Virgin Festivals around the world. If they plan to add more acts - Do you know which ones? What's on your wish list? (My wish list would include Radiohead...)

Chris Richards: It appears that the line-up is set. According to promoter Seth Hurwitz, they decided to keep the festival a one-day event and not dilute the talent.

That said, I would be psyched if they could squeeze Lily Allen onto the second stage and Diplo into the DJ tent.


SF Bay Area, Calif.: C Freedom: So, do YOU like Coldplay??

Chris Richards: Lukewarmplay. I'm not a Coldplay lover, nor a Coldplay hater. I think their tunes are so-so and their success is a little alarming. I really love their album covers, though!


Rumor Has It...: Any word on The Stooges? I heard that Iggy may reunite with the Asheton brothers to record and/or tour, with Mike Watt joining on bass.

Chris Richards: Not a rumor: Iggy already reunited with the brothers Asheton on his 2003 album "Skull Ring." Mike Watt toured with the group after that.

A new rumor: They're still together and recording a new album this year.

Another rumor: Steve Albini is producing it. (Ask Mr. Albini for details when his band Shellac performs at Fort Reno park on August 31).


Annapolis, Md.: Good Afternoon, thanks for hosting the chat.

I missed the Guster concert at Wolf Trap last night. How bummed should I be, considering I usually see them once a year? Also, what's the story with this Ray LaMontagne character? Worth checking up on?

Chris Richards: What's up Annapolis? I grew up there. Broadneck Senior High, stand up!

I wasn't at the Guster show last night, but my colleague Chris Klimek was. His review will appear in tomorrow's paper.

I'm listening to Ray LaMontagne on myspace right now and the song "Three More Days" has a pretty good Otis Redding-ish vibe working. Thanks for the question/tip!


Arlington, Va.: I asked a Butch Walker question during the very end of the last chat, which must have been to late to address, so I'll ask it again: why doesn't the man get more press as a performer? His show at the 9:30 Club was amazing and the new album is awesome. I don't get his lack of popularity.

Chris Richards: What? My mention of him in The Singles File wasn't enough for you? I cited Walker's T-Rex-aping stomper "Hot Girls in Good Moods" in my July 12 column. Sounds like his live show was even better - I'll try and catch it next time.


Washington, D.C.: When do you think most "summer jams" get written? They probably record 'em in the winter to get 'em ready for summer release, right? Feels wrong.

Chris Richards: Oh so wrong. I interviewed R&B producer Rich Harrison for a profile last summer and he told me that he wrote "Crazy In Love" with Beyonce during a snow storm in New York City. Hard to imagine.

That said, I try to listen to as much Kraftwerk as possible to keep my electric cool during days like today.


RE: The Stooges: It's not a rumor, unless something has changed -- Iggy talked to about the album back in April and Albini and Jack White were supposed to be producing.

Chris Richards: Well, there you have it. Shellac does a famous "question and answer" session with fans during the middle of their live set. So if you want to confirm it....


Westminster, Calif. Were you aware that Clay Aiken, as a suggestion to his fans on his website, raised over $47,000 for his Unicef kids within a 24 hour time period, which Rosie O'Donnel promptly announced she will match. And she has. And then over the next two days, Clay's fans kept up the contributions to the tune of over $67,000.

This enormous event has gone mainly unnoticed by the entertainment press, and so as a fan, I feel obliged to report the happy news.

Chris Richards: Looks like Clay is good for something after all!


Washington, D.C.: Did you miss all the melodramatics last night at the 9:30 club?

People were complaining, but the club was totally right to do with they did and they handled it really well.

So, to answer your question at the end of last week's chat about where Sleater-Kinney will fit into rock history - I just don't care. When my currently non-existent kids become teenagers and start showing an interest in music fifteen years from now, it will be my divine pleasure to sit down and play them The Hot Rock and All Hands on the Bad One.

Chris Richards: I missed it - and in case you did too: Last night's Sleater Kinney show at the 9:30 was evacuated after one of the club's transformers overheated. Fire officials asked the 9:30 folks to clear the club before things got worse.

The good news is that Sleater-Kinney has rescheduled for Thursday. I hope they play "The Drama You've Been Craving," despite all the... uh... drama.


Arlington, Va.: I just discovered that my favorite band of the moment, Thailand's ModernDog, are going to be playing a special show in Arlington at a Thai restaurant 2 blocks from my home next Friday. I traveled all the way to NYC to see them and found out they would be here while talking to the band's singer. The problem is that the place only holds 200 and all the tickets are long gone. I have spoken to the promoter and the restaurant manager and they say there's nothing they can do; that my only hope is to get on the band's guest list which I don't expect to happen. How can I get in to see this show? Can I pretend to be you and that I am there to write a review for the Post?

Chris Richards: Wow - that's tough. You should put out a plea on craigslist - and make sure your posting consistently uses the dollar-sign instead of the letter S. If that doe$n't work, get to the venue early and chat up everyone in line. Maybe someone's date gave them the cold shoulder.

Meantime, tell us more about ModernDog!


Clifton, Va.: How do you think the audience is going to react when Ozzy appears only in the parking lot on the 2nd stage at 4 pm at Ozzfest on Sunday? They won't be able to see him unless they're in front....

Chris Richards: I've never been to Ozzfest - is the audience well behaved? I would presume that it's an absolute madhouse, but the most courteous rock crowd I ever experienced was at a Marilyn Manson concert a few moons back.


Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Re Summer Jams: Cat Power's 'Lived in Bars' Something about it just reminds me of a lazy summer day in the South, though only the last minute or so is totally upbeat.

Chris Richards: Nice look. While you're at it, check out Cat Power covering Serge Gainsbourg-Jane Birkin in today's Singles File column.


Arlington, Va.: Whatever the jam of the summer is, it's neither "Hustlin'" nor the remix, right? Please say it's not.

Chris Richards: Ooooooooh - I don't know. I love "Hustlin" and the remix quite a bit. I saw Diplo DJ at the Black Cat last week and the crowd went coconuts for that one.


Alexandria, Va.: Summer Jams, I'll go back to an album that came out last September and pick 'Sing Me Spanish Techno' by the New Pornographers.

Chris Richards: A retro-jam from Alexandria.


Stooge on Stage: So Iggy & the Stooges toured in 2003?!? I missed it completely. Anyone out there see them? How many shows did they do, and where?

Chris Richards: I missed it, as they didn't come to the area, if I remember correctly. Did anyone travel to see it? I'm pretty sure there's a DVD out now about the short tour.


Mansonites: They weren't courteous, they were zombified. No other explanation for being there.

Chris Richards: It was loooooong after Manson's heyday - so you're probably right.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Chris-

It was pretty cool to see your inclusion of the The Thermals in today's singles list. I got into them around the time their last album came out, and while this new album took a few days to grow on me, I've decided it's pretty much genius. (I've had a copy for about 3 weeks now.) Since it's supposed to be a concept album, I see it as kind of a punkier, yet more convoluted, "American Idiot." What do you think? Are they really going to take off with this new one?

Chris Richards: I hope so! Haven't heard the entire album, but I've been digging the Thermals since their rad debut "More Parts Per Million." Producer David is wise to point out that they're often more potent in small doses. Does their album hold up end to end? Or does it tire you out?


D.C. - OZZFEST!: i heard Ozzy is actually going to be at Ozzfest this weekend! I got tickets to go (along with backstage passes)and am dying to see him perform. Please say i might have an opportunity to bump into the Prince of Darkness himself or if it's just a joke.

But be gentle if its bad news...

Chris Richards: According to the internets... it's true. Ozzy is scheduled to perform during the daylight hours on the smaller second stage. Looks like you're in for a more intimate Ozzy experience.


Arizona Bay, Ariz.: J. Freedom's musical view of Tool is well documented in this chat. Being that they announced that they would be playing at the (insert telephone company here) Center on Sept. 30, what are your thoughts on the "prog-metal" band?

Chris Richards: Greeting Arizona Bay. I've been waiting for your post...

You're right - Tool is coming to the phone booth on Sept 30. The gig was announced today and tickets go on sale Friday.

Will I be buying one? Nope. I had Tool's first album (on cassette!) in 8th grade and remember liking it quite a bit back in those days. But then again, I was also still playing little league and wearing Hypercolor T-shirts. So no - I'm not a Tool fan in 2006.

But I know you are and I want to understand. Who are you other favorite groups, past or present?


Audioslave/Chris Cornell: Last week, J. Free mentioned a rumor about Audioslave calling it quits after the next release and Chris Cornell returning to a solo career. Can you confirm (or deny) any similar ramblings? Personally, I don't think Cornell can match any degree of success without a quality supporting band. But it would be nice to see him with a productive singing career as long as Audioslave continues to make "marginal" rock muzik, much like their predecessors Tool..........

Chris Richards: Sorry, my doctor advised me to cut Audioslave out of my diet completely. Any blog-surfing Cornell groupies out there?


Ashburn, Va.: I have been to see Styx and several other shows at Loudoun Summer Music Fest this year at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn. I was impressed by this great family friendly event. Ticket prices are under $20, kids are free and its doesn't take hours to get in and out of the parking lot. The ticket "convenience fee" was only a few bucks and a beer or glass of wine was only $5. This is a pleasant alternative to the other DC area summer concert venues where ticket prices and charges for parking, drinks etc have gone through the roof.

Chris Richards: Yeah, but it's a Styx show.

Just kidding - glad you had a nice time. And I agree that concert fees are getting ridiculous. That's why I was so pleasantly surprised when I attended the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago last weekend. Water was a dollar, sandwiches were only four or five, plenty of bathrooms - heck - the ticket price was only $20 a day!

Grouse all you want about, but they certainly had "the people" in mind when they set up their festival.


Arlington, Va.: How do you decide which five songs to include in your column each week? Any specific criteria?

Chris Richards: Nothing too specific. I just try to pick excellent tunes from all genres, with an occasional "it's-so-bad-you-gotta-hear-it." I also try to avoid overlap with our CD coverage.

Any suggestions for me?


Washington, D.C.: Do you think Britney will survive her recent debacles, and return with a vengance?

Chris Richards: I have mixed feelings about the future of Britney - part of me wants her to return to "Toxic"-heights, part of me wants her to fade, fade away.

I'm certainly enjoying K-Fed's career in the meantime.


Citizen (World): Mr Freedom Fries,

Got to admit this band Silversun Pickups is just blowing me away. They've got a bit of Smashing Pumpkins in them. 'Lazy Eye' is my favorite song of the year so far. Have you heard them yet? What do you think?

Chris Richards: Oops - Freedom is away. But I'll forgive you. Like when a kindergartener accidentally calls their teacher "Mommy." Or something....

And yes, the Silversun Pickups are Smashingpumpkinalicious. I like "Lazy Eye" quite a bit, but "Well Thought Out Twinkles" is my fave SP tune. I wrote about it in last week's column.


College Park, Ga.: I really dig the "Screwed and Chopped" sound out of Houston. That's why last week I purchased Chad Butler's "Pimpalation". It has a real banger on it entitled "Knockin' Doors Down". Have you heard it?

Chris Richards: By Chad Butler you must be referring to the one, the only Pimp C. He's one half of the legendary Houston duo UGK, and "Pimpalation" is his first album after spending a few years in the pokey. ("Free Pimp C!" was a rally cry for the Houston scene for a few years).

Seems like the "Screwed and Chopped" phenomenon hit it's high-water mark last summer. If you want to play catch-up, check out the latest albums from Bun B., Slim Thug, Devin the Dude, any of the mixtapes released by Texas DJ Rapid Ric, and the so excellent Swishahouse Records compilation "The Day All Hell Broke Loose 2"


Fairfax, Va.: I've noticed the Post often doesn't have reviews of concerts that were held over the weekend. For example, you didn't review concerts by the Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney or the American Idols that were held this past weekend. Why not?

Chris Richards: Au contraire... Dave McKenna had a funny take on the American Idols tour in Sunday's paper. Kellie Pickler's jeans were "tighter than a freelancer's budget." (Trying to tell us something, Dave?).

As for the Beach Boys and Mr. Chesney - they aren't touring behind new albums, so we skipped them this time.


Los Abandoned: Los Lobos: Yay!

Los Lonely Boys: Meh.

Los Abandoned: Wondered what ever happened to Toni Basil.

Chris Richards: Aren't Los Abandoned great? Cheers to Post freelancer Mario Ona for bringing them to my attention.

While we're at it, three cheers for Le Tigre and Le Shok.


Jackson, N.J.: Other than buying (or bidding on) on Ebay, is there any word on a GOOD digital compilation seen for a Traveling Willburys CD soon?

Chris Richards: I haven't seen one. Have you heard the new Tom Petty album in the meantime?


I'm sorry but...: shouldn't this chat have been temporarily changed to "Chris" Rock ?

Chris Richards: I know! I'm actually chatting with you live from DAR Constitution Hall.


Madison, Wis.: Good call on that the Knife single from a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded from iTunes (their free "discovery" singles of the week are usually pretty interesting) and it took me straight back to '86, or whatever year it sounds like it emerged from. catchy!

Chris Richards: I think they emerged from an 80s horror movie! Electronic music has huge potential to sound scary and interesting, and the Knife really cash in on that. On the contrary, everybody must download the poppy, Cindi Lauper-ish "Heartbeats" from their last album RIGHT NOW.


Summer Jams.....: How bout, especially now regarding the heat wave, rapper Snow's hit song "Informer"?

Chris Richards: My friend just played me "Informer" in the car yesterday and it sounded so great! Why was this guy such a joke? I guess he must have had some unforgivable fashion sense. I vaguely remember a bad high-top fade - Color Me Badd-style.


Arlington, Va.: Since you asked... ModernDog are Thailand's pre-eminent "modern rock" band that pretty much single-handedly launched a wave of Thai indie rock bands in the mid-90s. They get compared to Radiohead for their music and REM for their influence over other bands. For their 10th anniversary last year they played a 3 hour long retrospective arena concert that is immortalized in their Wake Up At Ten DVD/CD. Great musicians and very humble, nice guys. I don't speak more than about 3 words of Thai, but I just love their music and the singer's voice. Here is their MySpace page .

Chris Richards: For those interested in stepping into the Temple of the Modern Dog.


Leesburg, Va.: The ear buds to my IPod fell apart this weekend. No big surprise I guess. So, I figured if anyone knows a good set of ear buds, it would be a music critic. What ear buds would you recommend I pick up as replacements.

Chris Richards: Actually, I'm horrible on this front. I plug some cumbersome studio headphones into my iPod. Any advice from the chatters?


Arizona Bay, Ariz.: Doors, Pink Floyd, Cypress Hill, RATM, Pearl Jam to name a few.

Chris Richards: The Tool fan speaks. Thanks!


Waldorf, Md.: Chris, please tell me why The Format aren't more popular than they are? Good grief they write catchy pop songs.

Chris Richards: I've never heard of the Format. Thanks for the tip....


Adams-Morgan, Washington, D.C.: Festivals. They are OK if you have no expectations and are there for the party. If you want to see your favorite band play three songs to 50,000 people who could care less about your band (in broad daylight) --then it may not be for you. I love Drive by Truckers and the Flaming Lips, but both bands need to be seen in a smaller venue where the focus is on them.

Chris Richards: Lower your expectations and reach for your wallets? Doesn't sound fair to me.


Arnold, Md.: "What's up Annapolis? I grew up there. Broadneck Senior High, stand up!"

Go Bruins! -stands up-

Um, on topic.....Tool sucks?

Chris Richards: Tool bashing = save it for next week when JFDL returns.

Severna Park High School bashing = okay.


Falls Church, Va.: re: Snow: Why was this guy such a joke?

Well, he was from Canada, wasn't he??

Chris Richards: Toronto has an amazing dancehall scene - I'm not kidding!


Los Abandoned Question: They sound more like the Cars than The Cars. How can that be ?

Chris Richards: Or do you mean the New Cars? The latest incarnation with Todd Rundgren?


Manassas, Va.: Virgin Festival: it appears as if Chili Peppers are headlining. They're great, but shouldn't the Who be top-billed???? (especially since it's been forever since they've been to the DC area...2000, I believe?) Sounds like you've been to others-will this one be worth the high ticket price and the Redskins-style high priced parking?

Chris Richards: The Peppers are popular with fans of all ages, while the Who are popular with my dad, other dads, and kids of dads who got them into the Who. (Who?)

The ticket price does seem pretty high, but it all depends how bad you want to see Gnarls Barkley.


Long Island native, NY: What do you think of Van Morrison's new stuff? I read some awfully critical complaints made by Van against Springsteen and others. Are these going to haunt him at all, even though, they are true?

Chris Richards: I wasn't really feeling V-Mo's latest. JFDL let me borrow it one day at work and didn't tell me who it was. I said it sounded like a really drunk Van Morrison. Ooof. It'll be interesting to see how his concert at the Patriot Center goes in a couple days.


Washington, D.C.: Is it just me or has this been a pretty weak concert year? All the bands I really wanted to see are not coming to the area or just not touring, Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Sparta, etc. I'm not talking about festivals, I mean club shows and more intimate venues. Did I just miss them or what?

Chris Richards: Record, release a record, tour.

Record, release a record, tour.

Record, release a record, tour.

Seems like most of those bands are in the "record" stage. That means it's time for you to check out some new bands.


'Snow way: Snow's problem was that he made Vanilla Ice look like Ice-T. By the way, there's a TV weatherman down here in Floriduh named Robert van Winkle who looks just the right age to be Vanilla's dad. Think he's proud, or ashamed?

Chris Richards: For all we know, there could be thousands of Van Winkles in Florida. THOUSANDS.


Washington, D.C.: How often do you butt heads with JFdL over what's hot and what's not?

Chris Richards: Not too often, so when we clash, we CLASH! (We both like the Clash, tho).

The biggest debate this summer has been about Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous." Obviously, we all know it's the best song released this year and JFDL should lose his job for hating on it.


Washington, D.C.: A question about the Who and other bands with similar composition. When should a band stop calling itself the same band name that they did when their personnel was way different? That is, the Who have only 2 of the original 4 members. The "New" Cars are missing Ric Ocasek, but at least they changed their name to reflect this. Oh, wise one, what say you?

Chris Richards: Agreed - I respect the "New Cars" tweak.

As for the Who...

The Who??

The Whodats



MTV @ 25: I was bored last night and wound up checking out some of the MTV 25th celebration/promotion. The tape on some of those early videos had degraded so much that the video was wobbling (and that's before considering the songs themselves). Did you see it?

Chris Richards: Wobble-wobble - I missed it. But I'm cynical enough to believe that MTV added some kind of wobble effect to make themselves look more legendary.


Washington, D.C.: Two questions:

First, I'm in a total musical funk. Bought St. Elsewhere and loved it, but looking for my August obsession. Help? (I tried LDL? LDN? Not my fav.)

Second, do you know anything about iTunes and their relationship with artists? Like why can't I find the original version of 99 Problems by Jay-Z or the Foo Fighter's cover of Baker Street?

Chris Richards: 1.I'm in love with Phoenix's "It's Never Been Like That." It's a few months old but it's simple, subtle and superb.

2. This is not the first I've heard of the "99 Problems" glitch. Anyone out there know why this is?


Arlington, Va.: "Promiscuous Girl"

You mean "The New 'Humps' Song," right?

Chris Richards: Nope. Fergie's "London Bridge" is the new "Humps." It's also the number one song on iTunes right now. When the Chicago DJ team Flosstradamus dropped it at Pitchfork festival last weekend, it was ON.


Rockville, Md.: Are you related to "Dancin'" Stevie Richards of WWF/WCW/ECW fame?

Chris Richards: Um... no.

Nor am I this guy:


Falls Church, Va.: re: Snow, The Informer

He got a job in The White House, didn't he?

Chris Richards: Boom-tsk.


Burbank, Calif.: Hi Chris!

Next weekend, there is a festival in OC "recreating" Woodstock of '69 with cover bands for all the artists......funny as hell, bad idea or brilliant???

Chris Richards: Wow - certainly surreal. Kinda like the Germs reunion that's coming to the Black Cat this month with Shane West filling the boots of Darby Crash. Mr. West plays Crash in an upcoming Germs biopic. Hmmmmmmm.


Truth in Advertising: Townshend and Daltrey should bill themselves as The Two. Simple, accurate, succint.

Chris Richards: Nice work.


Broad Ripple : CRich, are you a fan of Neko Case? Can you mention any other artists similar to her style?

Chris Richards: Fans of Case have said nice things about Sarah Harmer.


Clash City: What kind of a name is "Five for Fighting" for a band that, as far as I can tell, only does mellow, piano-based slow songs?

Chris Richards: It's totally misleading. I definitely thought they were an emo band before hearing them.


Rockville, Md.: Are you related to/or are you former Baltimore Oriole/Colorado Rockie Chris Richards?

Chris Richards: Strike two. But I went to Camden Yards a few years ago and the will-call attandant made the "shouldn't you be on the field" joke, TWICE.


Snow: Wasn't his album called "12 Inches of Snow"?

Huh huh 12 inches huh huh huh

Chris Richards: Did you lift that directly from your new Beavis and Butthead DVD?


Who needs "M" TV?: In the last week I've seen Hendrix live on Cavett, an awesome "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" featuring Prince, and all the good parts of "Stop Making Sense" on Youtube.

When Pimp My Ride makes it to Youtube, I'm done with MTV.

Chris Richards: Youtube = the most glorious invetion of all time.

Well, maybe not, but darn close. I've watched more live footage of Prince than I could ever dream of seeing. Troll around and see if you can find the James Brown concert where Michael Jackson comes up for spell, and then the Purple One comes up and blows him off the stage.


Washington, D.C.: Have you heard of Sierra Swan? Is she/they any good?

Chris Richards: Haven't heard him/her/them. In the precious moments we have left, anyone care to chime in?


Severna Park, Md.: As for Snow, it wasn't his clothing that was holding him back. Remember that MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice didn't exactly sport the best threads, but they were enormously popular.

We just all go through bad phases. Like the whole boy band thing a few years back. The early 90s just wasn't a good time for hip-hop.

And SPHS rules!

Chris Richards: Okay, SPHS. Perhaps you and I danced together to Snow/Hamner/VanWinkle at a Magothy River Middle School dance in 1992.


Rockville, Md.: Can we expect a New Kids on The Block reunion tour any time soon?

Chris Richards: Hitting a state fair near in you in about 12 years....


re: the Who: Yeah, recently here at work I made a comment about some management changes -- "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." NO ONE had the slightest idea what I was referring to. Sad.

Chris Richards: It's okay, dad. I still love you.


New York, N.Y.: Who would you say is the most overrated artist of the summer?

Chris Richards: Since I'm a song-centric fellow, can I say that Beyonce's "Deja Vu" is the most overrated song this summer? What a disappointment.

As for overrated artist: Dangermouse. Not Gnarls Barkley. Just Dangermouse. That dude is getting all the credit for a collaborative duo that wouldn't be worth listening to in an elevator if it weren't for Cee Lo.


Chris Richards: Alright folks - I've been Freedom Rocked. And while I'm disappointed that nobody sent in a SVB question, I'm glad we got to do it. Thaks so much for being nice to the substitute teacher while Mr. du Lac was away. I'll tell him good things. And remember to read the Singles File every Wednesday in Style - your iPod will thank you and so will I.



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