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J. Freedom du Lac
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 2:00 PM

Washington Post music critic J. Freedom du Lac is online every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET to talk about the latest on the music scene: hip-hop, pop, alternative, country, alt-country, rock, reggae, reggaeton, R and B and whatever it is that the Beatles did.

The transcript follows.

____________________ On 'Idlewild,' OutKast Duo Is Out of Sync and Out of Luck

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J. Freedom du Lac: Freedom Rock FAQ for 8/23/06:

Were you at the Bob Dylan show? (Bob Dylan was here? When?!!!? No, I wasn't there.)

When are you going to print an apology for that negative review by Chris Richards? (Why should we? [And did I really answer a FAQ with a Q? Bad form, I know.] But seriously, no. Dunno why we would.)

Is Chris Richards deaf? (He might be by now, given all those people who have been yelling at him this week.)

Have you heard the new Dylan album? (Yes.)

And? (Review runs next week.)

AND? (Kevin Federline is the new Vanilla Ice.)

Why are you talking to yourself? (I remember, I remember when I lost my mind/There was something so pleasant about that place/Even your emotions had an echo in so much space. Does that make me crazy?)

In other, non-FAQ news: Kanye West is opening a few shows for the Stones on the never-ending Bigger Bang tour. So what happens when he gets booed? It could be a crushing blow, given the fragility of his outsize ego. And he WILL get booed. It's a ritual for acts on the Stones' undercard. I mean, if they'll boo Prince, Guns N Roses, The Pixies and Living Colour ...

So what else is up?


Silver Spring, Md.: Dude. How excited am I for the Justin Timberlake show? Very excited. I haven't heard the new single, though, because I hate the you know if there's somewhere online I can hear it?

J. Freedom du Lac: Is this your FAQ for the day? Loved that you answered your own question. You can, of course, hear SexyBack at Timberlake's MySpace page.


Stars may be blind: But Paris Hilton cannot sing. Am I right?

J. Freedom du Lac: She sings better than I do. But I'm not spending a truckload of money on my debut album, either.


Washington, D.C.: Hello Mr. du Lac - Admittedly, I don't spend much time listening to hip-hop. But after hearing all the hype over Gnarls Barkley, I stayed up late one night last week to watch them on Letterman. Can't say I was much impressed. I saw a crooner that thinks he's Smokey Robinson, a keyboardist that could be a refugee from Sparks, and the entire band wearing AC/DC's cast off wardrobe. This is the future of hip-hop? What am I missing?

J. Freedom du Lac: You're missing the recorded version of "Crazy." Hip-hop is, by and large, a much more successful studio medium than a live one. And based what I, too, have seen on TV, I don't think Gnarls Barkley's performances are going to change my mind about that. Though they do have a great wardrobe.


San Diego, Calif.: Okay, here's a question for everyone out there. Name your top 5 favorite songs of all time but - here's the kicker - they have to all be a different genre. Here's mine:

1. Trad., "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (Traditional)

2. Nena, "99 Red Balloons" (Pop)

3. Johnny Cash, "Cocaine Blues" (eh, call it country I guess)

4. Bob Marley, "Zimbabwe" (Reggae)

5. The Misfits, "Braineaters" (Punk Rock)

J. Freedom du Lac: I was willing to put it out there last week when asked to name my five favorite guitarists, but I'm going to have to think about this -- and for more than the 2 minutes I'd get to spend on it here. Just as I've so far refused to answer the "name your 5 favorite albums/live shows/live albums/sitar solos/etc of all-time" posts, I'm going to punt. I'll really have to marinate on this one. But ask me again next week and I promise to have an answer ... two-fifths of which will be "What's Going On?" (soul) and "Like a Rolling Stone" (folk, which is cheating, but it gives me another slot for a rock song).


Freedom Knocks: JF: If you ever wrote a review or article that did not generate disbelief, outrage, invective or just plain hurt feelings would you wonder what you did wrong?? Love your writing and the reactions they generate!

J. Freedom du Lac: Nah. My mission isn't to provoke. I'm just trying to articulate my feelings about this album, that performance, etc. And besides, your post suggests that I'm some sort of haterade-chugging misanthrope when it comes to music. Not so. I love it when I find something worth gushing over. The latest Johnny Cash album, for instance. Or the Springsteen show.


Ann Arbor, Mich.: After reading your new review of the new Outkast LP, I decided I need a nickname like Antwan "Big Boi" Patton and Andre "Andre 3000" Benjamin. Problem is: I can't think of a good one and the ones my alcoholic father came up with only make me feel worse about myself.

J. Freedom du Lac: Personally, I prefer Johnny Vulture to Andre 3000. But yeah, you're right - the world would be a much better place if everybody had a good nickname. (Fortunately, I was sort of given one at birth by my hippie parents.) Why don't you go with, say, Spanky?


Seattle, Wash.: What did you think of the "Wheezing in the Wind" review of Bob Dylan's show in Frederick? I suppose a ballpark isn't the best place to see him, but still. I saw Dylan in a beautiful old theater here last year and was impressed, despite some croakiness in his voice. And he spoke not a word, didn't even introduce his great band.

J. Freedom du Lac: I thought it a fine review. The biggest criticism we're hearing is, more or less, that we shouldn't say/write that sort of thing about a legend. Of course we should, if said legend deserves it. I didn't give James Brown a pass when he played the 9:30 because I thought the show simply wasn't very good. It's not enough to just show up. People are paying good money for a performance, not to bask in the glow of a particular artists's past greatness. I mean, really. We were reviewing a show, not a career. And Chris Richards commented on that particular Dylan show, which he obviously didn't love.


Larry, Curly, MO: J Free,

I admire your eclectic taste in music. One second you are extolling the greatness of Raul Malo, and in the next breath, Gnarls Barkley.

What do you think of the hard times that have befallen Tower Records? What does it all mean to the music lover?

J. Freedom du Lac: Hey, I think I've driven through Larry, Curly, MO. It's in the boot heel, right? A stone's throw from Cape Girardeau.

Anyway, I think you have to have eclectic taste in music to do this job. Does that make me crazy?

The loss of Tower Records means much more for older music lovers than younger ones who tend to get their music (and their recommendations/exposure to new artists) online. Though lately, Tower sort of seemed like Just Another Music Chain. Now, if shops like Amoeba and Waterloo and Village Music were to go out of business, then I'd REALLY be bummed.


Arlington, Va.: So, Tower Records is bankrupt and up for sale. Back when I lived in NYC, my apartment was right around the corner from their Upper West Side store. Once when I was in there shopping I saw Lou Reed buying a whole bunch of CDs. They opened a checkout just for him so he wouldn't have to wait in line.

This was my coolest celebrity sighting, ever.

J. Freedom du Lac: That is pretty cool. Do you recall what he was buying? I've never had a great celeb sighting in a record store. Not even a kinda good one, save for the time I ran into the San Francisco Ballet's ex-conductor at the Tower near Fisherman's Wharf.


OutKast: The Lennon-McCartney of hip-hop, or merely the Brooks & Dunn of hip-hop?

Or maybe the Osama & Whitney of hip-hop?

J. Freedom du Lac: More like the Hall and Oates of the genre.


Five favorite: I'm sure I could change this every two minutes but off the top of my head:

1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Mingus Quartet(jazz)

2. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, anyone(Classical)

3. Grand Tour, George Jones (Country)

4. Paint It Black, Rolling Stones (Rock)

5. What's Goin' On, Marvin Gaye(Soul)

J. Freedom du Lac: This is a nice list, especially since you and I have the same soul pick. I'd put Satisfaction ahead of Paint It Black, though, for rock. But that's just me. Love the Mingus tune.


Oxford, Miss.: I like San Diego's question but "Braineaters" as favorite punk rock song?? Come on. If you want to make a case that the Misfits had better songs than, say Bad Brains, Black Flag, or the Dead Kennedys, you can (I guess), but "Braineaters" has got to be the single WORST Misfits song ever!

Some Kinda Hate, AstroZombies, Nike A Go Go, et al are clearly superior tunes. Braineaters is for elementary school zombie punks.

J. Freedom du Lac: Defend yourself, S.D.


More fun with lists!: Top 5 guitar players to be missing all or part of their fingers:

1. Django Reinhardt

2. Tommy Iommi

3. Jerry Garcia

...and then I'm stuck.

J. Freedom du Lac: Ronnie Lott! Oh, wait, you said guitarist. Interesting list. What about one-armed rock drummers? That's a one-man list, no?


Decatur, Ga.: I saw Bob Dylan earlier in the summer and my (were I to write one) review would parallel the one you ran (though I wouldn't have been so snide). Great band, great setlist, but THE MAN CAN'T SING ANYMORE. Not at all.

Fortunately, the opening act at the show was Merle Haggard, and Merle was fabulous.

J. Freedom du Lac: Love Merle.

Speaking of Dylan's singing, why is he going on about Alicia Keys on the new album's lead track, "Thunder on the Mountain"? Most surprising name-check on an album this year, by a wide margin.


Birmingham, Ala.: Why do you hate the Outkasts so much?

I hate you.

J. Freedom du Lac: I love OutKast. Just don't love the new album. Nor do I love you. You're not my type.


Alexandria, Va.: Is it true that Paris Hilton's album is far, far better than any reasonable person could ever have expected?

J. Freedom du Lac: No.


Atlanta, Ga.: Now that Outkast is no longer recording together, what's left for poor Ringo to do?

J. Freedom du Lac: Join the Morris Brown Marching Wolverwines? I hear they have an opening on the drumline.


Fan Diego: I'm surprised you let San Diego get away with such crappy faves for Reggae and Punk Rock, though I do like that his/her number 1 choice was Battle Hymn of the Republic. What a weirdo!

My top:

1. El Garbanzo by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (Punk Rock)

2. Help Me Scrape the Mucus off My Brain by Ween (Classical)

3. I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper Lyrics By Eigen Erika (Dub)

4. Gary Gilmore'

5. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) by Toby Keith (World Music)

J. Freedom du Lac: Now THIS is funny.


J. Freedom du Lac: This just in: AllMusicGuide gives Paris Hilton's album 4.5 stars out of 5.


Arlington, Va.: Just wanted to say I heard a little Sleater-Kinney not too long ago and am now obsessed with their music. This probably doesn't have anything to do with you and I'm late to the SK party but still....obsession.

J. Freedom du Lac: That's a good obsession. Better late than never.


Oxford, Miss.: Top Five Singers to be missing all or some of their vocal cords:

1. Tom Waits

2. Bob Dylan

3. Leon Redbone

4. Milli

5. Vanilli

J. Freedom du Lac: What about that rapper The D.O.C. who recorded a "comeback" album after he basically lost his voice in a car wreck? Dude sounded like Froggy from Little Rascals. He should be on there, for sure. You can make Milli Vanilli 4a and 4b.


Silver Spring, Md.: Outkast out of questions? ......Are u out of your mind?

Do you own a blazer with elbow pads and a pipe?

Do you like the radio?

What are you smoking in your pipe?

J. Freedom du Lac: Actually, yes. I'm wearing the blazer today. No smoking in The Post's newsroom, though, so my pipe is empty.

I listened to Aquemini again yesterday morning and realized that I'd sort of forgotten how geat that album is. That ain't gonna happen with "Idlewild."


Oxford, Miss.: Top five chatters today who have no idea what they're talking about:

5. Birmingham, Ala

4. Seattle, Wash

3. Washington, DC

2. San Diego, Calif

1. Oxford, MS

J. Freedom du Lac: Subject to change, however. We've yet to hear from Arizona Bay.


Indianapolis, Ind.: Top 5's? ooh! Pick me! pick me!

Chartreuse--Louis Jordan (R&B)

No Feelings - Sex Pistols (punk)

Turangalila symphony - Olivier Messaien (classical)

Comme Il Faut - Ornette Coleman (free jazz)

Alo! Quien Nama? - Mon Rivera (plena)

J. Freedom du Lac: Another list. Now, please stand by while our network crashes for the next two minutes.

Go find us some good YouTube videos or something.


Bethesda, Md.: Word association game: Waterloo.

(a) The band;

(b) ABBA's second album; or

(c) The battle.

I say (a). I'm digging "Out of the Woods."

J. Freedom du Lac: (d) Best music store in Texas.

_______________________ Please hold tight as we again address those technical issues, most likely caused by angry Bob Dylan and Outkast fans messing with the network.


Arizona Bay, Ariz.: See, unlike Outkast, when the almighty Tool puts out a new, experimental record it ROCKS!!!!

Sept 30, Verizon Center 20 rows back on the floor. Still wanna come?

J. Freedom du Lac: OutKast wasn't trying to ROCK. The group was trying to swing. (I think.) Didn't really work, though.

Floor seats? I'm not worthy. (And neither are my earplugs.)


Formerly of Austin, Tex.: Viva Waterloo Records! Free beer during in-store performances - how cool is that? My best music celebrity sighting: Alejandro Escovedo (twice). He used to work as a clerk there, but my sighting was in 2003 long after his clerking days.

J. Freedom du Lac: More music stores should serve free beer during in-stores. Everything sounds better with free beer. Well, except maybe James Blunt. I'd need whiskey for that one.


Silver Spring, Md.: In order for me to get a better understanding of your tastes, and where you're coming from (for my peace of mind); please rank Outkast's albums from your favorite to your least favorite. Am I correct that you never even heard them before Ms. Jackson - cause your review would lead me to that conclusion.

J. Freedom du Lac: You couldn't be more incorrect. I started buying OutKast's music when "Player's Ball" came out as a single.

I'd rank them:








Tampa, Fla.: I always try to communicate with Debby Harry with my mind but she never talks back to me.

Debby Harry is stuck up or somthing?

J. Freedom du Lac: Are you in prison or something? Has ths post been cleared by the warden?


Silver Spring, Md.: I think I'm more disappointed with your review of "Idlewild" than you are disappointed with the album. While Outkast continue to push the boundaries of what Hip-Hop is and can be, you say this is there weakest offering since - ATLiens? Art is a tricky subject because what is good to one person, may be horrible to another. But I just can't believe that you and I were listening to the same songs and album, based upon your statements.

"On "Hollywood Divorce," for instance, Benjamin croons the chorus like a bad Sinatra impersonator and winds up killing a song that features a great verse by the ascendant guest rapper Lil' Wayne."

- I love how Andre sung the hook, and you make know mention of his great verse. "...promise me you'll invest 3/4ths of it all, so your kid's kid's kids will have a little cheese". There was not a single lyric of this caliber on "The Love Below"!

Speaking of the song "The Mighty O" you say "Billed as the first track in six years to feature raps by both Big Boi and Andre, the "Minnie the Moocher"-cribbing tune falls flat."

- WHAT?! They spitting on that one! How did you come to your conclusion - do you even like Hip-Hop (not talking about Hip-POP, your Nelly's and Ying Yang Twins, etc.), do you appreciate lyricists?

"Too often, though, he scratches an experimentation itch and proffers half-baked ideas -- chief among them the CD's dark and meandering nine-minute finale. Then again, it's fully appropriate that OutKast's most disappointing album ends this way: The downer of a song is entitled "Bad Note." "

- The point I took from that song was "a bad note ain't a bad note, if it's a good note". Andre asks "are you in tune"? Well, in your case, I guess not. This song has Pink Floyd written all over it, another boundary pusher. How can you diss thoughtful artistic expression?

Overall, I thought your review was short-sighted and unappreciative. I do agree that they should have been together on more songs (why didn't Andre sing the "Morris Brown" hook?). But, I think you'll look back in 5, 10, maybe 20 years and say to yourself "what was I thinking". No Hip-Hop group has reached a wider audience. They are greatly respected in "backpack"/underground/purist/orthodox hip-hop circles, and by the mainstream also. You rarely, if ever, get both - and certainly not to this level of popularity. Idlewild is another classic from Outkast, in my opinion their best offering since "Aquemini".

J. Freedom du Lac: One person's counterpoint.

I actually think Andre has the least memorable verse on "Hollywood Divorce." I'm not feeling his delivery. And I hate the "hook." It sounds like a parody of a pop vocal.

Of course I like hip-hop and appreciate lyricists. We've already had this conversation before. (Don't think that I don't remember.) But the "Mighty 'O'" doesn't move me.

While "A Bad Note" may have Pink Floyd written all over it, that hardly qualifies it as a good track. Did we really need nine minutes of that nonsense to close out the album? (And by the way, why does said album include an entire Macy Gray song? What does THAT have to do with OutKast?)

Let me make this clear: I love OutKast. And I like some of this album. But overall, it's disappointing to me. I expect greatness from them, not aightness.


Funniest Celebrity Sighting.....: seeing Biz Markie standing in the customer service line like a regular slub in Best Buy up in his home town of Laurel.

J. Freedom du Lac: Nobody beats the Biz!


Severna Park, Md.: Fix your computer, dude.

J. Freedom du Lac: The network censors are trying to keep me down today. They must be "Idlewild" fans.


Cubicle Fever: Would it be appropriate to walk to the cubicle next to mine and smack the bejeezuz out of the girl who occupies it? She listens to the same Yahoo radio 80's station everyday, which cycles through the same 24 songs. I used to like most of the songs they played, but after four months of this, my hatred for Dee Lite and now Toto's "Rosanna" are driving me to do some unethical things.

J. Freedom du Lac: Ohmigod, do you sit near me? Because there's somebody in my office who apparently listens to the exact same station. Thankfully, I have plenty of music at my desk. Otherwise, I really would go crazy.


Debby Harry: No, Tampa, I'm not stuck up. I just think you're weird.

J. Freedom du Lac: Thanks, Deb. When'd you start spelling your name that way?


Tunisia, near the Biggest Tongue: Do you take it personally when Bush talks about people who hate Freedom?

J. Freedom du Lac: No, he has my back. (As well as my phone records.)


Washington, D.C.: Ok, I'll give it a shot:

Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley (Indie)

Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden (Metal)

Jeru - Miles Davis (Jazz)

Clandestino - Manu Chao (World/latin/etc)

Brass in Pocket - Pretenders (Rock)

J. Freedom du Lac: Another list.

Speaking of the Pretenders, Chris Richards (no, I'm not saying that he's a pretender -- I'm actually going somewhere this this) ... anyway, he doesn't like the Pretenders. I loaned him the box set, but he still doesn't get it. Hmmm - maybe he's a pretender, after all!


Your Two Cents: JF: Everyone else on the Post seems to have an opinion--what do YOU think of Tony Kornheiser's debut on MNF???

J. Freedom du Lac: He's no Dylan.


Like a Star: No review of Corinne Bailey Rae's sold-out shows?

J. Freedom du Lac: Sigh. I'd actually assigned one, but the reviewer got sick. Not of CBR, but of ... well, you don't need to know the reviewer's medical history. I didn't know this until I showed up for work on Monday. Too bad, as I caught part of the Birchmere show on Sunday. But I didn't take notes, and I didn't see the whole thing (yes, I actually missed part of a 45-minute set as she came out earlier than expected). I didn't feel it was fair to write a review at that point. We'll cover her when she comes back, which she most certainly will.


Arlington, Va.: Pretenders box set? Must be a pretty slim box....

J. Freedom du Lac: Chris, is that you? Shouldn't you be reviewing the new Dylan album or something?


Washington, D.C.: So, I see the Violent Femmes are coming to the 930 in a few weeks...worth going?

J. Freedom du Lac: I haven't seen that band since 1994, when they played a radio festival and were sort of blown off the stage by this incredible young breakdancing, beat-boxing, folk-singing weirdo named Beck. Can't vouch for them circa 2006.


"Groove Is In The Heart": The other night I stumbled across what I thought I remembered fondly from the early 90's.

What was I thinking?

J. Freedom du Lac: You must've been enchanted by Q-Tip's verse. A Tribe Called Quest is back, by the way. They're playing at Love next month, on the eve of the Virgin Festival.


Sterling, Va.: How come the Post didn't review Chris Isaak's ROCKIN' show at Wolf Trap Sunday????? And instead wasted space talking about Dylan's brokedown voice?

J. Freedom du Lac: Chris Isaak? Rockin? No way. (Though I do like that "Flying" song of his.) Did he have anything to say about the Paris Hilton video that rips of the Herb Ritts-directed "Wicked Game" vid?


Columbia, Md. - Top 5: 1. "Bakersfield" Dwight Yoakam/Buck Owens (Country/Zydeco)

2. " Lucy in the Sky(with Diamonds)" William Shatner (Celebrity Trippin')

3. "New Pollution" Beck (Pop)

4. "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane(Rock)

5. "Cheyenne" George Strait (Country)

J. Freedom du Lac: Another list. Love the Shatner pick.


New York, N.Y.: My parents were at the Dylan concert in Frederick, and while they are normally big fans, they walked out about 45 minutes into the concert because it was so bad.

J. Freedom du Lac: They can't do that to a legend!

(Did they get a refund?)


Silver Spring, Md.: Freedom,

I realize that a reviewer is there to review the show and not bask in the legend but that's exactly what Richards seemed to want to do. He was upset because Dylan toyed with the arrangements and didn't interact with the audience. Justin Timeberlake is coming to the 930 and can probably deliver what Richards wanted. The criticisms of the vocal were valid points for a critic who hadn't seen or heard Dylan in 20 years but overdone and snide in the context of the sound of Dylan's voice since about 1997. Tom Waits is some kind of god and Dylan is cookie monster? I've been to many Dylan shows. The Frederick gig was fair to middling with two or three brilliant moments. Nothing as bad as Richards reviewed.

Celebrity Sighting - Dave Davies buying discs with his daughter at Virgin on the Sunset Strip.

J. Freedom du Lac: Actually, he never said the new arrangements were bad. He simply pointed out that the songs weren't easy to recognize thanks to the tweaked phrasing and melodies - not to mention the current state of Dylan's voice. You're right in noting that this isn't a new development. But so did Chris, who wrote: "It's not breaking news that Dylan's voice has withered over the course of his storied 65 years." Yet this was the element of the show that struck him the most. Again, he was there to review a performance, and he had a hard time digesting the vocal performance in particular. So he wrote as much.


Cube revisited: Is the girl listening to "Say You, Say Me" by Lionel Richie right now? Because that's what I'm listening to.

J. Freedom du Lac: Not sure. All I can hear right now is Dylan singing "The Levee's Gonna Break."


Walking Out: Hey, we walked out after 45 minutes of a Prince arena show about 6 years ago. Bad sound, short-takes medley of the hits, and the last straw was the four words no one wants to hear:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Najee"

J. Freedom du Lac: The four words no one wants to hear: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Najee"

Double true!!

Love Prince, but man.


William Shatner= New SVB: You heard it here first. You're gonna get LOTS of shout-outs for Bill's body of work.

J. Freedom du Lac: Somehow, I sort of doubt that.


Tribe: WHAT!??? Are you pulling our collective leg, J. Free? Tribe is NOT back together. You can't be serious.

I guess I shouldn't be SO shocked, seeing as Q-Tip's solo projects were never any good. Talk about a group that is so much greater than its individual parts.

J. Freedom du Lac: It's true, man. Check the rhime - not to mention the headlines. There's even word that they may work with OutKast on a mixtape. Can you imagine? The mere thought is making me dizzy.


Washington, D.C.: Top 5-

1. Dumb- Portishead

2. Sorry- Madonna

3. Fancey- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. Darlingn Nikki- Prince

5. Baldhead- Bob Marley

J. Freedom du Lac: And another.


Strange Moments in Radio History: Late 80s, the Allman Brothers were doing a radio interview in Charlotte NC. The DJ played Shatner's version of 'Lucy in the Sky(with Diamonds) and asked Greg what he thought of it. Greg was..confused.

J. Freedom du Lac: As he should have been.


Bob Dylan at 2nd Base..: Can you please link to the Thomas review of the Frederick concert(assuming it's not radioactive)?

J. Freedom du Lac: No, but we can link to CHRIS RICHARDS' review - at the end of which, you'll see a ton of negative comments about Chris. I swear, I was only responsible for a few of them.

_______________________ Dylan, Wheezin' In the Wind


Misspelling Theater: "Debby" Harry

"Greg" Allman

Where will it end, Freeman?

J. Freedom du Lac: Reminds of that hilarious line in a front-page Wall Street Journal story about hip-hop street marketing teams. Don't remember the sentence exactly, but it went something like " ... Too $hort, OutKast, Boyz N Da Hood and a bunch of other artists whose names look like typos." Classic.


Silver Spring, Md.:

Marjatan jouluvirsi - Einojuhani Rautavaara (classical)

Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2 (rock?)

Robinson - Spitz (Japanese pop)

Dimanche a Bamako - Amadou & Mariam (afropop)

Redwing - Hem (folky pop)

What can I say? I like pop. Uh...and Finnish choir music.

J. Freedom du Lac: Huh.


Washington, D.C.: "This just in: AllMusicGuide gives Paris Hilton's album 4.5 stars out of 5"

Yes, but I believe the review was based solely on the cover photo. The reviewer couldn't bring himself to actually stick the CD into the CD player to listen to it.

J. Freedom du Lac: That sounds dirty.

Though maybe more scan'lous is the Blender cover pic. I felt like I needed to carry the magazine home in a brown paper bag.


Washington, D.C.: Is it true that Chris Richards had to have his blood cleaned back in the 70s?

J. Freedom du Lac: No, but he did suffer a concussion after falling out of a palm tree recently.


San Diego, Calif.: Oxford, MS - OF COURSE I have no idea what I'm talking about. If I did, would be paying me to host these chats instead of that Freedom guy.

But seriously - there's no need for anyone to make a case for any of the songs on their list. I was strictly talking about personal favorites. You don't have to defend subjective choices.

If I'd declared that "Braineaters" is the greatest punk song of all time, instead of just a personal favorite, I'd definitely deserve a kick to the head. I like it because it's simple and silly, which is what I tend to like as far as punk goes. Come on - "Brains for lunch, brains for breakfast, brains for brunch..." Is anyone else getting hungry?

J. Freedom du Lac: I am, strangely enough. You want to take over from here? Or should we just call it a day? I think we'll call it a day. Thanks for stopping by, everybody, and for sharing your lists. I'll post mine next week. We can also talk about the new Dylan album and whatever else is on your mind so long as it has nothing to do with four-fingered guitarists, William Shatner or Paris Hilton's lingere collection. Until then, my email address is richardsc at washpost dot com. Cheers.


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